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Th£ Voice – Episode 10

A story by Alab£de Jude

Agent Bola was still stand!ng by th£ ma!n door lead!ng to th£ build!ng, $h£ felt th£ urge to go after h¡m but $h£ knew better, Cole would not like th£ idea of $h£ disobey!ng h¡m and m©r£over, $h£ hadn’t h£ar any sounds of gunsh°t nor any m©v£ments yet and it could be perilous for h£r to m©v£ !n with©vt know!ng th£ order of th!ngs go!ng on.

If $h£ couldn’t m©v£ !n, at least $h£ should be able to comb th£ entire perimeter of th£ build!ng and secure maximum security. Agent Bola brought ©vt h£r gun from th£ hostler and filled it with cartridges, $h£ stooped low and m©v£d to th£ far end of th£ build!ng look!ng forth and [email protected]¢k, $h£ could see no one mov!ng, neith£r any sound of someone nor someth!ng . $h£ concluded !n h£r m!nd that if it eventually turns ©vt that th£re were no guards and no Emily th£n it would be a ploy for th£ir death, $h£ only hope that it wouldn’t be true.

“Cole what’s th£ situation over th£re?” agent Bola spoke !nto th£ m©vthpiece but it was disconnected. $h£ was shocked and petrified.

What’s happen!ng?

$h£ quickly walked !n through th£ [email protected]¢k door of th£ build!ng, $h£ had studied th£ doors of th£ build!ng and $h£ could tell wh£re th£y could lead to, h£r gun led th£ way as $h£ m©v£d stealthily, look!ng forth and [email protected]¢k. A bullet whizzed above h£r h£ad and $h£ immediately ducked and leaned on th£ wall. $h£ stayed put mak!ng no m©v£ments nor sound. That was m©r£ than enough to be sure that th£re are guards, but $h£ couldn’t tell how many th£y could be s!nce no one came !nto view and th£ bullet couldn’t have been a mistake. After thirty m!nutes of wait!ng, noth!ng happened and $h£ proceeded walk!ng, $h£ opened a metal door and peeked !n, th£re was someone |ns!de tied to a chair, th£ [email protected]¢k was turned to h£r so $h£ couldn’t make ©vt th£ face but $h£ could tell it would be Emily. $h£ opened th£ door m©r£ wider and stepped !n, $h£ walked s1©wly to th£ figure trapped on th£ chair. Th£ door jammed and locked j√$t as $h£ got to h£r front. $h£ freaked ©vt, it wasn’t th£ door but it was someth!ng else.

Cole walked over to th£ door, h£ tried open!ng it but it was locked. h£ looked [email protected]¢k at Emily who was still on th£ chair shak!ng tremendously, h£ shook h¡s h£ad. h£ never knew it would be arduous such as th¡s, h£ h¡mself was trapped but yet h£ had to save h£r or th£y both would turn !nto a$h£s.

h£ hurriedly ran [email protected]¢k as an idea got !nto h¡s h£ad, h£ bent low and rem©v£d th£ bl!ndfold from h£r face but $h£ was still gagged.

“Don’t worry Emily, I’ll get you ©vt of h£re” Cole said while Emily only nodded h£r h£ad as $h£ couldn’t talk.

Cole stood up, paced th£ room and kept glanc!ng at Emily who quivered on th£ chair. Th£ timer was still read!ng and h£ had less than three m!nutes to detach th£ bomb. h£ could do noth!ng and h£ knew noth!ng to detach th£ bomb. h£ knew well enough not to try detach!ng it as it would automatically explode. h£ had to do someth!ng, but th£ ideas weren’t forthcom!ng.

“h£y detective” a voice rang !n h¡s ears. h£ was taken [email protected]¢k by th£ voice, it was Mr Sylvester’s voice, h£ thought it had disconnected but somehow th£y had th£ir way.

“Please we need your h£lp, we are trapped !n h£re” Cole spoke gently but not !n a cool voice. Th£ situation th£re wasn’t cool so h£ couldn’t be cool.

[email protected]¢kup are on th£ir way already”

Cole gave a deep breath and relaxed for a moment but th£n, h¡s h£art raced m©r£ f*ster wh£n h£ glanced [email protected]¢k at Emily.

“Th£ bomb” h£ said tentatively, “How can I detach it?”

“What type of bomb is it?”

“Its a timer bomb, we have j√$t two m!nutes to detach it, please hurry up”. Cole said !n a quivery voice, though h¡s voice betrayed h¡m but h£ doesn’t want to betray h¡mself by be!ng a coward.

“How many wires are connected to th£ bomb?”

“j√$t three, red, blue and black” h£ replied almost immediately, h£ couldn’t wait, not now.

Cole h£ard a loud sob burst, h£ spun @r0vnd, it was Emily, tears trickled d©wΠ h£r pretty face.

“Pleeeeeaaaaaseeee!” Cole stressed th£ word, h£ couldn’t hold on any longer, th£re was silence for a moment.

“j√$t a m!nute, still work!ng on it” Mr Sylvester’s voice came over th£ earpiece.

“Be f*st!” Cole almost s¢r**med.

1 m!n, 05 secs.

“Done, get a metal tool!” Mr Sylvester’s voice came on aga!n.

“Don’t use your [email protected] I repeat, don’t use your [email protected]!”

That seemed m©r£ of a threat than warn!ng to cole, but h£ knew better than ₱|@y!ng with h¡s life.

Luckily for h¡m, h£ still had th£ metals which h£ had used to unlock th£ previous door. h£ quickly brought it ©vt.

“Done! What’s next?”

“Rem©v£ th£ red wire and th£ black one with th£ metal and not your [email protected]! Do you copy?”

“Yeah, copy”

“It should be at once, rem©v£ it all at once!” Mr Sylvester s¢r**med emphatically.

h£ took th£ metals and set it on th£ red wire, but h£ had a problem. Th£re was no way h£ could rem©v£ th£ two wires all at once. h£ could only use h¡s two [email protected] for one, not two for two and h£ had no four [email protected] to do th£ needful.

00:34 secs

Emily was wail!ng audibly now, $h£ knew $h£ wouldn’t get ©vt alive and $h£ never knew $h£ would die th¡s way. $h£ had wi$h£d to die peacefvlly wh£n due but not now. $h£ really wi$h£d $h£ could still be alive but it seemed impossible.

Death th£y say is !nevitable, th£re is no runn!ng away from it. No matter how [email protected] you try to run away from death, it would always f!nd you.

00:10 secs

Emily looked !nto Cole’s eyes, $h£ could see a fa!nt gl!nt of hope !n th£m but $h£ couldn’t rely on th£m. It would be better if $h£ quickly say h£r dy!ng wish before th£ bomb goes ©vt, but th£re was no way $h£ could do that, h£r m©vth was gagged. Tears un¢©Πtr0|lably streamed d©wΠ h£r face wh£n $h£ remembered that $h£ would leave h£r husband with©vt bear!ng kids for h¡m.

Cole was still fidget!ng on what to do and th£ time is almost up, an idea suddenly popped !nto h¡s h£ad. Emily should be able to h£lp but h£r [email protected] were tied, h£ quickly untied it and gave h£r th£ metals.

“j√$t ₱v|| th£ black wire ©vt immediately I count three.” Cole said ch£ck!ng th£ timer.


h£ breath£d deeply and braced h¡mself up for th£ death task.


h£ shook h¡s h£ad, now its time.

“One!” Cole counted hold!ng th£ metal t!ghtly which curled @r0vnd th£ red wire.






Th£y both ₱v||ed ©vt th£ wires at once and th£ device gave a long beep!ng sound.


Th£ timer stopped bl!nk!ng red and th£ lights went off.

“Successfvlly done!” Cole sh©vted over th£ m©vthpiece elatedly.

“No, It Isn’t done yet” a voice said from ©vtside and th£ door opened.

Episode 11

Th£ door opened and a man !n hood stepped !n, h¡s face was covered with th£ hood but h¡s gun was po!nted at Emily.

Cole knew danger wh£n h£ saw one and right th£re before h¡m was one. h£ couldn’t take th£ risk of shoot!ng th£ man as h£ knew well enough that th£ man could also retaliate and by so do!ng, Emily might go for it but h£ doesn’t want Emily to be th£ bait.

Cole watch£d as th£ man proceeded walk!ng towards h¡m and Emily, h£ also had h¡s gun po!nted at h¡m and h¡s f!ng£rs were on th£ trigger ready for any foul ₱|@y.

“Wow! impressive” th£ man exclaimed clapp!ng h¡s [email protected], “but am sorry, you have to try m©r£”

“Who th£ h£ll are you!?” Cole asked angrily.

Th£ man chuckled, “wrong question”

“j√$t answer th£ damn question!” Cole snapped at th£ man as h£ clutch£d m©r£ t!ghtly to th£ gun !n h¡s [email protected], h£ could shoot any moment.

“Oh no detective, don’t do that_” h£ smirked !n h¡s concealed face.. “it’s at Emily risk if you do, I do realize you do not want h£r to die, you will be blamed if $h£ dies”

“Shut up! you jerk!” Cole s¢r**med.

“Oh, you call me jerk?” th£ man chuckled aga!n.

Cole looked beh!nd h¡m with an eye and kept th£ oth£r eye on th£ boogie man, Emily was still on th£ chair cower!ng, h£r legs were tied and $h£ dare not make a m©v£ to untie it or h£r [email protected] will go for it.

[email protected] over th£ gun” th£ man ordered Cole.

Cole shook h¡s h£ad, th£ man is ₱|@y!ng smart contrary to what h£ thought . h£ [email protected] h¡m h¡s gun and almost immediately, h£ brought ©vt h¡s shortgun from h¡s holster and shoot th£ legs of th£ man, th£ man went d©wΠ but not with©vt retaliat!ng as h£ fired a sh°t at Emily.

But wh£re?

Cole couldn’t be sure as h£ h£ard Emily s¢r**med, h£ felt like knock!ng h¡mself over and over aga!n for be!ng so silly.

First, it was th£ir stupid plan which went wrong and now, h¡s stupid decision to shoot th£ man which led to Emily be!ng sh°t.

h£ had to get over with th¡s, h£ released two quick sh°t at th£ man [email protected],

Th£ gun fell off th£ man’s [email protected] and h£ sprawled on th£ floor face d©wΠ though h£ wasn’t dead yet.

Cole m©v£d over to th£ man, h£ kicked th£ gun far away, bent low and unveiled th£ hood from th£ man’s face.

h£ stared blankly at th£ face for a moment, it was Alex Doll!nger. h£ had suspected h¡m but h£ never knew h£ could go th¡s length.

Cole rose Alex up on h¡s haunch£s, Alex grunted and w!nced !n pa!ns, blood gush!ng ©vt from h¡s legs and [email protected] and h£ was f*st los!ng consciousness.

“Why did you do it?”Cole asked.

“No, I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me” Alex replied !n a low pitch£d voice.

“Th£n who did?”

“It was h¡m” h£ said and paused.

“Who is th£ h¡m!” Cole barked.

“Bamidele Williams”

M!nutes ago

Agent Bola stood gobsmacked, it wasn’t Emily as $h£ had thought, it was someone else, someone $h£ never expected. h£r kid sister was trapped on th£ chair, bl!ndfolded and m©vth gagged. And on h£r stomach [email protected] th£ dreadful bomb with th£ timer read!ng f*st.

A tear dropped from h£r eyes as $h£ felt th£ pulse of th£ young girl, it was weak, very weak as $h£ was unconscious. What could $h£ do to save h£r, $h£ knew $h£ had failed h£r city and most importantly, h£r family.

Some years [email protected]¢k, Bola was a young naive girl who loved anyth!ng to do with gun, $h£ grew th£ zeal to study crim!nology from watch!ng movies, especially th£ crime/action genre. h£r parents objected to th¡s but $h£ still went on and h£re is wh£re $h£ found h£rself.

$h£ ch£cked th£ timer, $h£ had less than five m!nutes to do someth!ng but what could $h£ do?

Noth!ng! Absolutely noth!ng!

$h£ ran h£r f!ng£rs through h£r hair as $h£ paced th£ room. $h£ couldn’t touch th£ bomb, !n as much th£ bomb was a s£nsitive one, it would b!0w off if it comes !n contact with a human sk!n.

Emily dropped d©wΠ and sat on th£ dusted tiled floor, $h£ threw away h£r gun and waited for death to come, $h£ knew Cole would be safe s!nce $h£ hadn’t h£ard any gunsh°t.


$h£ closed h£r eyes and covered h£r ear, it would all be over !n a matter of seconds now. $h£ waited, noth!ng happened.

No explosion?

$h£ opened h£r eyes wh£n $h£ was sure it was way past five seconds, $h£ looked at th£ timer, it had stopped bl!nk!ng but th£re was no explosion. $h£ h£ard sounds of gunsh°ts as $h£ made to stand up, but $h£ was taken [email protected]¢k by th£ gunsh°t.

Was Cole sh°t?

Cole wasn’t surprised, h£ had suspected th£ forensic man too but h£ hasn’t gotten enough evidence to put h¡m beh!nd bars but now h£ had gotten what h£ needed.

“h£ s£nt me, h£ killed th£m and h£r” Alex cont!nued, h¡s voice now fad!ng off.

“Why are you tell!ng me th¡s?” Cole asked.

“Because…” Alex drooled on th£ word as if h£ was consider!ng someth!ng. “Because I want to h£lp you, h£ killed Cora, my girlfriend” h£ said it !n a way that seemed it was th£ most pa!nful th!ng that ever happened to h¡m.

“Please, don’t kill me” Alex managed to m©vth th£ words, h£ was barely audible. h£ had lost too much blood, h£ closed h¡s eyes and embraced th£ darkness.

“We have you surrounded, drop your weapons now and surrender” a voice said, it was from a mega phone.

Cole smiled, th£ [email protected]¢kups weren’t needed after all.


Cole stepped ©vt of h¡s old Peugeot 504 !n front of th£ CIB build!ng, h£ waved at th£ officers who saluted h¡m as h£ walked to h¡s office. On a normal day, h£ would have ignored th£m but h£ was !n a frenzy mood. h£ opened th£ door and entered h¡s office, th£ office looked untidy, books and case files were scattered on th£ table but h£ was less perturb£d by it.

Cole sat d©wΠ h£avily on th£ swivel chair mak!ng it swirl @r0vnd, h£ let ©vt a deep sigh, a sigh not of relief but of disappo!ntment. Th!ngs were h£at!ng up and gett!ng m©r£ hazardous.

First, it was th£ bomb explosion which h£ ch£ated and escaped death, but h£ doesn’t know what to expect from h¡s shortcom!ngs.

Bamidele Williams (Th£ forensic) was convicted for th£ atrocious crimes h£ was alleged to have committed but one th!ng is not right . h£ wasn’t allowed to !nterrogate h¡m nor carry ©vt !nvestigations, th£ DG restricted h¡m from do!ng so, worst still, h£ couldn’t visit h¡s cell.

What does that make h¡m?

A suspect?

h£ wasn’t surprised th£ case was pa$$ed over to !nspector kunle, it was someth!ng h£’d expected but why? h£ couldn’t tell.

h£ knew someone ©vt th£re is sett!ng h¡m up but who?

A knock sounded on th£ door, and agent Bola walked !n with©vt be!ng granted permission to.

“Cole!”_ $h£ called walk!ng towards h¡m.. “You wouldn’t believe if I tell you that, Bamidele Williams disappeared !n h¡s cell overnight”

Cole’s jaw dropped, “disappeared?”

“Yes, one of th£ guards guid!ng th£ cell j√$t announced it” Cole sprung up immediately, what’s go!ng on?

“Apparently, th£ guard said h£ was released” agent Bola said

“Released? on what grounds?” Cole was m©r£ than gobsmacked, “Who could have released h¡m?”

“That, we don’t know”

Cole fla$h£d h¡s ID m©r£ than ten times before h£ got to th£ cell wh£re th£ forensic man had been h£ld. h£ entered th£ cell and looked @r0vnd, th£ room was empty and it looked dirty.

“Wh£re are th£ oth£r members of th£ cell?” Cole asked a guard who stood watch!ng h¡m.

“Th£y have been m©v£d to ward 2, cell 502” th£ guard replied tentatively and looked away.

“Were you not h£re wh£n th£y released h¡m?” Cole asked

“Yes I was but.. ” th£ guard stopped say!ng wh£n h£ realized someth!ng, h£ looked away and took three steps [email protected]¢k.

“But what?” Cole asked already figur!ng it ©vt that h£ had th£ answers h£ seeks.

“I can’t say th¡s now, and not h£re” th£ guard replied uneasily look!ng [email protected]¢k and forth for any !ntruder.

Cole seemed to reason with h¡m, it might be someth!ng crucial which h£ couldn’t spit ©vt th£re. Probably, it could lead h¡m to th£ killer, but come to th!nk of it, why will h£ be released?

“Sir!” th£ guard called with a quivery voice, obviously hav!ng a paranoia feel!ng.

“I will only tell you th¡s !n a secluded area, somewh£re safe from pry!ng ears.”

“I hope its someth!ng worth tak!ng my time”

“Sure! and please come alone” th£ guard said emphatically and left wh£n h£ saw agent Bola walk!ng towards th£m.

Th£ forensic man has been away for six hours and th£ wh0l£ state was look!ng for h¡m, th£y had ch£cked h¡s house both with h¡s private house which was situated !n Lagos but th£y couldn’t f!nd h¡m. Th£y went as far as clos!ng all borders and airports to search for Bamidele Williams but all efforts to f!nd h¡m was futile.

Cole was not sure how th£ press got th£ news, because th£ press broadcasted th£ news on all types of platform and it was th£ latest trend!ng news !n th£ wh0l£ of Nigeria.

Cole’s phone rang as h£ was ab©vt to step !nto h¡s office, it was agent Bola. h£ swiped th£ green icon on h¡s android device and pressed th£ phone to h¡s ear.

“h£llo” Cole spoke !nto th£ phone.

“h£ has been found?” agent Bola sh©vted over th£ phone.


“Bamidele Williams, h£ was found dead.

To be cont!nued…

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