The vow

The Vow – Episode 2

The Vow – Episode 2
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Cynthia arrived home. Her favorite aunt, Mable had arrived to give her some final teachings on marriage life before the D-day. “Oh Aunt Mable, I am so excited to see you. I have been waiting for your arrival for days now” Cynthia shouted as she went to sit on her laps.

Aunt Mable: Oh my baby girl. I missed you too. I can’t wait to see you walk on that aisle like a star. You simply deserve the best in this world. What did you buy? I hope you have not spent all your money on silly stuff because you young ladies can be very funny at times.

Cynthia: Not really. I got some nice shoes and bedsheets. There were a lot of discounts in most shops. I guess it’s because of the summer period approaching. By the way, where is mom?

Aunt Mable: That’s great my dear. I am happy you are already thinking of home items such as bedsheets, because that is one of the main reasons why I am here to teach you. Your mom went for women evening prayers at church. She will be back soon

Cynthia: Ah yes! Mom and prayers, she is addicted to them.

Aunt Mable: oh yes. I agree with her. A woman who prays is a woman of power. My dear, marriage has a lot of enemies, and one has to be an intercessor to see one’s marriage work. Just take a look at your parents’ marriage. Can’t you see how they are still holding on together after so many years? It’s because of the grace of God and also their hærd work towards making their home great. Your uncle and I are also witnesses to the importance of prayer in a marriage.

Cynthia: Definitely! My desire is to have a marriage like yours and that of my parents.

Aunt Mable: Don’t just desire, make sure you put the advice into practice. Now let’s go to your bedroom so that we talk serious business.

They both left to Cynthia’s bedroom and shut the door. Cynthia’s sisters could hear Cynthia laugh so loud because of what her aunt was teaching her. Aunt Mable was a funny but principled woman. She worked as a Medical Doctor and was married with 4 children. After a while, Cynthia’s mom arrived. Cynthia and Aunt Mable could hear her singing in the living room. Minutes later, they came out to meet her. “So please Cynthia, make sure that as a married woman, you keep good friends around you. If possible, try your best to have godly married women as your friends. Let your husband be your best friend and don’t trust anyone with intimate information between you and your husband” Aunt Mable said as they walked towards the living room. Cynthia nodded her head in agreement.

Cynthia’s mom: Are the teachings over for today? Cynthia looks happy. I hope you are keeping record of what your aunt is telling you. If I ever find out that you are doing the contrary of what she has taught you, I will personally wh¡p your behind.

Cynthia and Aunt Mable laughed. They both sat down and discussed at length concerning the wedding preparations.

“Hi baby, please come out. I am outside” Gabriel said as he spoke to Cynthia on the phone. Cynthia rushed to go out. She found him waiting for her in his car outside the house.

Cynthia: Hello my honey bunny. How was your day today? I missed you

Gabriel: Hello darling. I missed you too. My day was quite hectic. I had quite a number of things to do. And you? Did you manage to buy what you wanted?

Cynthia: Yes I did. I got some nice shoes for the D-day and other stuff

Gabriel: Hmm. Can I see them?

Cynthia: A big no my friend! You are not allowed to see anything I will wear on that day. I want it to be a surprise.

Gabriel took Cynthia’s phone by force. “Let me see your wedding dress then” he said teasingly. Cynthia took it back and hit him gently on his back “Don’t even try it. Naughty boy!” she said. They both laughed. “Let’s take a drive around the area for fun” Gabriel said. They drove around and discussed. When he was about to leave, Gabriel’s phone rang “…..Alright, I will pick you up tomorrow morning from the Indian boutique across the main road” Gabriel said

Cynthia: Who was that honey?

Gabriel: It was Sasha, my new colleague. We have a meeting to attend tomorrow morning at National Association of Journalists, and since she does not have a car, I promised to pick her up so that we can go together.

Cynthia: Ok. Hahaha. That even reminds me of what Monica said when she saw Sasha today. She was wondering why I allow you to meet with ladies. She said Sasha was too s€×y.

Gabriel: Oh Monica! Sometimes I even wonder why you still hang out with her. She only has negative ideas to give you. I prefer Sara to her. Can’t she just understand that our relationsh¡p is based on trust and love? Just because she can’t find a trustworthy guy doesn’t mean that none exists. And besides, Sasha seems to have good Christian values. I would even like both of you to be friends.

Cynthia: That’s Monica for you. But anyway, I told her that I trust you enough not to think of anything bad. I don’t blame her. She has gone through a lot of disappointments, so it’s not easy for her to trust anyone.

Gabriel: Well, I understand, but that doesn’t mean she has to discourage other people from trusting their partners.

Cynthia: Ok baby, let us change the topic. I am thinking of doing a course in Project Management after our wedding. The course starts in 3 months’ time. I want to climb the Management ladder. I am tired of doing the same job for 3 years now

Gabriel: Excellent! You have all my support. It’s good to upgrade your studies because life is advancing at a fast pace. I trust you to make a good Project Manager. You are well mannered and have the skills.

Cynthia: Thank you honey.

Days went by and the wedding preparations were becoming intense. Cynthia had taken leave from her place of work in order to concentrate on the preparations. Because Gabriel was well known, many people were aware of his upcoming wedding. During his live shows, some people called in to wish him a great marriage and some celebrity magazines were already writing about it. Both families were working hærd to ensure that the ceremony became the talk of the town.

The traditional wedding was done a week before the white wedding. About 250 people were present to witness the scene. Cynthia was gorgeously dressed in a traditional outfit. According to their tradition, Gabriel came in with his uncle to give a gift to the bride as well as the Bride’s family. All traditional rites were performed and it ended up being a great day.

“Phew, one item on the list gone! I can’t wait for it all to be finished!” Cynthia said as she sat in her bedroom with her friends Monica and Sara, a day after the traditional wedding. “Yes indeed. We thank God for a successful traditional wedding. It was really great. Everyone is talking about it. I even saw some people post it on Facebook” Sara Said. Cynthia smiled “Oh really? Show me the link. I want to see what they are saying” she said.

Sara opened her phone and showed her some posts about her traditional wedding. One of them read “Gaby X accomplishes traditional protocols to marry his long term girlfriend”. Cynthia laughed as she read through the comments where some ladies expressed their disappointment as they wished that he could marry them. “These ladies are funny! By the way, Gaby is doing his last evening show before our wedding in the next few minutes. Let me watch” Cynthia said. She switched on the TV and waited for the show to start. As usual, Gabriel was looking very handsome on the screen. At the end of the show, viewers started calling in for questions and comments. One particular lady called and said “Gaby X, I first of all want to congratulate you on your just concluded traditional wedding. I wish you and your bride a great marriage. However, I want to tell you that you have disappointed so many of us because we fell in love with you and wished we could be the lucky ones”. Gabriel laughed so hærd and teased the lady back “Don’t worry sis, you are all my wives. I respect all women” he said. Everyone on the panel laughed as the show continued. Cynthia and Sara were also laughing. Monica looked at them and said angrily “Honestly Cynthia, it pains me so much that you can laugh at such a serious issue. Did you hear what Gabriel just said? How can he say they are all his wives and yet he is about to marry you?”

Cynthia: Oh Monica, please don’t start again! I have told you several times that Gaby is not the kind of person you think he is. He is a funny and loving person and I don’t see anything bad in what he said. The lady was only joking and so was he.

Monica: Joking! What kind of a joke is that please? Cynthia you are very naïve and stupid. For your own information, I saw Gabriel with the so called Sasha girl that he introduced to us. Gabriel was picking her up in town and the two drove off in his car

Cynthia: Will you just stop it please? I know all about their friendsh¡p and it is on professional grounds. Gaby sometimes picks her up because her house is along the road that leads to his work place. I am aware of that.

Monica: And you are doing nothing about it? Just wait until you hear that Gaby is sleeping with her, or when she eventually becomes pregnant for him. Then, you will know that men are not to be trusted.

Cynthia and Sara looked at her in astonishment. Cynthia rose up in anger and shouted “How dare you say such a stupid thing to me a few days before my wedding? Or do you think every man is as stupid and dumb as the men you date? Maybe you just need to examine yourself. It could be that your nasty character is the reason for your disappointments!

Monica looked shocked “Cynthia, am I the one you are talking to like this? Is it because you are about to marry that you can now insult and embarrass me? Anyway, it is your time to shine! Good luck!” She said. Cynthia and Sara kept quiet. Monica took her bag and left in fury, banging the door behind her.

Cynthia started crying. “What have I done to Monica for her to always accuse my fiancé in such a manner? She knows very well that my wedding day is within a few days, but she doesn’t hesitate to make me angry” she cried.

Sara put her hand on her shoulders and comforted her “Don’t worry dear. You know Monica has a big mouth and can’t control it. Don’t take what she said to you seriously. The last thing you need right now is stress. Your big day is coming soon and you need to have a clear mind. Cheer up, just look at how Gaby is looking handsome and excited. He looks like the Prince of England” she said

Cynthia smiled while wiping her tears “Thanks S ara. I trust Gabriel. He is not capable of doing anything stupid”

To be continued

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