The vow

The vow Episode 5

The Vow – Episode 5
© Jennipher Duru

Cynthia was excited about her new ride. She drove it to her parents’ house to show them. “You have a wonderful husband my daughter. Cherish him and respect him” Her father said. Her mother requested that she accompanys her to the market with the car. “I need to feel the comfort of this new car. May God continue to elevate your husband” Her mom said.

“Amen mom. Gaby really makes me happy” Cynthia said. She drove her mom to the market and later went home. She needed to prepare for work as she was resuming the following day.

“Hey bro. I think I am in love with your wife’s friend, Sara” Collins said to Gabriel as they sat having some coffee before leaving the office. Gabriel laughed “Oh really! Now I know why you kept talking to her on the day of my wife’s birthday. Anyway, Sara is a very good and responsible lady. I think you will like her” Gabriel said.

Collins: Yes. She looks so mature, unlike the other lady Monica or whatever her name is

Gabriel: Forget that girl. She is something else. Sometimes I wonder why my wife and Sara had to have her as a friend. She is such a snob.

Collins: Can you imagine that during the birthday party, she just kept on whispering to Sara about I don’t know what. I could see that Sara was even trying to avoid her.

Gabriel: Hahaha. She is a gossip. Her mouth only utters negative words. Last time she was telling my wife to be careful with the way she gives me freedom to relate with ladies. I told Cynthia to be careful with her. It’s not good to be around negative people. They can s-ck the positive energy out of you.

Sasha walked in. “Hello my two favourite men. What’s up?” She said. “Hey Miss Sasha, come and join us” Gabriel said. Sasha sat down and gave both of them a high five. “Thanks Gaby, but I need to go and finish up some work before we leave. I just came to find out if you received the doc-ments I sent to you about tomorrow’s show” She said

Gabriel: Yes I did. Thank you for the good work. I was about to respond when they called me for this urgent meeting. Are you leaving at 5 today?

Sasha: Yes I am. I need to go and welcome my mom from the car park. She is visiting me for a month.

Gabriel: Wonderful! I can drop you home on my way so that you arrive in time.

Sasha: Oh thanks big bro. You are simply the best

Gabriel: It’s my pleasure sis. Let’s meet at the parking lot at 5pm.

At 5pm, Sasha was already waiting beside Gabriel’s car. He opened the door and they drove off.

Gabriel: So Miss Sasha, what do you do on weekends seeing you are new to this place?

Sasha: Oh I usually stay indoors, especially Sundays. On Saturday, however, I do try to walk around the town.

Gabriel: You don’t go to church?

Sasha: Not ever since I came here. In my hometown I attended church every Sunday though. But right now, I am just trying to locate a church near my house

Gabriel: Hmm. That’s not good. You need to start going to church. We all need God you know. How about coming to our church? My wife and I can pick you up every morning on Sunday. Service starts at 8:30.

Sasha: Oh no, I wouldn’t want to disturb you that much. Just tell me where the church is located, and I can find my way there

Gabriel: It’s no big deal for my wife and I. We are ready to help anytime. Do we have a deal?

Sasha: Sure, big bro. Thanks a lot. You are an angel.

Gabriel: Anytime dear.

Gabriel dropped her off and left. He found Cynthia ironing her clothes. “Hmm, getting ready for work tomorrow hun?” Gabriel said. “Yes baby. I’ve been away for too long. My mom introduced a young lady that I want to take as a maid according to our discussion. She looks quite good. She starts tomorrow” Cynthia said. ” Wonderful! That will definitely help you. By the way, baby, I have invited my colleague Sasha to church this Sunday. Since she is new to this place, she hasn’t been attending church. So I told her that we could pick her up on Sunday morning” Gabriel said. “That is great my love. It’s not good for someone to stay without going to church. There are so many temptations in this world and the word preached in church really helps us to live a correct life” Cynthia said.

And so it was from that day that Cynthia and Gabriel always picked Sasha up from her house on Sundays to go to church. Cynthia and Sasha were slowly becoming good friends. It had been 7 months since Cynthia and Gabriel got married and things were working perfectly for them. They were indeed a couple to envy. Sara had just left for a training in Switzerland for a wh0le month.

“Hello Madam Gaby. How are you doing?” Monica said on phone.

Cynthia: I am doing fine thank you and you?

Monica: I am cool. Hey what are you doing this Saturday? There is an auction sale at Indigo plaza. Let’s go there.

Cynthia: Great! In fact I’ll ask Sasha to come with us.

Monica: Which Sasha? Come on Cynthia, you know that I don’t like that girl. Can’t we just go the two of us? Besides, it’s been long since we had a chat. Now you and Sara no longer have time for me

Cynthia: Don’t say that Monica. You know that we have all been very busy lately. As for Sasha, it’s just because you don’t know her well, but she is a nice person

Monica: I don’t want to know. Anyway if you don’t want to go with me alone, no problem. You and Sasha can go together. I’ll find someone else to esc-rt me

Cynthia: Sometimes you behave like a kid. Ok then, you’ve won. Let’s go the two of us. I will pick you up with my beautiful ride at 2:30 on Saturday

Monica: Your beautiful ride indeed. Some of us that have no car are definitely in trouble!

Cynthia: Hahaha. You are crazy my dear.

On Saturday, Cynthia picked Monica up and they went to the shopping plaza. Cynthia bought a lot of household stuffs as well as shirts for Gabriel, while Monica only bought clothes for herself. After shopping, Monica suggested that they grab a light meal at a nearby restaurant.

Monica: Cynthia, so you mean to say that you can’t even buy anything for yourself? With all the money you have spent, you used it all on household things and clothes for Gabriel. Don’t you think you are being unfair to yourself?

Cynthia: Not at all. In fact it gives me joy. If I wanted to get anything for myself, I would but today I only feel like getting things for hubby and the house. Moreover, Gaby is always buying things for me too

Monica: Hmm. Anyway you know what you are doing. But there is something else I wanted to talk to you about. It’s about that so called Sasha. Cynthia, I think you are really behaving naive. I know you might think I am saying this because I talk too much but believe me, I care about you and I don’t want you to be hurt

Cynthia: What have you to say about her this time around Monica?

Monica: You need to be very careful with that girl. I keep seeing her with Gabriel in town. Sometimes they look so close that one would think they are seeing each other. You know, men are very subtle and clever. And some of these girls, especially girls that come from Sasha’s hometown, are very dangerous and they are known to be husband snatchers.

Cynthia: There you go again Monica. How many times will I tell you that there is absolutely nothing going on between Sasha and my hubby? They are just colleagues. Besides, if she was after my husband, Gaby wouldn’t allow her to be close to me.

Monica: Hahaha. Look at this woman! Were you born yesterday? Don’t you know that it could be a good strategy to hinder you from suspecting anything? Listen to me, that girl is in love with your husband. I advise you to start observing them clearly. You will know that I am telling you the truth. Men can hide things! Ahh. I am talking from experience. Just try to do what I have advised you. You will soon know the truth. Monitor his movements, even his phone. Make sure you read all his messages and check his calls when he is sleeping.

Cynthia kept quiet and ate her last piece of food. They left the restaurant and after dropping Monica at her house, Cynthia drove home. On the way home, she thought about what Monica had been telling her. She tried to brush the thoughts off, but to no avail. “Well, it won’t be such a bad idea to watch Gaby and Sasha closely, although I know I won’t find anything bad. I trust Gaby” Cynthia said.

She arrived home around 5:30 and tried to call Gaby to see if he was on his way home. He had a show to present that Saturday. Sasha picked up the phone “Hello Mme Gaby. Your husband is driving and asked me to respond on his behalf. He is on his way home” Sasha said. Cynthia’s heart beat fast. “Ok” she said coldly and hung up the phone. She began to get upset. “I hope what Monica is saying is not the truth. Why does she always have to pick up my husband’s phone when he is driving?” She thought to herself. She violently dropped the phone on the table and sat down as she thought on these things. She picked up her phone and called Monica “Monica, honesty you might be right. This girl might be in love with my hubby. Can you imagine that she usually picks up Gaby’s phone when he is driving? All this while, I haven’t suspected anyting until you opened my eyes today. She just did it now and I am very furious right now. I will need to talk to Gaby” Cynthia said.

“No no no. Don’t even try it. You don’t have enough evidence right now. Just pretend as if nothing happened but meanwhile, continue monitoring his movement. Don’t try to show him that you are suspecting something otherwise he might start hiding any evidence he has. Keep calm baby girl and you will be able to know the wh0le truth. Remember if you need anyone to talk to, I am right here” Monica answered. “Thank you Mo. Thank you for caring about me” Cynthia said. She went in the bathroom and cried. After a while she wiped her tears and waited for Gabriel. When he arrived, she pretended to be alright and Gabriel did not suspect anything.

Once Gabriel was asleep, she took his phone slowly and went to the bathroom. After locking the door, she opened his phone and went straight to his messages. There wasn’t any message sent to a lady except Sasha and her. She went to read his conversation with Sasha. Most of the messages were about work, except the last 4 messages which read:


Gabriel: Hello miss. Do you care for a smoothie this afternoon at 1pm? We can use the time to discuss our next show

Sasha: oh I’d love it Boss. 1pm it is then!


Sasha: Thank you for this afternoon. I feel so good right now. You are simply the best

Gabriel: You are welcome. The pleasure was all mine.

Cynthia almost fell down. “What happened between them that afternoon? Why is this girl saying he is simply the best? Oh my God!” She said within her. She read the messages over and over again. Her heart was aching. She wanted to wake him up for questioning but decided to wait till the following morning. “I  will first of all speak to Monica tomorrow morning to hear what she will advise me” She said.

To be continued

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