The vow

The Vow – Episode 6

The Vow – Episode 6
© Jennipher Duru

“Good morning my queen. How was your night? You woke up quite early today. What’s up?” Gabriel said to Cynthia as he woke up. He found Cynthia seated in living room, her legs spread on the table. “I am fine” Cynthia answered calmly. Gabriel went near her and sat down beside her, putting his head on her laps. “Are you sure that you are ok my love? It’s quite unusual for you to wake up this early” Gabriel said.

Cynthia was quiet for some seconds then responded “I am fine. I just couldn’t sleep that’s all” “why? Were you thinking of something in particular? Gabriel asked. “No not really. I just couldn’t sleep, nothing much” Cynthia responded looking straight ahead. “Hmm, I hope it’s what I think it is! Should I start preparing myself to be a daddy? Because I read somewhere that pregnancy in its early stages makes some women to lose their sleep at night!” Gabriel said rubbing his hand on her stomach jokingly.

Cynthia rose up and gave a fake smile “I don’t think so. Please excuse me I need to take a bath” she said. She went to the bathroom while Gabriel stayed in the living room, wondering what was wrong with his wife. “Well, I guess if there is anything wrong, she would tell me. Maybe she just woke up in a moody way” Gabriel said.

During breakfast, Cynthia was quiet. “Hey baby, I was thinking we could spend our long weekend next week at the Island, far from the busy and noisy city, since next week Monday will be a holiday. What do you think?” Gabriel asked. Cynthia continued eating and said “I am really not in a mood of going out. I prefer to stay at home”. Gabriel looked surprised but pretended to be ok with the answer. He decided to allow her eat, as he also continued eating. His phone rang “Hello Miss Sasha, a very good morning to you. Er er er…. ok then I’ll pick you from the main market on the way to the site by 10:30. Yes, my wife is fine. She is here with me. Do you wanna say hi? Gabriel said. Cynthia lifted her finger and shook her head angrily to show her disapproval. Gabriel continued “oh sorry Sasha, she just stepped out of the room. But I’ll pass my regards. See you soon. Bye” Gabriel said. By this time, Cynthia had already left the table to get her bag from the bedroom. She came back and said “Ok, I am leaving”. “Hey, aren’t you going to give your husband a k-ss?” Gabriel asked. Cynthia gave him a fast k-ss and left. “Have a good day my love” Gabriel said. Cynthia left without answering. Gabriel shook his head and smiled “Ah women and their moods!” He said. He picked up his bag and left too.

Cynthia arrived at work and called Monica to explain everything. “Hmm my dear, we need to talk seriously. This doesn’t sound good to me. Let’s meet during your lunch break since I am not working at the moment” Monica said. Cynthia responded “No Monica I cant wait till lunch break to talk about it because my heart aches. I am going to lie to my boss that I need to go to the hospital now so that I can come. Are you at home?” “Oh yes definitely! Come now so that we sort this thing out. Ehh Sasha, I knew there was something fishy about her” Monica answered.

Cynthia took the morning off and arrived at Monica’s house. She lived alone in a one bedroom flat which was being paid for by her brother who lived in Germany. She had recently been sacked from her work because she verbally abused her boss. “Come in my dear. Do you care for anything? Tea? Juice?” Monica said as she gave Cynthia a hug. “No thanks. I actually don’t have appetite today. I am so hurt” Cynthia said as she sat down.

Monica: So, you mean to say that Gaby and Sasha have been sending each other love messages and you weren’t aware?

Cynthia: Well I wouldn’t call them love messages per say. All other messages were about work but the last exchange was quite fishy. I am wondering why this girl said “Thank you for this afternoon. I feel so happy”. I’ve been thinking about it the wh0le night

Monica: What do you mean they are not love messages? It’s clear that she was expressing her excitement about their affair. Listen Cynthia, I am sorry to say this but I think she was appreciating him for the s€× they had that day!

Cynthia rose up and shouted “What! It cannot be possible. Gaby can’t do this to me! No!” Monica went towards her and put her hands around her “Calm down girlfriend! Calm down. I know that the truth hurts but we have to find a solution to this” she said.

Why would Gaby do such a thing to me? Why?” Cynthia cried.

Monica: My dear, he’s a man and all men are like that. You now understand why I was asking you to be very careful with the women you were allowing him to befriend.

Cynthia: I trusted Gaby. I never imagined that he could do such a thing.

Monica: It’s not a good thing to trust men 100%. They can change anytime that is why I have made up my mind not to enter any serious relationsh¡p. I prefer just finding a man to satisfy my physical needs and that’s all. If he gets tired, I move on to another one. That way, I won’t suffer any heartbreak.

Cynthia: What am I supposed to do now? I am lost

Monica: I can give you an advice that I think will help you. You know, men are naturally proud and they like to have a woman who is naive enough to submit to their authority

Cynthia: That is what we were taught in church, that God asks women to submit themselves to their husbands.

Monica: Hahaha. Forget what all these pastors preach today. Many of them are being beaten by their wives but when they climb the alter, they pretend as if they are in control. They don’t practice what they preach. Let me tell you something. Gaby knows that you are too soft and naive, that is why he is taking advantage of you. You need to show him that you are also a human being by being a man too

Cynthia: How?

Monica: Begin to show him your other side. Don’t allow him to touch you. Make him understand what you are going through by depriving him of his so called “rights”. Give him a cold shoulder. If possible, don’t even cook for him. Let the maid do it. Make sure that you spend most of your time at work. I heard you say that you want to do evening classes. My dear, go for it and soak yourself in something more productive. You will be surprised how he will lose his ego like a w-t chicken and before you know it, he will be on his knees for you. Just try what I am telling you and you will thank me later

Cynthia kept quiet. She contemplated on what Monica had just said.

Cynthia: But don’t you think that would hurt his feelings? I mean I don’t have the full proof that he is seeing this girl

Monica: There you go again. Well I think I have done my part in advising you. You can take it or leave it but one thing you need to know is that Gaby is playing with your feelings. And until you show him that you can also react, he will continue playing with your feelings like a tennis ball.

Cynthia: I have heard and understood. Please esc-rt me to town, let me go and enroll myself in the course so that I can have something else to concentrate on before I go crazy

Monica rose up and gave her a high five “That’s my girl! Woman power! We need to show these men that we rule the world” she said.

They were driving in town when Monica suddenly scre-med “Cynthia look! Look on your right over there”. Cynthia looked and behold it was Gabriel and Sasha laughing together as they entered a hotel. Cynthia couldn’t believe her eyes. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Gabriel has killed me today!”. She cried. “Eh Madam, please park your car somewhere before you create an accident. Park somewhere and try to think straight” Monica said

Cynthia parked her car and cried, putting her head on the steering wheel. “You see what I told you?” Monica said. Cynthia tried to open the door forcefully so that she could go out “I am going to kill these two!” She shouted. Monica held her hand and said “Don’t try it my dear. You will create a scandal for yourself. Just calm down and try to think clearly. I advise you leave them to do whatever they want to do. Just follow the advice I gave you. Treat him harshly and he will get back to his senses”. Cynthia cried for a while and then wipped her tears and decided to continue her way to the school. She enrolled for evening classes and headed back to the office. She found it hærd to concentrate on her work that day. Her boss saw that she was troubled and asked her to take the rest of the day off. As she was leaving around midday , she received a message from Gabriel that read “hey baby girl. Hope you are doing well. I just want to tell u that I love u and miss u. See you this evening”.Cynthia threw her phone on the back seat of her car. “Liar. Adulterer!” She shouted and drove off.

Gabriel arrived in the evening while Cynthia was watching TV. “My queen. I am back baby” Gabriel said with his right hand at his back. Cynthia did not respond. Gabriel went to sit next to her and gave her a beautiful bouquet of red roses. “There you go baby. These are for you!” He said. Cynthia admired the flowers but pretended not to have interest in them. She received them and put them on the floor. Gabriel put his car keys on the table and said “Baby, I can see from your face that there is definitely something wrong. Why are you trying to hide it from me? You know I care about you. Just tell me what is going on and together we can work it out”

Cynthia stood up said softly “Nothing is wrong please. If you can excuse me I need to go to the bathroom”. Gabriel held her by the hand and said “No baby you are not going anywhere until you tell me what is going on. I have the right to know”. Cynthia let go of his hand violently and shouted “Let go of me you liar!”

Gabriel took a deep breathe.

Gabriel: Me a liar? What lie have I said?

Cynthia: I hate you Gaby for making me to suffer like this.

Gabriel: How? I don’t understand what is going on. Please explain

Cynthia: Oh really so now you are pretending to be innocent? You think I don’t know of your affair with that pr-stitute called Sasha?

Gabriel: What! Which affair? Baby, are you out of your mind? How can you even think of something like this? Sasha is my colleague and Assistant for God’s sake and you know it very well

Cynthia: Colleague my foot! A colleague with whom you exchange love messages and take to hotels!

Gabriel: Which love messages? Which hotel? Who has been feeding you with lies?

Cynthia grabbed his phone and showed him his conversation with Sasha. “What’s this hein? Why was Sasha telling you that she enjoyed herself that afternoon ? She asked

Gabriel laughed. “Oh my God! Baby this message was sent because I invited her for a smoothie so that we could discuss our next show. When we arrived she received a phone call from her mom who was crying because of the challenges she was going through ever since her husband died. Sasha was also crying and I comforted her with encouraging words. I also called her mom and spoke to her too. That is why she was thanking me” he said.

Cynthia: You are lying! This girl keeps on calling you and even has the guts to pick your phone when I call

Gabriel: I think you are being paranoid. You and I both know that Sasha is a good friend. I am the one that gives her authority to pick up my calls when I am driving. Sasha likes you baby and she can never do such a thing

Cynthia: Oh please! And what about today? I saw both of you entering a hotel in town

Gabriel: My God! I told you last night that I will be interviewing someone for our major show coming up next month. We decided to meet him in a hotel today. You should have entered the hotel to prove it

Cynthia: Because I am a fool right? That is why you think I will buy into your lies? I am not a fool and know that you will pay for what you are doing.

Cynthia left in fury and went to the bedroom. She took her pillow and phone and went to the guest room, locking the door behind her. Gabriel knocked on the door to no avail “Baby come on, don’t do this! You know I can’t hurt you. There is nothing going on between Sasha and I. Our friendsh¡p is purely professional” He said, sitting down on the floor in front of the door. Cynthia did not answer. Gabriel continued “Ok baby, just serve me some food, let me eat. I am so hungry”. Cynthia felt sorry for him. She wanted to go and open the door to serve him food but suddenly remembered Monica’s words. She stood still and shouted “let Sasha serve you food since she is now your mistress”. After pleading and for almost 30 minutes, Gabriel went to the kitchen and started warming the food. Cynthia cried as she heard the sound of the plates.

After eating, Gabriel went to bed, feeling very bad. Cynthia lay on her bed, starring at the ceiling. She wondered what to do next.

To be continued

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