The Weapon of a Woman

THE WEAPON OF A WOMAN (episode 11)

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Working throughout the day was so hectic, that I had to come home earlier than expected,i drove in with my suit tied round my neck
But to my greatest surprise ,I found the house empty, my wife wasn’t at home, the wh0le house was just empty,
I brought out my phone to call her
***Dear Customer, the number you’re trying to call is currently switched off, please try again later**** the computer said it on phone
Hearing this I was so worried
Minutes later, I called in Salimi,the gateman
“Yes my Oga”He said as he rushed in with his oversized uniform
“How are you baba?”
“I’m fine, my Oga”
“Ehm,where madam go?”I asked with a puzzled look
“Ahah, she tell me say she dey go market and hin Don tey wey she go out since morning and I never see am o”He explained
“Are you sure?”I questioned
“Yes sir Oga”Salimi replied
“Okay you can go”i said giving him a wavy hand
****what could have happened, where did she go to, she didn’t tell me she was going out now***I began to soliloquize
Not even up to a minutes, my phone began to ring,
****I picked it up****
The caller:-(with a bold voice) Mr man, how are you
Me:-**I was afraid*** I’m fine
The Caller:- See, you don’t need to be worried about your wife,she enjoying here with me **laughs hysterically***
“Honey, please I’m here, please……. “I heard the voice which resembles that of my wife
The caller:-(to my wife ) ***paaaa*** Shut up you son if a bitch
**wait did I just hear a slap*** I thought
Me:-please don’t do anything to my wife please, name any amount you want please!!!! ***I pleaded****
The Caller:- if you don’t want to come here to meet your wife’s corpse, it would be better to do what we want
Me:- what do you want from me please,i will give you anything **I began to become unconscious
The Caller:- I would advise you to bring a sum a five hundred thousand Naira along with you when you’re coming
Me:- heee
The caller:- what?
Me:- nothing sir
The caller:- Oh Abi you mean it’s too much ni?
Me:-No sir I will pay it all sir,just don’t do nothing to my wife and……. (The kidnapper hanged up
***Ahah, Mogbe what will I do now***I began to wonder ,Suddenly the kidnapper called me again
***I hurriedly picked it up******
The caller:- and when you coming, you can bring along one thousand police officers ,you hear?
Me:- no no, I won’t sir,i will come only by myself
The caller:- Better!!! ***laughs hysterically and cuts the phone****
Me:- hello, hello, heee….
“oh, he has cut me off the phone” I murmured
Minutes later, I began to think about the next step to do, but I got no inspiration
I decided to go to my friend’s (Ade who happened to be a detective) house as I rushed out with speed on my car
“Ade O ti shele oo (it has happened oo) I lamented as I got to Ade’s house
“What happened man?”Ade said as he was rushing outside
“Ade my wife has been kidnapped”
“Whaaattt?”He shouted in surprise
“Ade, I’m doomed”
“Don’t worry,let call us police immediately”He said
“Nooo, please don’t do that please, don’t bring your profession as a CID here please”i pleaded
“Ok, what do you want us to do now”he asked
“I want to go and give them this (points to the bag)”I said
“wait don’t tell me that, that is huge sum of money” he shouted
“Ade just let me give them”i said as I stood up “All I need now is my wife, money is nothing”i continued
“but….. ”
“No But man, I just want to let you know ( faces him) I’m off ” I said as I went out of his house,and within a flash I zoomed off to meet the kidnappers asking for ransom……
(To Be Continued)
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