The Weapon of a Woman

THE WEAPON OF A WOMAN (episode 13)

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“Hey love, how are you, I’m going to market to get one or two things done”My wife said
“You mind your King giving you an esc-rt”I said…………..
My eyes w¡dened back to life when I felt a huge stream of water on me, realizing it was a cold one which was poured on me to wake me up.
“Stubborn boy,are you waking up or not?”One of the kidnappers said giving out a wicked laughter
It was now I realized that I’ve dreaming for the past few hours since I passed out
On opening my eyes, I saw Dupe on a chair being constructed by her gangs which made them give attributes to her
“Dupe,…… “I called out but it was a flash that went through my eyes which I don’t need to be told that it was a slap that landed on my face
“When next you talking to her, you address her as my Queen”The other kidnapper holding me said
**My Queen my foot***I murmured
“please,where is my wife, I want to see my wife,i want to see her”i shouted on top my voice
On hearing this, she(dupe) said as she stood up from where she sat down and came to where I was being held with a full force
“You want to see your wife, isn’t it?”She said giving out a faked smile
“Yes my wife”i said
Within a twinkle of an eye, she made a signal to some group of men standing beside a cotton and they unravel out that cotton, which made me to receive the greatest shock in my life,
Adenike’s face had been battered and tattered with that jab of the rifle
“Please kill me, not her,”I pleaded seeing that she was almost giving up
“****She gave out a wicked laughter*** It too late darling because you are mine from now on”Dupe said as she moves back a little from where I was standing
Seeing that all my pleading has been leading into a deaf ears,i began to weep profusely as I saw the man c*cking the bullet into the rifle
Within a flash, he pointed the gun straight to my wife’s forehead,and he was about to pull the trigger
“One…… “Dupe start the counting
“Dupe, please don’t do this……. “My wife was pleading as her voice was becoming more fainter
“Two…… “she counted
Before this, I saw the end is about to come,
“You have to do something Dave.. ” I said to myself,
Seeing this I gathered all the residual strength in me together and pushed the two hefty men away
“Paaaah”i heard the shot and something sank through my left arm,so deep that I felt it sank through my inner arm.
“Oh my goodness!!!!”Dupe shouted
“Why did you pull the trigger when you can see that he’s covered up for her”She(dupe) said as she landed a hit slap on the huge guy’s face
“He he he….. Every body hands up”I heard the siren coming nearer
It was now I discovered that it was the police squad that came to operation that made to know that it is Ade who lead the team ……..what a great friend he is
“Freeze!!!! Nobody should move, I repeat”One of the police officers said as they were handcuffing the gangs that Dupe employed
Dupe,being the leader tried to escape but she was dropped down by a bullet from Ade’s gun
Minutes later,it dawned on me that I have no strength in me,the police rescue team came to lift me up and we were packed up to the police clinic nearby……………..
Three days later, laying still, I felt a soft touch on my head,
“Hello Sir, how are you feeling now”A soft voice from a figure wearing an overall white popped into my ears
***so I’ve been in the hospital since all the last three days***I thought on opening my eyes so wide seeing a young female doctor standing in front of me giving me a wide range of smile.
“I’m feeling fine”i struggle to say something as I endure to sit right on the sick bay
“Sorry sir”
“Thank you doctor, but where is my wife”I asked anxiously because since when I passed out, I’ve not set my eyes on her
“And here is your darling!!”Adenike said giving me a healing smile
“Oh how you now”i asked
“I’m already fine honey”She said as she stood up from where she sat to where I am
“So where is Dupe and her gangs?”I asked her after holding her head closed to my chest……..
(To Be Continued)
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