The Weapon of a Woman

THE WEAPON OF A WOMAN (episode 14)

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It was like a battle,a battle of revenge, a battle along with hatred,contest all along when the wh0le era started between me myself, My wife and Dupe,but now that it has subsided ,we had no option than to give all thanks to *GOD*,
After spending some series of days in the hospital, I think I and my wife had gained much more strength so we decided to give Dupe and the police men a visit at least for a life well saved
It was a new day, and a new dawn, I and my wife were at the front of the Deputy Police Officer of the zonal district,discussing about the incident and thanking him alongside for a great job that was well done
“Oga, we really thank you so much” I started the conversation
“Yes, we thank you for saving the life of me and my husband,we say a big thank you to you sir”My wife said smiling triumphantly
“You don’t need to thank me madam, and we’re only doing our work at least we’re a subordinate to the government”The DPO said as he was wheeling around his three wheeled chair
“Okay, officer, but can we see the criminal, you know just to say something to her”I asked smiling hysterically
“Oh why not you’re free to do so”the D.P.O said (turns to the officer standing beside him)
“Hey, you go and bring the lady in the cell 9 for me”He commanded the young officer
Some minutes later, Dupe was brought to our presence with handcuffs all tied to her hands
I can’t even look up to her face because I felt so pitiful to her upon seeing her range of defiance…… The torture was too much for her
“But Sir (I faced the D.P.O),I think she shouldn’t be here up to this moment” I queried
“**He coughs** Sir, you’re right but the main reason why she’s still being delayed and tortured is that she doesn’t want to open up “The D.P.O said
“Open up in what sense”my wife joined the discussion
“Yes, she doesn’t want to open up the reason why she did that bad thing to both of you”The D.P.O said as he was circling round on his three seated chair
***Really so I can see why and the main reason why Her eyes were battered and tattered with series of torture all in the name of *”why did you kidnap both the husband and the wife”* but I foresee and can presume that she is so downcast****I thought
“But sir, please can’t you just leave her and let her go, at least she had learnt her lesson”I said with a pitiful heart
“Ehn Mr man,the case is not yours or ours again, it’s the government’s own
“Ehn but what I’m thinking is that can’t she. …….
“She can’t be let go”my wife snapped at me as she fumed up “how can they allow a traitor to go Scot free after she was attempting to claim my life with my husband’s own”
“Will you shut that loosely hanged gate which has no padlock of yours”Dupe barked at my wife which threw everyone in the station into a pool of surprise
“So you can talk like this?”The D.P.O said in astonishment
**She continues her infuriated words at my wife****
“You called me a traitor?”She said defiantly
“Let me remind you of what you did,if you have forgotten and with that you will judge who is really the traitor between me and you”She continued.
“Young lady, why this noise”The D.P.O said
Seeing this sudden change the young police officer holding Dupe by her arm hurriedly brought out a small recording tape
“Are you ready to confess right now”The D.P.O said interrogatively
“Yes I am”She said with a defiant look on her face
“I repeat, Are you sure that the time is now?”The D.P.O said as he stylishly wink at the young officer beside Dupe to start the recording
“Yeah, the time is now!!”She said wiping of the tears In her eyes
“Then Speak up!”the D.P.O commanded……
(To Be Continued)
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