The Weapon of a Woman

THE WEAPON OF A WOMAN (episode 15)

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Immediately the D.P.O said she should speak up, we all adjusted our chairs to hear the bombshell that is about to drop from the horse mouth
“Hmmmm”She took a deep breath and opened up
“Right from our school days,100l to be precise, i have always had this kind of this feeling against Dave, in which Adenike being my closest friend knew very much about it”Dupe wh0leheartedly confess which threw me into a pool of surprise
“Wait, I don’t get wh….”I wanted to voice out
“Sir, please wait a little bit, don’t let us shut her up, let give her sufficient time to speak out her mind”The D.P.O cautioned as he snapped in
“Okay officer, no problem”I replied
**(She continued)**
“So, all my life, I never loved any man like the way I loved Dave, infact, I have beginning to feel that he’ll be a man of my heart” She heaved a sigh out and continued
“Denike being my closest friend knew about how much I loved Dave and do tell me that I shouldn’t go and meet him because men are full of deceit”She paused and looked at me but I shifted my attention from her eyes in a jiffy
“But for the fact that she has had many relationsh¡p experiences, I concurred to her advice and I didn’t tell him how I feel about him, but through body signs and whenever we go to classes for lecture ,I do show him signs but it seems all his attention is always diverted towards My friend Nike”She said and paused
“But young lady, when things now happened and turn out like that what are the steps you took concerning that”The D.P.O interrogated much than before to deduce out more confessions from her
“When I beginning to notice that Dave’s attention has now being diverted unto Adenike’s side,i discuss it with her to leave Dave for me ,but Adenike turn it out into a fight saying that she does not care and after all,it was Dave himself that came to ask her out, so I should leave the rest for nature to decide who will be the chosen bride”She paused a little while and started shedding tears
*I felt a little bit emotional*
“Finally, on this bad day, probably one of or the worst day in my life ,right in my presence, I saw and witness Dave knelling down and proposing to my closest friend Adenike, (She pauses again for a very long time and started shedding uncontrollable tears),Seeing this I felt something that looks like a sharp object going through my heart, a person so close to me stealing the joy of my heart,i cried and went sick for several weeks on that”She said with her eyes going sore with tears
“I vowed to revenge what Denike did to me, because I saw that she never feel remorse for what she did”Denike said and stopped her speech
“Hmmmmm”I heaved out a loud sigh
“Hmmmm, this a battle of lovely Feelings”The D.P.O titled as he bowed down his head a little
(As he raised up his head, he Faces both me and my wife)
“To you couples,i think you heard what she said”The D.P.O said inquisitively
“Very loud and clear officer” I said on behalf of me and my wife
“Now what is your say on that”The D.P.O said as he removed his cap and rubbing his palm on his bare head
“But Oga, all this things she said are not all true”My wife said defensively
How” The D.P.O said with a baffled look
“Truly at first,she told me she has loved Dave a long time ago and out of my honest heart, I told her not to tell him because men are decisive, they can act on her feelings not knowing that I was the one Dave has been eyeing all this while”My Wife said
“But when you discovered that,why can’t you explain things to him(pointing at me)”The D.P.O said as he questioned
“I do Officer!!”My wife said as she motioned to me to speak up.
“I never knew that She(pointing to Dupe) would take this issue so serious like this ,why because I never knew this matter will fume up to this level”I said in a disgusting manner.
“In what sense Sir?”The D.P.O said as he adjusted his seat once again to hear out my speech…….
(To Be Continued) 
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