The Weapon of a Woman


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Being agitated, I have nothing to do than to calm down myself so as not to let my wife know .
At around 9pm at night, I wasn’t able to sleep when I saw the pictures,how two ladies were riding on top of me, ***But how could this be possible, I wasn’t feeling anything on me earlier*** I started to think randomly until my wife woke up from sleep and persuaded me to allow nature on me
Early In the following morning as usual, with a burning anger in me, I picked up my phone and dialed Dupe’s number
***Phone rings***
Dupe:-Hello handsome, how’re you ***she said with a sed-ctive voice***
Me:-***It’s like something has been wrong with you*** Uhn are you home?
Dupe:- Of course I am ***She chuckles*****

Me:-okay **I hanged up**
With the lion in me,i drove speedily to her house
“Oh, Handsome, how’re you,” she was coming (with her short gown and big curves ) to me with a hug until I stopped her
“Dupe, what is the meaning of the rubbish you posted to me yesterday night ehn?”I asked with my face turning red.
“what is that now?”She said smiling wickedly
“Dupe don’t act like saint to me here,cos as you can see that I’m mad at you, really mad”I said with anger as I showed it to her on my phone
“Oh you mean this?’She said laughing
“Yess!! Dupe” I barked at her
“Well that is what you did on that day with the ladies that came here on that day and is that any of my business”She said frowning
“Dupe,why are you interested in ruining my life ,my marriage ehn?”I said with a soft voice hiding my anger

“no no, don’t say that,I’m not ruining your marriage o,i just feel like tasting out of this long and salty d**k of yours” She said as she was running her hand through my chest and almost to my *engine* part
“Will you stop this?”I said as the anger in me rekindled to get her hands off me
“I know you will act like that,brave boy, but I know you knew how dangerous it could be if I can show this to your wife”She said as she stood before me smiling sed-ctively and saying things that infuriates me at the same
“Dupe please don’t do this to me, this is my marriage we’re talking about,it’s my life for crying out loud”I said with a pitiful heart
“I won’t but only if you could do what I want for me?”She said moving more closer by this time
“Okay what do you want from me”I said bringing the argument into a halt
“Wow! Bravo **She clapped mockingly*** you are now talking well”She said moving towards me more than before
“Ok I’m all ears”I said still standing where I am like figure one
“What I want from you is that,i want you ***Pointing to my *engine***** in,side me real good ,to feel the rom-ntic s-nsation that gives me a heavenly feeling up to the maximum preference”She flattered as she raised up my tie rom-ntically
***What!!!! Are you out of your mind or what?***I thought of it because I couldn’t believe what I just heard for the second time
*(Should I say that Nike accelerated the lustful feeling in Dupe by exposing out our s€× life to her so-called friend)* #it pains#
“Dupe,you know I can’t do this, the option you gave me is too much for me to bear”I said as I had no choice than to plead in a sobering manner
“Stop it boy, of course I know you can perform up to three hours non-stop?”She said as she was moving around me in a tempting manner
***How did you know that I perform up to this extent***
“Who told you that?”I said surprisingly
“are you kidding me, You know it’s Nike of Course”
***Hearing this I turned my back to utter something***
“But Dupe, why can’t you just…. “I wanted to say something but she stop me with a finger on my l-ips
“Deal or no Deal?”she asked in an assuring manner
“I agree but… “I want to say something again but this time,Dupe stopped me with a w-t k-ss and grabbed my *engine*
“hhunnmmmh” I gave out a soft mo-n as my brain and eyes w¡dened up,loads of blood pumped faster from my brain and they concentrated in my *engine*,But in short, I and Dupe both unwrapped ourselves and *the deal and deed was done* at that moment . In short *We did it*…..

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(To Be Continued)

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