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The wicked sister last batch


💐🌻🌹 The wicked sister 💐 🌻🌹

Continuation of episode 6

Chris house

Eva: baby why are you thinking . You are not eating anything

Chris: well I want Trisha

Eva: still with her you still love her

Chris: if you see the way she disgraced me the other day I really pitied for myself .

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Eva: I have an idea but you want her your girlfriend or what

Chris: girlfriend is I want to disvirgin her then I will be happy . With me baby and you

Eva: perfect idea just rape her . Well their is a particular road she passes with some guy you can attack them and rape her .

Chris: perfect idea . Come here .( Kisses Eva)


Next day

Tina: your boyfriend Steve is fake he services mercy food and he is here to take the little you have .

Trisha: leave me alone with your lies . Ok ( doorbell rings) he is here we are going for a stroll bye .( Leaves)

Steven: Trisha I need something from you

Trisha: what exactly do you want

Steven : you .

Trisha: Tina was right . No you can’t get me anything you are a cheat and not a virgin

Steven: you knew and I am sorry let’s go

Trisha: fine

Chris: stop there( brings out a gun )

Steven: handle this yourself I am off ( runs away )

Trisha: drop the gun Chris

Chris: I told you I will take your virginty ( pushes Trisha)

Trisha: ( falls) Chris leave me alone ( tries to stand but can’t )

Chris:( goes on the floor ) you end here and now

David:( rushes towards Chris and hits him with a stick )

Chris: ( faints)

David: ( carries Trisha) are you ok

Trisha; yes thanks to you

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David : show me your house

Trisha: ok

At tri& Tina’s house

Tina:( doorbell rings rushes and opens the door) Trisha.

Trisha: I am fine thanks to him

Tina: thank you .

Guards carry her and lay her well pls sir come in

David:thank you but call me David

Tina: David thank you

David : let me take her to her room . Show me

Tina: she knows her room

Trisha: let’s go

In tri’s room

Trisha: you saved me

David: well it is nothing because I knew you since you dated Chris I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t since you moved I didn’t see you again

Trisha: well things happen like that but I noticed but I couldn’t say anything not being sure

David : can I kiss you

Trisha: well if you want

David : ( kisses Trisha)

Trisha: such soft lips I think things can work out .

David : really

Trisha: yes

David:( goes on one knee ) Trisha the day I saw you my life changed pls say yes to being my wife

Trisha: yes I will

David:( puts the ring in her hand stands and hugs her ) . Thank you

Let’s go have dinner at my house

Daniels house

Mrs Isabella : welcome my daughter’s

Mrs Annabella: that was supposed to be my line

Tina: Joe what are you doing here well that is my brother my twin actually

Trisha: the resemblance but how did you know my parents

David : well parents will come


the end

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