The wolf among us episode 11




Episode 11

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach


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“You don’t know that he might still be under their chase?” Audrey said as they heard a hit on their door immediately.

And Anna who was so afraid quickly ran backward.


“Okay….!” Audrey whispered as they all moves backward as they stares at the door.

But everywhere goes silent for a few seconds and then Emma decided to check what was wrong.

She slowly opens the door just to see a bird standing out there.

And then Emma and the others breathe down as she opens the door widely.

“Oh my God, she came to visit me,” Audrey said as she rushed the bird and carries it up.

“Wow, it looks so beautiful,” Anna said as she steps closer and stretched her hand requesting to carry the bird.

And then Audrey handed over the bird to her, it was rainbow in color.

Anna was slowly smooching the bird as it relaxes on her hand.

“That was my only friend,” Audrey said looking at the bird.

“Oh yes, good!” Anna said carelessly as she walks out of the house.

So as others joined her and they spent up to three hours outside.

And Anna left them to step back into the house and saw that Aaron was still laying without shaking.

His eyes were still closed, nothing nothing at all, no improvement in his health.

She left the house and went to meet Audrey about that.

“Sorry, did you add anything like a sleeping pill or… maybe anything that will just make him fall Asleep?” Anna asked as Emma was just looking at them.

“No… I did not add anything like that for him” Audrey replied as she waved her head from side to side.

“Then why is he not yet still moving, he looks so weak,” Anna said looking so concerned.

And then Audrey looks at the ground with a confused face.

“Actually… I don’t really know why… but let me see if…” Audrey said as she stands up.

“There is anything I can do about that” she added and then moves inside.

And then Emma and Audrey stares at themselves as they joined her too.

When Audrey reached out to Aaron laying down on the seek bed.

She stares at him somehow “Hmm” she moaned.

And then enters inside and brings out some equipment she used to check his body.

“So… what’s wrong with Him?” Emma asked.

“This guy has a stubborn spirit that leads him… if not he could have been dead by now” Audrey said as Anna steps closer.

“What was that supposed to mean?” Anna asked.

“Dangerous poisons are warming up inside his body”

“Weakling his body and killing him slowly and killing his wolf abilities,” Audrey said as she folds her arms while staring at Aaron.

“So what are we supposed to do?” Anna asked.

“The arrow from the hunters? where is it? that arrow they use in the werewolves are something else”

“Sometimes magically powered, so I need it now,” Audrey asked as Anna and Emma stared at themselves.

“Yeah, where is the arrow?” Emma asked Anna.

“I removed it from his leg and throw it away far away on our way to this place,” Anna said.

“Fuck!” Emma said as she hits the table with her fist feeling so weakened.

“So is there no other thing we can do?” Emma asked.

“Actually… I can do something that will give him strength”

“And will also slow down the poison from getting worst”

“But surely the poison shall be expanding the longer it stays in his body….”

“And he is likely to die at any given time and cannot be able to access his wolf powers again”

“As it is now, let’s hope that he has lost his powers until that arrow is found on time” Audrey announced as Anna and Emma stared at themselves silently.

“So there is nothing we can do to stop the poison apart from bringing the arrow?” Emma asked.

“Yes, there is nothing else you can do, I need the arrow to detect the kind of poison used on him”

“And know if it is magic or non and then will be able to look for the right herbal,” Audrey said as she entered her inner room.

And then Emma used her hand to cover her face as a line of tears flows out.

So as Anna sits on a chair feeling so weak as she puts her head down on the table, everywhere goes so silent.

“What are we going to do now?” Anna asked Emma.

“We need to go find that arrow,” Emma said as she is already walking out.

“What…?” Anna reacted as she blocked her way.

“What are you saying? that is too risky, we might not return back here with testimony,” Anna said to Emma.

“So what do we do? let him be like that?” Emma asked.

“We have no other choice, we know he is not going to die”

“If he is to die, he could have been dead for long now, let him get strong again first” Anna suggested.

And then Emma calms down as she sits back on her sit.

Not long Audrey stepped out of her room with some herbals.

And then she started applying the water into Aaron’s mouth.

And after some minutes passed by she is done with the herbal.

“I believe that he will be improving from now on like I said… before”

“He will improve only in strength and slowing the poison down” Audrey announced as she steps outside the house.

And Emma joined her and then Anna came to look at Aaron again.

“I believe that our labor will not be for in vain,” she said and left the house also.


“There are different kinds of birds in this place, they look so beautiful”

“And I love them so much,” Anna said.

And Audrey nods as she smiled.

“Yeah I can give you one if you don’t mind,” Emma said to Anna.

“How do you mean? are you the one that is supposed to give me or her?” Anna asked looking at Audrey.

“You don’t even know my bird, very cute,” Emma said as she stands up and whistled with her hand.

And was kindly waiting for her bird to be alive, but seconds passed no bird showed up.

“It is like it didn’t hear my calling” Emma said as she blows her whistle again.

No bird still showed up and then she looks at Audrey who is already looking at her.

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“So where is my bird?” Emma asked.

“So… sorry about that but since the day you left, I have never seen that bird again,” Audrey said as Emma stares at her somehow.

“Are you being serious?” Emma asked as she folds her arms.

“Yeah,” Audrey said as she nods.

“Oh my God!” Anna screamed as she was staring at the door side.

And then Emma and Audrey looked after her just to see Aaron standing at the door.

Anna quickly rushed him forgetting that he has an injury in his whole body.

She hugged him so tight that Aaron moaned out of pain.

“Ugh!” Aaron moaned and then Anna moves backward.

“Am so sorry” She said to him.

“Anna go in and bring a good chair for him” Audrey ordered.

“The one that he can rest his back on” Audrey added as Anna was running in.

And then Teacher Emma quickly rushed to Aaron and assisted him by helping him to step forward.

Before they get to the well balanced spot for him to sit Anna arrived with the chair.

And then arranged it for him and he sat gently as he was staring at all of them.

He doesn’t recognize the face of Audrey but he recognized that of Teacher Emma and Anna very well.

Well, as soon as he sits, Audrey left her seat and ran inside.

And in a minute, she came out with some bandages.

And used them to cover the wounds on his body, it was just almost all of his body was wrapped up with the white bandage.

Only his head, leg, and hand were free but his arms were wrapped up also.

Well, when she is done she takes the things back to their spot.

And then Anna sits beside Aaron as they were only staring at him.

And Aaron first of all looked at Teacher Emma “Teacher…?” He called her.

“Yes Aaron, do you want anything?” Teacher Emma asked.

“What are you doing here and where are we?” Aaron asked but Emma knew that this is not the right time to disturb his spirit with any heartbreaking news.

“Um… well…it is a long story, thank God that you are okay now”

“Don’t worry you will get to know this place when the time comes” Teacher Emma said as Aaron stares at her.

“As for now, please Aaron don’t bother yourself about anything okay?” Emma said.

And then Aaron looks at his side just to see Anna sitting beside him.

“Anna…?” He called on her name and she smiled and answered joyfully.

“Yes my lovely one, am so happy to see you back to your normal self,” Anna said to Aaron.

“I thought that I have told you to stay very far away from me…?” Aaron said and Emma interrupted.

“Stop that Aaron, she has been so good to you all this while?”

“She fought behind you,” Emma said as Anna was staring at Aaron.

Then Aaron looks at her again and she nods her head.

“Yes, Aaron… am one of the reasons you are still living”

“In fact am the reason why you are still living!” Anna said as she gets up from the seat looking so upset.

“I fought behind you! I inspired the lead to come to your rescue when you are alone!” Anna said with a loud voice.

But Emma is already giving her face that she is talking beyond expectation.

Aaron needs to be calmed for now at least, not giving him more high bp.

“Even your so-called all and all, Juan…” Anna was still saying but Emma interrupted.

“Enough, please! Enough Anna! enough of all this, he needs to relax okay!” Emma said as she gets up from her own sit.

But however, Anna has already mentioned a name that is very important to him.

So he insisted to hear in full what she has to say.

“Yes…? am still hearing you!” Aaron said to Anna and then Anna breathes in and out as she covers her face with her palms for some seconds and then removes it.

“Alright am sorry, am not meant to,” She said as she tries to step closer to Aaron.

“Hold it there! one of the reasons I admire Juan more than You!”

“You always feel too valuable and expensive!” Aaron said to Anna as he looks at Emma.

“Please what’s the time there?” Aaron asked.

And then teacher Emma looked at her wristwatch.

“The time is 4:00,” The teacher said, and then Aaron gets up from where he was sitting.

“I don’t understand you, Aaron, where are you going to!?” Emma asked out of surprise and was even wondering where he get the strength from that he can even stand alone.

“Am visiting Juan” Aaron replied.

“What! wat! what are you saying” Teacher Emma reacted.

“Come on Aaron, first of all, you are not okay, you are not yet strong”

“And going to visit Juan might be very dangerous to you,” Anna said to Aaron.

“Aaron you can’t leave here, the werewolf hunters are surely out there searching for you and Juan might give you out!”

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“She hates you, she doesn’t love you, please don’t risk your life for her” Anna said.

“Why shouldn’t I visit her?” Aaron asked Anna as he steps closer to her.

“Because am here for you, I can give you all the love you want!”

“I can die for you please,” Anna said as Aaron stares at her emotionally as she smiles.

“Really?” Aaron asked.

“Yeah,” Anna said as she holds his cheeks and the next thing.

“Get out of my face!” Aaron said and pushed her out of the way and stares at her badly.

“Think that I would leave her for you? you must be joking!” Aaron said to her as she felt so heartbroken.

“Aaron please don’t go,” Teacher Emma said to him and he kindly walks to teacher Emma.

“Am sorry but I have to do this, she still loves me, and I know that she is missing me out there”

“She did what she did out of anger, I need to explain to her what really happened.

“Nothing will happen to me,” Aaron said while he was holding Emma and then Emma hugs him.

“I need a cloth!” he said after hugging Emma.

They gave him clothes that covered his body, a long sleeve.

“Aaron what if you mistakenly met the hunters?” Anna asked but Aaron did not mind her.

“Ride?”He requested and they showed him Audrey’s car.

“Someone leads me out?” Aaron requested and Emma entered but Anna refuses to join, claiming that she will stay with Audrey.

So they left her behind but why they must have gone far.

They captured the black car coming after them.

“Shit! I warned you about this Aaron!” Emma screamed as she already knows that it is the hunter’s car.

…To Be Continued..

Anna for love?

Just hoping that Emma will not die in the process of trying to escape this guys again?