The wolf among us episode 12




Episode 12

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“Calm down it is not them, I know the right car they use,” Aaron said as Teacher Emma started trying to calm down.

But she was never okay till the black car passed them while she stares at the car till it moves far away.

“Hmm, I almost fainted,” Teacher Emma said as she relaxed back in her seat and closed her eyes.

And while opening it she noticed that Aaron was already missing the way.

“Please that way!” She shouted pointing to the left while Aaron was already heading to the right.

But is actually not too late so he quickly reversed the car with force without moving backward.

But with the force he used, Teacher Emma fell to the side.

“Sorry” Aaron whispered as he was still so concentrated on his driving.

And then Teacher Emma kindly stands up and stares at him somehow.

“What?” Aaron asked.

“I thought that you are supposed to be so weak, seriously….” Emma said as she swallows her saliva.

“I thought that you will beg for assistance because you are feeling pain,” Emma said but Aaron seems not to be interested in what she is saying.

“Seriously?” was the only word he interjected to teacher Emma.

“Aaron are you not feeling weak?” Teacher Emma asked as she unbuttons his shirt.

“What are you doing?” Aaron asked.

“Nothing actually, just checking….” She was saying but then she have already opened his shirt.

And she saw that the bandages is still on his body.

“So these things are still on your body and you are not feeling pain?” Teacher asked.

“Yes am not feeling any pain” Aaron replied and then Emma buttoned his shirt back for him.

“One thing I like in your body is your courage,” Emma said to Aaron as Aaron nods.

“But I think you would have to drop me at my home, I have something that I need to attend to?” Emma requested.

“You wouldn’t follow me to Juan’s home so you can help me beg her?” Aaron requested.

“Umm….” Teacher Emma said as she stares at her wristwatch.

“Sorry Aaron but I can’t, I need to go home now, I hope that you are not upset with me?” Emma asked.

“Why should I? it is alright, lead me out to the city first,” Aaron said to Emma.

“You are already in the city,” Emma said and they have not moved along when they arrived at the city.

And from there on, Aaron knows the way, Teacher Emma no longer needs to direct him on where to go.

All she has to do is to direct him to her home for the drop-off since Aaron has not been to her house before.


Juan was seen as she was with Josh inside her car.

And they are surely heading home from school.

And only God knows why she spent much time in school today.

Where exactly did she go that she is returning at almost 5 o’clock?

Only she and Josh knows where they went today as nobody else knows.

“Josh, am still so grateful to you for saving my life?”

“If it not for you, something could have gone wrong,” Juan said to Josh.

While Josh smiled heavily “Come on Juan, you have thanked me enough”

“It is fine, this is just what we do for humanity okay? it’s nothing” Josh replied to Juan.

“So please can I get your number please?” Juan requested.

“Yeah sure, I was about even asking you for yours” Josh replies.

“Okay…?” Juan said as she picks up her phone and opened it.

And then handed it over to Josh and he imputed his eleven pins.

“Here…” Josh said as he hands over the phone to Juan.

“Just keep it there okay?” Juan said as she points at the front of the car.

And Josh kindly did as she said while Juan continues leading the driving.

“So, I should drop you at your cottage?” Juan requested.

“Yeah sure,” Josh said as Juan nods

“Direct me then,” Juan said to Josh.

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The beautiful building was added into view as the car arrives and halts slowly.

“Okay! here we are” Aaron said as Teacher Emma blinks her eyes and turned to face him.

“Aaron, so… where are you going to now? school or Juan’s house?” Emma asked.

“Her house, of course, the school has already been closed by now,” Aaron said.

“Okay… please be careful for me,” Teacher Emma said as she grabs his hand with her two hands.

“Don’t be sorry I will be safe so is this your Home?” Aaron asked.

“Yes,” Emma said with a smile as she stares at the house.

“Wow it looks so beautiful I must say,” Aaron said with a smile as he nods.

“Thank you Aaron goodbye,” Teacher Emma said as she opens the door and was about to step out of the car.

“Wait a minute” Aaron requested as she entered back and closed the door again.

“What?” She asked.

“So you guys took the risk to come over there to rescue me…?” Aaron asked.

“You should be more grateful to Anna, she was the one that motivated us to come” Emma replied in a low voice.

“Okay…. but to you, why did you intend to risk your life for me?” Aaron asked.

And then Emma stares at the ground for some minutes and leaks her lips.

“You see, I value you more than anyone in that class, in the entire school as a whole”

“You are smart, brave, and intelligent, and mostly Juan explained everything for me”

“And then I decided that if I need to know the truth I have to let you speak first”

“And that reminds me…” Emma said as she steps more closely.

“Did you kill her sister? look at me and tell me the truth” Emma asked.

And then Aaron goes silent for some seconds and looks up again.

“That is exactly why trying hard to pay her a visit, I did not kill her sister”

“Whatever I said, was just out of anger, I mean why should I do such” Aaron said with a serious look on his face.

“Hmm, okay go talk to her and know what her reply might be,” Emma said.

“And if she refuses maybe you can call me for help to assist you and beg her if you seriously want her back in your life,” Emma said as Aaron nods.

And then she stepped down from the car “Goodbye Aaron” she said as she closes the door.

And then Aaron starts the car and was about to drive out when Emma stops him again.

“Please wait… one minute” Emma shouted as Aaron holds and then Emma puts her hand inside the car from the window.

“The woman that saved you is childless, no husband”

“Maybe you wanna make her comfortable and you need a family? goodbye Aaron” Emma said and walks away.

Aaron wanted to say something as he tries to stop her but suddenly holds back.

And silently drives away without calling on her again.

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Juan’s Home was added in a view it was so lonely as a whole.

Not quite long and then Aaron was seen as he drives into the compound and parked his car at the side.

And kindly stepped down from the car as he walks close to the door of the house.

And he discovered that the door is locked as he knocks over and over again.

But receives no reply from anyone and then runs to the back.

There was a long relaxing wooden and furnished chair made to be used to relax in the back yard of the house.

And most of the time that is where Juan stays maybe…

Any little quarrel from him or from her sister Alice when she was still alive.

Like any quarrel from anyone, she always comes there to come and stay quietly.

So Aaron was thinking that maybe she is there so he ran to the backyard.

But no one was in the place so it looks so silent too only the birds were peeping.

And not quite long he heard the sound of the car from the front of the compound.

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Juan was driving home when she sighted a car standing in front of the compound.

“Who could be the owner of that car? Hope it is not those hunters?” Juan said as she stares at the car with fear.

But she can see that the design of the car was not like that of the hunters.

There is always a specific design used for the hunter’s car.

“No no no, that is not for the hunters, but who the hell owns that car?” Juan said as she was arriving slowly.

“Hmm, I just hope that it is not those guys that signed a deal with my dead sister”

“Black fairy should be aware that I have no deal with them” She murmured and then stepped out of her car as she has already halted.

She then steps close to the car although the car’s glass was well tinted so she wouldn’t see who is inside the car that easily.

She was about to torch the car when she heard a name being called.

“Juan!” She heard her name and she quickly turned in fear.

As she stares at him looking so shocked, she couldn’t believe that Aaron is the one standing before her.

…To Be Continued…


Hmm let’s see what her reaction will be on the next episode