The wolf among us episode 13




Episode 13

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

Juan was so wondered how Aaron get to appear here.

She couldn’t believe who she was seen standing after her.

She stares at Aaron without saying anything but tears were already flowing down from her eyes.

So as Aaron paused and was also staring at her too.

“Aaron…. you are here…? how did you manage to escape the hunters?” Juan asked in a low voice and tears also.

“Well… all I can say is that it was a decision made by my fate”

“And I thank my fate for that, for making me the first person to ever escape the hunters after visiting their cave” Aaron replied with tears also.

And then he spread his hands as he tries to step closer in other to hug Juan.

But Juan moves backward instead as she points at Aaron.

“Stay away from me, after all the taboo you have done to me!

“Am never going to forgive you” Juan said as she was slowly moving her head from side to side with tears.

“If that is why you come here, then don’t bother, just go back because am never going to forgive you”

And then Aaron kneels down with his palms all together.

“Listen to me Juan, I was never the one that killed your sister”

“If it is really true that Alice is dead, I have no idea about her death” Aaron pleads with tears.

“And I was supposed to believe that….? you did it exactly the way you said,” Juan said as she swallows her saliva.

“You murdered her and cut off her head! you killed her like bush meat!” Juan said in tears.

“Look at you Aaron… just take a good look at yourself!”

“I made you rich when you were poor, I gave you clothes when you have non”

“I gave you food when you were hungry! I protected you when you are being chased”

Juan said as she was torching her heart with tears in her eyes.

“And finally!” she said as she raised her finger.

“I was there for you when you have no one, Aaron!”

“I was there when you are being chased by the whole world!”

“And after all this…!” Juan said as she takes a breath and looks at Aaron who has already bent his head in tears.

“All I can get from you is killing my twin sister, my only sister, only sibling!!”

“You murdered her! I have regretted ever knowing you in my life” Juan said in a loud voice.

And then Aaron stares at her silently as he cleans off the tears in his eyes with his hand

“Juan I know that I don’t know what am doing, but am not the one behind the death!” Aaron said as he takes a breath.

“Shut the fuck up! I hate you beast!” Juan bullied him as she moves backward instead thinking that Aaron will get annoyed as usual.

Although she doesn’t know that Aaron has already lost his powers.

“Juan…” Aaron called on her name in a low voice as he takes a breath as he feels annoyed.

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“Am so disappointed in you! I couldn’t believe that you are the one saying these whole things!”

“How could you ever believe that I killed your sister!” Aaron said as he stands up from where he was kneeling.

“If someone showed you a video where I killed your sister would you believe that? wouldn’t you believe that it was edited?”

“What’s wrong with you Juan, you suddenly changed and lost all the trust you have for me,” Aaron said as Juan stares at him silently.

“What will ever make me think of killing your sister even after all that you have done for me!?” Aaron said pointing at himself.

“What will make me ever think of killing her…? Listen, Juan…”

“Even your sister… I mean Alice, even if Alice points a gun at my forehead” Aaron said as he steps closer.

“I will still not try to kill her because of you, I can only try to escape peacefully!” Aaron said as Juan knelt down with tears.

She is just sitting confused right now because if Aaron wasn’t the one that killed her.

Then who else could have killed her? yes, she signed a contract with some bad guys.

But the contract involves what she needs to be alive in other to fulfill.

So those guys would rather protect her than even kill her.

So Juan was dawn in tears as so many thoughts were running through her mind.

And Then Aaron steps closer to her and kneels after her too.

And raised up her head, and cleaned her eyes with his left hand.

“Juan you should have known me by now,” Aaron said but Juan pushed him away instead.

“Get away from me! I don’t know you” Juan said as she pushes him away.

Aaron falls on the ground while she stands up and gives a space between her and Aaron.

Aaron kindly stands up and cleans up himself and then looks up At Juan again.

“If you didn’t kill her then who did!?” Juan asked with a loud voice.

And then Aaron looks at the ground as he placed his two hands on his waist.

“Juan you need to remember that this same Alice that you are talking about once had enemies” Aaron remembered her.

“Is that what you were planning to use as an excuse?” Juan asked as Aaron stares at her confusedly.

“Those guys cannot attempt her life, they will rather fight to protect her”

“Alice signed a contract that needs to be alive in other to complete it,” Juan said as Aaron gives out a painful smile.

“Are you for real? like are you being serious? are you not talking about the same guys that attacked her..”

“The same day that I fought to protect her!?” Aaron asked.

“And why did you think that she called it a minor issue because they were never going to kill her!” Juan yelled at Aaron.

And then Aaron breathes down as he doesn’t know what to say again.

“Aaron you killed her just like exactly as you said that you will do”

“Don’t worry I will not call the hunters for you again, but just need you to distance yourself away from me” Juan said as Aaron kneels down immediately.

“Juan, I know that I have made the wrong statement, but trust Me!”

“I didn’t… I didn’t kill her for God’s sake” Aaron said as he waves his head.

“Get away from me for you deserve to suffer more pain than anyone can do!”

“Just get out of my Sight! stand up from there and leave here” Juan shouted with tears.

But Aaron never gives up, he keeps on begging her to forgive.

Although he was not even supposed to return to this place after all the suffering he has been through at the hand of the hunters.

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He was even supposed to be upset at Juan and was supposed to attack her and attempt to kill her.

But he avoided all that knowing that Juan was there for him when he has no one.

If not for her, he couldn’t have known who Emma and Anna is.

She gave him life and everything needed and gave him a family life.

Then why doesn’t she deserve an apology no matter what the condition is?

“Juan am really sorry… what if I accept that I was the one that killed her”

“Will that make you forgive me?” Aaron said to Juan.

“Aaron… I wonder why you escape from the hunters without getting Hurt!”

“You need to suffer for what you have done!” Juan screamed at him and turned her back on him.

And the next thing she heard Aaron calling on her name.

“Juan…? Juan….? could you please do me a favor, just turn your face on me” Aaron requested.

And then after spending a few seconds keeping silent at Aaron she turned to look at him.

“Oh my God!” She screamed when she saw the kind of bandage used on his body.

“Oh my gosh….! what is this thing? are you human or dead body?”

“While is all your body got wrapped up?” Juan asked as she covers her mouth with both hands.

Aaron first of all stares at his body first.

“You have no idea the kind of pain I have been through Juan,” Aaron said as he takes a breath.

And then started buttoning up his shirt again as he was looking at Juan who was also looking at him with tears.

“Juan… I have suffered more pain than any man could do…”

“Juan…?” He called on her name as he goes silent while Juan was only looking at him, of course, she has nothing to say.

She was left with no words only to look, she was never expecting such a thing to transpire.

“Juan, I believe that you have no idea of the kind of pain that you have cost me”

“But even with all these pains, I still come back to plead to you because of the love I have for you,” Aaron said as he tries to step closer.

But Juan steps backward and then he paused again.

“The main thing that made me return to this place was because”

“You Juan have been so good to me, I shouldn’t put those things aside because of what happened,” Aaron said with a low voice as he breathes in and out as Juan keeps looking at him.

“I understand how you feel about losing your sister, I know the pain”

“And am very sorry about it, but the fact that I have been trying to let you know that am not the one that killed your sister”

“And you keep insisting? am tired of begging you”

“This is my last trial, Juan take my hand and accept me back or lose me and you will never set your eyes on me ever again,” Aaron said as he stretched his hand forward waiting for Juan’s reaction.

If she will accept or still rejects him.

….To Be Continued…

The next chapter seems to be the most special.

Will she accept or still stand on her words?