The wolf among us episode 16




Episode 16

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“Somebody help! somebody! is anyone around!” Juan screamed loudly as she was running up and down.

She did not know what to do as she was flapping her hand up and down.

She was really hurt seeing Aaron in pain with her eyes.

Tears were rolling down from her eyes and finally ended up putting her two hands on her head as no one showed up.

While Anna was seen as she was inside the car struggling to see if she can sight Aaron.

And she can see How Juan is running up and down calling for help.

But she still hold herself inside the car as she was rubbing her hands together in fear.

“Oh God! what has happened to him again, I don’t want anything to happen to him!” Anna said as her face looks so worried.

And she almost jumped out of the car but the voice of Juan came up again.

“Wait, Aaron! hold on am coming… am coming” She saw Juan say in a hurried voice.

And Juan quickly ran to her car and picked up her phone and inserted her fingerprint.

But the phone keeps declining her fingerprint and then she hurriedly enters her pin.

But with the fastness she use, she couldn’t type the correct pin.

And the phone still declined her pin again telling her that it is an incorrect pin.

“Oh, come on come on!” Juan said as she forget about the phone and rushed to meet up with Aaron.

In other, for her to confirm that he is still breathing.

But then she saw that Aaron was already sucking his own blood as blood was rushing out of his mouth.

Aaron who his eyes are already becoming red, and blood are flowing out of his tummy.

And it looks like the wood that pierced through him has affected other sides of his injury.

“Aaron hold on am coming….!” Juan said as she was breathing heavily.

And then she retyped her password again and it worked out.

“Oh, thank goodness,” She said as she blinks her eyes and then placed her hand on her chest.

And quickly entered her phone book as she was moving up and down.

While Aaron was seen at the up as he holds the dried wood.

And was breathing heavily and then he forcefully pushed himself forward.

And he fell down from that tree like a dead body.

“Ugh!” he screamed in pain and Juan rushed him to the ground there.

She lifted him up and keep him resting on the tree beside him.

“Please stay with me okay?” Juan said to him as she touched his face

While he was breathing like he is about to die and then used the other hand to cover up the hole.

Anna sighted him on the spot he is right now.

She can see him clearly and she covers her mouth in tears.

It was as if she can give any help, but she was aware that coming down from that car.

This means that she wants to create a tough conflict between her and Juan.

And she might also end up not getting what she wanted.

And she will end up losing both Aaron and Juan.

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Juan placed a call on Josh as she was moving up and down.

It rang but that call was not picked up she called again and it wasn’t still picked up again.

“Come on come on! Josh pick up your call please” Juan said as she dials the number again.

And yet the call was not still picked up and she angrily throw away her phone.

“Fuck!!!!” she shouted when she throw away the phone angrily.

And then she quickly ran to Aaron who was already struggling to breathe again.

She holds his palms with her two hands “Aaron please stay with me”

“Nothing is going to happen to you I promise you that,” She said in tears as she torches his heart.

“Oh come on!” She said that she filled her heart and was aware that bad news might come up if she didn’t do something now.

“Okay, Aaron get up! get up!” She said to Aaron as she helped him get back to his feet.

Although she crossed his hand on her neck and used the other one of her hands to grab her waist.

That was the only way she was able to lift Aaron from the ground.

Although she really struggled while taking Aaron to the car.

Sometimes she almost falls down with him but always, manages to hold herself back.

Anna noticed that she is coming closer to Aaron’s car and she kindly left the front seat.

And entered the back seat where Juan can’t be able to notice her.

Although Juan was still struggling with Aaron when she reached out to Aaron’s car.

And she discovered that she doesn’t need to stress herself again to her own car.

She just has to use Aaron’s car and avoid the stress.

Besides Aaron is already breathing down slowly since she just has to save the time and save him as well.

So she kindly takes Aaron to the other side of the car and put him in the front seat.

And then she used the seat belt to hold him and then she went and entered the driver’s seat.

As she takes the lead in driving while Anna was just sitting inside quietly.

And it has not been long since they left, the hunters arrived.

With their dangerous attire and they tried a short black rope on their head.

When their car arrived at Juan’s compound they halts with force and four of them jumped out of the car immediately.

And as they are jumping out they are surrounding the house one after the other.

So that if there is anyone inside that house he will not be able to escape.

While surrounding the house the master of the hunters ordered one of them to go in and search.

And when he entered the house and searched everywhere.

In a minute he came out and told the master that nobody is inside that house.

And then the master looks around when he sighted Juan’s car.

With the type of eyes, he uses to look at the car the rest of the hunters point their guns and their arrows at the car.

Which they slowly went to check and nobody was found in that car.

And then the master slowly steps closer to the car and took out his guns as she shot and scattered the car leaving it with a mark all over its body.

And as he was looking at the car with an angry and annoying face.

His eyes mistakenly catch the steps of the car Juan used to drive Aaron Away.

He walks to the mark on the ground and bent down and stares at it as he opens his eyes glass.

And then torches the sand and looks at it in his hand as he smirks.

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Juan was seen when she drives into Josh’s house and quickly steps out of her car.

And she ran to the door and she knocks steadily at his door.

“Aaron! Aaron! are you there!” Juan shouted as she was knocking hurriedly with tears.

And the door was opened a few seconds later and it was Aaron.

“Hey, why are you banging on my door like that is everything okay?” Josh asked looking so furious.

And then Juan breathes down as she touches her heart.

“Am sorry that I… I was calling you, but you were not picking up my call”

“But please I need your help!” Juan said in a hurried voice which was making Josh look confused.

“Just come…. help me get him here,” She said as she drags him forward.

And take her to the car which Josh can’t believe what he saw.

“Holy shit! what’s this? you brought a dead body here?” Josh said out of surprise.

And then he hurriedly helped her out and get him out of the car as they gently keeps him on the ground.

“So… what do you bring a dead body to my home to do,” Josh asked Juan as he placed his two hands on his waist.

The word really annoyed Juan, calling someone she is trying to save sounds somehow to her.

“Stop calling him a dead body! he is not!” Juan yelled at him in an angry voice.

“Ewww!” Josh said as he nods his head and stares at Juan with funny eyes.

“Really?” Josh said as he raised Aaron’s hand and it fell down immediately.

“Are you being serious…? he is not a dead body right…? just take a look!” Josh said as he raised Aaron’s hand up again and it still fell down selflessly again.

“Josh stops it, that is not why am here! am…” Juan was still saying in tears but Josh interrupted.

“Hold on…” Josh said as he walks around Aaron and stares at him over and over again.

“Which of the cemetery did you bring this guy from…?” Josh said as Juan stares at him badly.

“Okay sorry, what happened to him and how may I help you”

Josh said and Juan started talking immediately.

“He has been chased by the hunters although he fought a werewolf the last time which made him be in this condition”

“He too is a werewolf… he needs the medicine you gave me the last time please”

“He is dying, he needs that medicine to survive,” Juan said and Josh stares at her for some seconds.

And then silently turned his back on her and Juan recognized that he is going to refuse.

“Josh please, he needs that medicine, please don’t say no to me…” Juan pleads with her knees on the ground.

Her eyes are already tired of tears and were rubbing her palms together begging him.

But it seems like Josh once had a conflict with Aaron before which made him turn his back on Juan.

So while Juan was begging him for his assistance he turned back and looks at her.

“Am sorry Juan…. but I can’t help him, that medicine remains a little” Josh said with a low voice as he waves his head.

And then Juan stands up from where he was kneeling and ran to fall on Joshua’s leg with tears.

“Josh please… maybe you can create another one later….” Juan suggested but Josh waves his head.

As he kindly removes Juan’s hand from his leg and then looks at her as he bent down.

“I can’t… I don’t know how to make it, if I can make it then…”

“While will I hesitate to give him…? you know me, am not that kind of person”

“And you know that every wolf is in danger now,” Aaron said as he takes a breath.

“And that was because of you, you made the hunters to realized that there are still werewolves in town,” Josh said.

But it is obvious that Juan did not get what he is saying.

She was just concerned about saving Aaron
“Yes I know am the cause”

“And that is while I came to beg you for this medicine please Josh” Juan continues pleading.

“How I wish my grandfather was still alive, I could have given him”

“But now if that little one finishes, there is no other way I can get another” Josh responded to Juan as he folds his hands.

“Josh please, alright a little please, so that he can at least hold himself”

“Alright I can pay you any amount you want, do you want money? car?”

“Just mention your price, name your price I will do it for you”

“Just help him please, help this innocent orphan I don’t want him to die,” Juan said kneeling down.

But josh stares at himself for some seconds and waves his head.

“Sorry Juan, there is nothing I can do for him, and am not willing to accept any prize, am sorry,” Josh said as he turns and enters back to his house.

And then Juan cried loudly as she rushes back to Aaron and put her head on top of his chest and his eyes were shut…

…..To Be Continued…

Whether Aaron is dead or not, true love matters.

Juan or Josh are not even safe as the hunters are on their way.

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