The wolf among us episode 15




Episode 15

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach


Juan ran to the backyard and covered her face with her hands as she was shading tears all around her face.

“Oh my gosh, what am I going to do right now?” Juan said to herself as she clasped her two hands.

It was really a strong decision for her to decide what to do.

“He still loves me so much and I still love him too”

“But why am I feeling so deferent, like why am I feeling this strange about going back to him” She said with tears.

Her eyes is already turning red, although she did not really care about herself.

Her hair was very rough but that is not her problem.

She keeps thinking of what to do but her mind keep telling her to move away from Aaron.

And just in she flashed back remembering that this is the same feeling she had the day she met him.

And she doubt herself about that, and where is she now?

They have left her with no sibling.

“Gosh… am just so confused right now” She said as she stands up from where she was sitting.

And then put her hands on her hair and roughs it more and more.

“Hope I shouldn’t take a decision that will make me to regret” She said as she was already moving up and down.

As she placed her two hands on her waist and the little bucket of flowers that was at the backyard.

The flower was actually blocking her way and she kicked it angrily.

“Ugh!” she screamed as it pains her leg and left her with a little injury.

But the bucket actually fell down and broke into two as she stares at the flowers.

It was her best flower not minding that Alice was the one that planted those flowers at the bucket.

Although she just sat sorrowfully at the ordinary ground folding her legs.

But then she noticed that something like shadow passed and she quickly looks front but saw nothing.

She looked closely but nothing like that repeated itself.

And then she concentrates back on her leg which was paining her so much.

She tries to touch it again when the same thing repeated.

It was just like a shadow, she can’t tell how exactly it looks.

But it is obvious to her now that, that is never an imagination.

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She stand up as she looks around but accidentally noticed the same shadow in a far away tree.

Although it was not that too far from her but she was wondering what it might be.

And she stares closely to the tree with her mouth opened.

And she saw the same shadow left its position for another again.

“What’s….?” She said with a low voice as she first of all went to check if Aaron has gone or not.

But then she noticed that Aaron’s car was still parked at her compound.

But that really gave her the full college to go close to the shadow to know what it is.

And then she started counting her steps forward as she was a little bit afraid.

But she was just stepping slowly and slowly as her eyes was so sharp.

She was staring around and was capturing everything going on.

And immediately she heard a noise at her back she turns to look back immediately as she was so frightened.

But appears to be the remaining sides of the bucket that was still hanging on top of the moulded cement that the flower was kept.

And then she breathes down as she puts her two hands on top of her chest.

And then continues moving forward, she just want to make sure that she knows this shadow that is jumping around.

And while getting closed a big werewolf jumper out from nowhere.

“Oh my Gosh!” she screamed as she falls down on the ground as she was using her hand to drag herself backwards while crawling on the ground.

She couldn’t believe what she saw as she was breathing heavily.

This wolf looks nothing but just like Aaron in wolf form.

Although it looks like Aaron’s wolf only in shape and stature.

The eyes are totally deferent, Aaron’s wolf has a glowing red eyes.

But this one has yellow but not glittering like Aaron’s wolf eyes.

It was just like normal eyes but the usual black spot is yellow.

Although she keeps moving backwards as the wolf keeps stepping closer.

The funny thing was that Juan still somehow thought that it was Aaron.

Because all her hope was that Aaron is the only wolf in town.

So she was moving backwards in fear while she was trying her best not to scream.

But not when she watched closely and saw the claws of this wolf as it comes out longer.

“Aaron stop it what are you doing!” She screamed with medium voice.

But the wolf keeps coming after her looking so serious.

“Aaron stop it you are scaring me!” she screamed louder.

And that become the moment Anna was trying to unbutton Aaron’s trouser.

But Aaron hold her hand immediately as he listens closely to hear Juan voice again.

Although to Aaron it was as if Juan was just watching them.

“Calm down okay, it was your imagination”

“Calm down so that I can give you a happy life again” Anna said as she puts Aaron back.

And Aaron rests back on his seat since the noise didn’t come again he believed that it was truly his imagination.

Not that Anna didn’t hear that voice of Juan, she heard it clearly and was also aware that, that very scream means that Juan is not okay.

But she is just so eager to create this bond that will hold her and Aaron together.

This bond that will make Aaron to love her and forget about Juan.

And this is the only time she has to accomplish that, she doesn’t need to mess it up.

“I love you so much” She whispered to him as she kissed his lips deeply while smooching his chest.

It was just a little bit for her to open Aaron’s trouser down when Juan screamed more louder.

And then Aaron pushed Anna away as he buttons his trouser back.

And then quickly opened the car and jumped out of the car and closed the door back.

He then heads straight to where the voice came from because he really heard it clearly this time around.

And then Anna angrily hits her hand on the chair as her plan has failed woefully.

Although she was supposed to ran out of the car with Aaron in other to check out what is wrong with her best friend Juan.

But it is obvious that she is hiding from her because she doesn’t want her to know her plans till it is done.


Although Aaron was seeing as he was running to the backyard while Calling on Juan.

“Juan! where are you! are you okay!?” Aaron screamed as he was running after her readily

Juan was at the ground when he heard the Scream of Aaron and then she looks at her back.

And Saw Aaron coming to rescue her but she was so wondered.

“So Aaron is not the wolf” she thought in her mind as she looks at him.

But then the werewolf is already closer to her as he was already stretching his hands to grab her.

But then the wolf saw Aaron coming in a sad way and he passed to stare at him.

And Juan stand up from where she was laying and running after Aaron.

Aaron was coming forward also when Juan spread her hands and when she reaches.

They hugs each other tightly as Juan shades tears and then looks at his innocent face again.

As she stares closely at his eyes and begins to see the truth immediately.

But then the wolf roared so loud and that was when Aaron noticed the existence of the wolf.

He too was so shocked to see another wolf in town, he thought that he is the only one on board.

“Go behind me!” Aaron whispered to Juan as she quickly did as he said as he faces the wolf.

And then Aaron bravely started stepping closer to the werewolf.

Although he is yet to discovered that he does not longer possessed the power of werewolf.

So he gently steps forward as he was breathing heavily and then the wolf stares closely at him.

“If you are that brave show your real self just like me” Aaron said to the werewolf as he clenched his fists.

And then the wolf acts like he is about to leave, he simply turns his back.

And was walking away when Aaron relaxed and stares at the wolf with a confused face.

As he looks back and saw Juan who was still at the back staring at them with tears on her eyes.

Although she was crying this time around because she is beginning to realize that she have offended Aaron.

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She is just noticing that this wolf might be the killer of her sister.

Even though it may not be this particular one but at least she has confirmed that there are more werewolves out there.

So while Aaron was staring at her emotionally she screamed.

“Aaron behind you!” she shouted as she was pointing at his back.

And then Aaron turns immediately but before he could turn finish.

He got a very bad attack from the werewolf as it uses the back of his hand and hits Aaron.

And that really moved Aaron up from the ground with force.

And finally ended up pinning him in a dry branch of tree, in dried wood.

It pierced into his body and blood was flushing out again.

“Ugh!!!!” Aaron screamed in pain as it hangs him over there.

“Oh my gosh…. Stay away from him!” Juan screamed as she picks up the pieces of the bucket that she yelled down and tried to use it to attack the wolf.

But then it appears like the wolf just felt like leaving them as he is nowhere to be found again.

And then Juan quickly throws away the pieces of bucket as she stares at Aaron who the dried brach of tree was already trying to tear him apart from his tommy.

Juan was looking at him in tears and then Aaron grabbed the branch of trees.

As he tries to change into a wolf in other for him to cut off the wood with his claws.

But it is not working, he tried over and over again but his eyes only grows red and went back on normal.

“It is not working!” Aaron said as tears ran out from his eyes as he was already breathing heavily.

He started struggling with death again.

“What do you mean it is not working!” Juan said in tears but she can see it that he is loosing it already.

The wood is causing more damage as he was dying up there and blood was rushing down.

“Oh my gosh…., somebody help!” Juan started calling for help as she has nothing to do in other to save him.

And sadly no one showed up.

….To Be Continued…

Aaron and pains, so bad.

Do you think Anna will run out.

What if the hunters are the ones to answer that call of help?