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The wolf among us episode 17




Episode 17

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

And then Juan cried loudly as she rushes back to Aaron and put her head on top of his chest and his eyes was shut down.

Why Josh left them behind but after spending a few minutes inside the house.

He came out with the medicine bottle in his hand and it was truly remaining a little.

“Oh thank you so much, thank you very much I really appreciate” Juan said as she cleans up her tears.

“Just doing it for you, you have been good to me” Josh said to Juan.

And then they slowly opens Aaron’s mouth and pour the medicine inside.

And in a few seconds his body started healing, all the injuries in his body was rearranging back to fresh.

It was just like a magic as he heals completely and was left with no wound on his body.

But then he hasn’t wake up and Juan was looking directly to his face.

But he did not in anyway looks like someone that will wake.

She then bends down and put her ear on top of his chest.

And just discovering that his heart is not beating and he is not breathing as well.

“Oh… come on Aaron” She said as she stands up and looks at josh with an innocent face.

“He is no longer breathing…” She said to Josh as she looks so restless.

Besides Josh as well, knows that the condition is very critical.

Juan too was just breathing like as if she just finished running hundred meters.

“Maybe….” Josh said and Juan looks at him as she grabs him in his shirt with her two hands.

“Maybe what…!?” Juan shouted at Josh as Josh smiles instead.

While she blinks her eyes as she stares at Josh some how.

Josh have been making a funny move since, giving out devilish smiles.

Why was he supposed to be laughing at this kind of situation?

“What’s funny to you…?” Juan asked Josh.

“Nothing, just trying to let you know that maybe he is finally death!” Josh said As Juan looks at Aaron.

She ran back to Aaron’s body and torches him as she stares badly at Josh.

“What have you done to him!” Juan shouted with a loud voice and in tears.

Which made Aaron to stare at her for some times.

As he raises his one finger and nods like three times.

“So…. what are you trying to say…?” Josh asked Juan who was already in tears.

And Juan was only waving her head while looking at Josh as she knows that something must have gone wrong.

“How could you…?” She asked with a low voice.

“What exactly have I done? I don’t get it…?” Josh responded to Juan.

“You know what you have done, what did you add in the medicine you gave him!” Juan shouted in angry voice as she points at him.

And then stand up and tried to step close to him but suddenly went back to Aaron.

As she started tapping and shaking him, calling him to wake up.

“Aaron please wake up…! come on…. come on…” She was saying in tears.

And Josh waves his head as he steps closer to Juan.

And then he bent down looking at Aaron who was laying lifeless at the ground.

“I wonder what you say that I have done to him? are you actually…”

“In any way saying like I poisoned him…? like you wanna change my good to Evil?” Josh asked as Juan pushes him away angrily.

“Get out! you slow poison! if you did not poison him then why the hell is he healing but the heart is not beating”

“You know what you have done to him! you are just trying to deceive me with the healing body” Juan replied.

And then Josh kindly stands up from the ground that he fell on.

As he dusts his hand silently.

“Hmm… so didn’t I tell you that he is dead already, come on Juan he had a serious injury”

“Just take a good look at his body, it was all wrapped up with bandage!”

“And you still expect him to survive it…? it is not possible” Josh was saying while Juan was busy crying.

She was touching his face and arranging his hair, hoping that he will wake very soon.

“Juan I bet that you should stop expecting something that can never happen to happen”

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“He is dea…” Josh was still saying but Juan interrupted him.

“Stop it! just Stop!” She shouted with her eyes closed.

And then she looks at Josh with a non smiling face.

“Josh please… I know that you are the one that did this!”

“Is there no other thing you can do to save him please….?” Juan begged.

And then Josh smiled as he waves his head again and put his hands inside his pocket.

“There is nothing else I can Do” He replied to Juan And Juan bent her head.

And slowly drops it in top of Aaron’s body as tears rolls down from her eyes.

Her heart is really halt because she is aware that she is the cause of all this.

If not for her, Aaron wouldn’t have been through all this pain.

After dropping her head on top of him for some seconds.

She then raised up her head and wiped off her tears with her right hand.

“Josh you are wicked…! you killed him!”

“At first you told that this medicine cures wolves instantly not kill them…” Juan said as Josh interrupted.

“Hesh…..” He said as he raised his index finger.

“Didn’t it cure him, I told you that it makes werewolf to heal their injuries quick”

“I never told you that it cures their heart when it is dead, and at first…”

“You brought him here dead, he wasn’t alive when you brought him Here”

“But this medicine tried by Managing to amend his skins…”

“Didn’t it heal his skin?” Aaron asked and Juan nods.

“Yeah, of course it did…. like this….? making him lifeless yes!” Juan said in a harsh voice referring at Aaron.

“What are you telling me!? you think that am a fool!”

“How can something heal his body and hill his heart!” Juan yells At Josh.

“Maybe his heart has gone beyond repair” Josh replied.

“You are wicked! Josh you are heartless! you will regret this I promise you that” Juan said with tears.

But then she started making an attempt to take Aaron back to the car.

So that she will be able to start looking for somewhere else to save him.

But it appears that all her powers was drained too, she couldn’t lift him.

She struggles and struggles with him while Josh was at the side watching her.

After Watching her for some moments he then steps closer to her.

“Juan I wonder why you are suffering yourself like this just because if this disaster friend of yours…” Josh said.

“Fuck you! get away from me….!” She said as she pushed him backwards.

“No matter how disaster he is, he is the best thing that have ever happened to me”

“Thinking that you can kill him? pray he doesn’t survives it because he will come for you” Juan said to Josh.

And then she continues trying to take Aaron inside the car.

But she was however using Aaron to sweep the ground in the name of carrying him.

And then Josh reached out to her “Let me help You…” He said.

“Get away from him bitch…!” Juan yelled at him as he holds.

“Juan stop stressing yourself, I hate seeing you crying and doing all this”

“Come to me, I have told you several times to come to me and let me take care of you”

“Am ready to give you the best, just forget about him and come to me” Aaron said and Juan kindly drops Aaron on the ground.

And paused for some seconds and then turned around with tears on her eyes.

As she waves her head while looking at Aaron, she couldn’t speak because of pain.

She can now understand that Josh really added something in the medicine.

Besides it might kindly not be the real medicine that he gave him.

While she stares at him for a few seconds with tears on her eyes, then she managed to speak.

“So…..” She said as tears flows down from her eyes unbearably as she steps closer.

“You actually did it just because of your selfish interest?” Juan said as Josh smirked.

And then steps closer to her as he licks his lips.

“What…” Juan said when she started noticing some funny moves from Josh.

She said as she started moving backwards as fear infiltrated her body.

But while she was trying to move backward Josh grabbed her hands and drag her backwards.

“No….! what are you doing! stay away from me!” Juan shouted

“Hmm…” Josh said as he takes a breathe.

“Stop making it to look as if am trying to force you, do what is right” Josh said in a cool voice.

But Juan however never wanted to hear any word from him.

“Stay away from me Josh!” she keeps shouting as she was dragging his hand off her.

“Calm down… calm down…” Josh said but Juan was never trying to pay a listening ear.

“Then so be it!” Josh said with a harsh voice as he drags her closer to himself with force and forced his lips to her.

As he grabs her head and kissed her but she bit his tongue.

“Ah!” He screamed and then grabbed her angrily as he tears off her clothes.

While Juan was busy trying to cover..

……To Be Continued…..

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