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The wolf among us episode 19




Episode 19

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“Get out of my car now!” Aaron screamed as his eyes glows red and Anna opened the door and jumped down.

And her eyes and Juan’s eyes met gbagam!

While Aaron closes his door and drives off.

Juan couldn’t believe what she is seeing.

“Excuse me…? is this dream or what…?” Juan said as she was gently stepping closer to Anna.

While Anna stares at her somehow as she smirked.

“You see, I have been trying to help him out since all this while”

“But…. um….” Anna said as she feels so confused as she scratches her head.

She didn’t know what to say, it was just like as if all the words in the world ran away from her.

While Juan waited to hear her out but she was not able to say anything again.

“Yes… But what….? you were saying something right?” Juan said to Anna while pointing at her.

And then Anna steps closer as she breathes heavily feeling so ashamed of herself.

She, first of all, looks at the ground and then faces Juan again.

“Juan… it was not what you are thinking…” Anna was saying this when Juan interrupted rudely.

“Shut the fuck up! what am I thinking?” Juan asked.

“Look… am telling you the truth, am just trying to help out there is nothing more”

“Do not let my good turn to bad okay?” Anna said as Juan folds her arms.

As she gives out a suspicious smile and started moving around Anna.

“So… Anna what were you helping him out with…?” Juan asked.

“Actually what am trying to explain… but you are not letting me,” Anna said as she flaps her shoulder.

And then used her right hand to torch her chest as she begins to explain.

“You see, am your best friend right? I wouldn’t want to do you bad okay?”

“I was only trying to advise Aaron to consider you…” Anna was saying but Juan interrupted again.

Because it is clear that she is lying, everyone can see that of course.

“Shut up! do you think that am a fool? you can deceive me like a dummy!”

“Anna….? Best friend….? I couldn’t believe this is you!”

“Now I know that no one is supposed to be trusted!” Juan said as she Waves her head.

But then it seems like her word is already annoying Anna.

While Josh was on the ground Watching the drama that is going on.

But he is as well kindly waiting for his turn as he is aware that Anna must have seen him trying to rape Juan.

“So… when I needed advice… I came to you, I asked for your opinion”

“You advise me to stay away from him? why didn’t you ask me to help him?”

“You…. so that you can save your stress of begging him to consider me”

“So you did all that just for you to go and help him…?”

“Like you plan to take over him and make me look like the bad one right?” Juan asked.

“But what matters is that I actually saved him, if not for me no one would have done that” Anna replied.

“And why didn’t you advise me to help him? you went on and do it yourself and made me hate him…!?”

“You turned me against him, you are so wicked!” Juan said but then Anna interrupted angrily.

“Enough, please! hold it right there, don’t bully me because you are foolish!” Anna said as Juan stares at her.

She couldn’t believe that Anna was the one talking to her in that way.

Since their friendship hood, she has never even said a rude word to her.

Not to talk of being this harsh at her, that means she is just discovering the real character of Anna.

And that means that Anna has been hiding her real identity all this while.

“You see… you saw a diamond you left it and expected another person not to pick it up?”

“If Aaron killed your sister, you should be happy then”

“If he kills more you should still be happy about that because there is nobody else like him,” Anna said.

While Juan was just looking at her like someone who has lost her sense.

And that is exactly what Juan was thinking in her mind.

With the kind of trash, Anna is saying it totally looks like she has lost it.

“You see let me tell you one thing, I love Aaron right from the day I saw him,” Anna said As Josh opens his eyes widely.

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He was just so surprised because he is just finding out that Anna have been deceiving him with a fake love for all this while.

He wanted to say something but he still managed to hold himself back again.

“See Juan let me tell you the truth, I can do anything to get Aaron to stand by my side”

“I can even kill you just to take him,” Anna said with a smirk.

“Then I will need to kill you now for all that you have done!” Josh interrupted with a deep voice.

As he angrily stands up from the ground as his eyes change to yellow.

And he transforms his right hand into a wolf form with the dangerous claws on it.

Anna looked at the claws and covers her mouth with her two hands.

Because she clearly recognized those claws, that is the claw that attacked her and Aaron at home.

This means that it must be a side thing to her that Josh is the one that killed her sister.

“Josh what the hell are you trying to say…?” Anna said with a smirk.

And she looks so fearless as she steps closer to Josh.

And looks directly at his face which means that he can’t do anything.

“And are you not the one I saw some minutes ago trying to rape Juan”

“Who knows how many people you have slept with both the ones you raped”

“Who knows how many they are and meanwhile you have been dating me! you are a cheat!” Anna said as she spites on his face.

While Josh bent his face as he paused for some seconds.

And then used his right hand to clean off his spites.

He badly stares at the fearless Anna who was boldly standing in his face.

“Fine… this what we have to do then, you will have to return everything I have given you”

“For peace to reign you will return them and go your way and then I will go mine,” Josh said trying to calm himself down.

And so as Juan was at the side watching the drama that was going on.

“You must be joking! after having me in your bed over and over again?”

“If you can return them then I will return all the things you bought for me!” Anna said as she tries to walk away.

And Josh dragged her backward with force as she grabs her neck and uses it to raise her up.

“You think that I came here to joke with you!” Josh said and Anna was struggling in his hand.

And Juan can see that she is already losing consciousness.

And it was like as if Josh just wanted to end her life once and for all.

Juan couldn’t hold it anymore looking at her friend why she dies.

“Josh what are you doing!” She screamed in a loud voice.

“Josh she is dying! did you plan on killing her?” Juan asked with surprise as she tries to go close to Josh.

But Josh stared at him badly with a yellow eyes and she moves backward.

And then he concentrated back on Anna while Juan quickly picked up a wood by her side.

And quickly landed it on his head, it was not enough to move him.

But it made him bend his head as he drops Anna immediately.

And Anna fell down as she was coughing and breathing in and out with force.

While Josh has already turned to Juan as he started walking close to her.

“Don’t… torch me, Aaron will come for you!” She was saying as she was moving backward.

★Audrey’s Home★

The beautiful home was added in a view and Audrey was the only one inside the compound.

She was just sitting all alone on top of a fruit tree as she was talking with her bird.

“Hey… sweetheart…” She said as she was smooching the bird.

Was softly romancing the bird’s furs ’cause it looks so beautiful in eyes.

She then caught the fruit in the tree and throw it away.

Although it was a small unripe pear that she caught and throw away.

“Go get it for me!” She whispered to the bird and the bird flew to the pear.

And bring it back using his mouth “Wow… nice of you” She said as she taps the bird on his head.

And then Aaron’s car drives into the compound and stops.

Audrey recognized that the car is hers but she was wondering who is inside.

And to her greatest surprise, Aaron stepped out of the car.

“Aaron… you came back…?” She asked as the bird flies out of her hand.

And went to land, on Aaron’s shoulders while Aaron stares at it with a smile.

And then looks up to Audrey.

“Yes mother I came back” He answered as tears almost ran out of Audrey’s eyes.

She just filled what it is when someone has been called a mother.

Lines of tears flows down from her eyes and Aaron kindly went to console her.

“It is okay… am here now… am not going anywhere,” Aaron said to her as he cleans up her tears.

“This is my home, have been homeless for years now,” Aaron said as Audrey looks at his face.

“And am glad that I found one now,” Aaron said.

“What, happened to your parents?” Audrey asked.

“I don’t know, all I can say is that I don’t know,” Aaron said to Audrey.

And that is the truth, he doesn’t know, he is only told by people that his parents died when he was a kid.

He doesn’t know what happened or how it happened.

“Am sorry…” Audrey said and Aaron nods.

“But do you know what’s this?” Aaron asked as he brings out the medicine bottle.

Audrey collected it and stares at it for some seconds and waves her head.

“No, where did you get this from? what’s it?” Audrey asked.

“You didn’t see my body? I must say” Aaron said and then Audrey’s eyes reached Aaron’s body.

“Wow… you mean this medicine did it?” Audrey asked and Aaron nods.

“It was made from herbs, the person that gave it to me was complaining that I finished it”

“And he can not be able to make a new one so I was wondering…”

“If you can check on this and discover the herbs used to make It”

“So that you will be able to make another one for us, and this time around”

“Make it very big so that I can give that guy his portion Back” Aaron requested.

And Audrey nods “Yes, of course, I can do it,” Audrey said as she ran inside with the bottle and Aaron ran in after her.


Josh was seen as she was already grabbing Juan by his neck.

Juan was screaming and Anna was sitting on the ground watching her as she was struggling in Josh’s hands.

Anna then stands up and picks up her stick as she tries to step closer to Josh.

But she suddenly stopped and started running away instead of helping Juan.

And in a second Juan lost consciousness on Josh’s hand and Josh dropped her down immediately.

And turns to see Anna running, he tried to chase her but both of them stopped when a black car ran into the compound.

And halted at the side as the hunters jumped out of the car immediately.

And that becomes when Josh noticed that it was them.

He tried to run but they shot him in the leg immediately.

“Ah!” He screamed while Juan was laying lifeless on the ground.

. . . . .To . . . .Be. . . . Continued.

Juan dead??

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