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The wolf among us episode 2




Episode 2

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

★The GardNers Highschool★

An elegant mansion was put in view, although it was fenced.

And there are many buildings inside the fence, and one of them was just very high.

And the highest of them get a written on top of the building.

“The GardNer’s High School” Was the word written down very bold with a gold color at the top of the building.

And the Gold color was glittering so brightly as it was reflecting over the morning sun.

And so as the environment was shown as it was well decorated with flowers.

And there is a very little beautiful round garden at the center of the school compound.

There was an apple and other fruit trees planted in the garden and it looks so nourishing.

There is a massive population coming inside the compound which is the students.

In a short time, Aaron was placed in view as he was among the people that are walking into the school compound.

Although he run directly to his classroom where he sat gently and started reviewing his book.

Although he was feeling so sleepy, he couldn’t concentrate on what he was reading.

And that must have been because he had no time or a place to sleep yesterday night.

And he might have been leaping around the forest till daybreak.

He yawned as he looks so weak and sleepy and then the next thing he did was to rest his head on top of his desk and slept off.

He was asleep when the class started and that was when the teacher noticed him.

He was still asleep when he felt the hand that torched while calling his name at the same time.

He raised up his face as he yawned again and then clean up his eyes.

And then realized that everyone was looking at him, he looked very well and it is his teacher that is by his side.

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“Aaron, why are you sleeping during the class period?” The teacher asked but Aaron did not answer her.

He used his right hand to cover his eyes for some seconds and then placed it on his jaw.

As he rests his head on top of his jaw, and then the teacher realized that Aaron is not okay.

“Aaron, are you sure that you are fine? is there anything you would like to let me know?” The teacher asked.

But Aaron takes a deep breath as if he is about to say something.

But ended up saying nothing, and then the teacher sighed as he shifts closer to him.

“Please if there is anything you would want to let me know”

“You can come to my office let’s talk about it” The Teacher whispered to him and then continued with the class.

But while he was teaching he was noticing that Aaron is not himself.

He does not in any way look like he is concentrated on the teaching.

And meanwhile, Aaron was restless because of the word he used against Juan.

He was just feeling so guilty since yesterday after saying that to her.

Well, in a few minutes they are done with their class.

Everyone left the class, remaining Aaron and the teacher.

“Aaron I wanna see you in my office,” the teacher said and left the classroom.

And then Aaron followed her to her office.

“Have a sit” She offered Aaron and then he sat down gently.

“Aaron I noticed that you are not okay today, you can tell me what it is?” Teacher requested.

And Aaron waves his head “Am sorry but I can’t tell you”

“Why?” the teacher asked.

“Because you won’t hesitate to hate me, but I know I will be fine” Aaron replied as the teacher stares at him.

“I won’t hesitate to hate you? Aaron can I ever think of hating you” The teacher said as she shift her chair closer.

“No matter how bad it is, a problem shared is a problem solved, maybe I can do something about it?” The teacher replied.

“If I share this one, it will terminate me, need to be hidden” Aaron responded.

“Okay, where are your parents, can you let them know that they are invited so I can talk to them as well” the teacher requested as she clasps her two hands.

“So do I have parents?” Aaron asked which left the teacher staring at him.

Aaron was an Orphan, he was only admitted to the school with the help of Juan.

“An Orphan has no parents” Aaron added.

“What really happened?” The teacher asked as she waves her head.

And Aaron flashed back and started remembering the day he met Juan instead.

It was almost like yesterday when he saved her sister Alice.

He saved Juan in the bush when she was being chased by the wild creatures.

Although Aaron was living with his uncle before.

But he left home the day they found out that he is a werewolf and they went to call the hunters for him.

And he managed to escape from them and that same day he met Juan in the bush battling with the wilds.

He saved her and requested a favor from her, and that was how he was saved by her.

She took him home where she started treating her like he is part of her family.

Although he remembered all that but couldn’t remember how he lost his parents.

And that was because his parents died the day they gave birth to him.

And they were said to be killed by the werewolf he bestowed him his werewolf powers that full moon.

And that may be the reason he is not always himself anytime he is in wolf form.

“Aaron! are you there?” The teacher called on Aaron who looks like he was lost and then Aaron stares at her with one eye.

“You still don’t wanna tell me what happened to your family?” the teacher asked and Aaron nods as he was scrapping the table with his fingernail.

“Okay, can you call your guidance for m…” The teacher was still saying but Aaron interrupted.

“I lost them too, am alone now,” Aaron said to the teacher and the teacher stares at him and felt emotional pity for him.

“Okay there is no problem, you can go,” The teacher said sounding like she is angry.

And Aaron stand up from his seat and was walking away when the teacher called him.

“Aaron?” the teacher called him and he looked back at the teacher.

“Don’t forget that am still free for you whenever you feel like you need help” The teacher said and Aaron nods and left the office.

Aaron went outside and sat under a flowering tree as he keeps staring at the beautiful flowers at the compound.

Seconds later Juan was seen as she was stepping out of the building and directly walking to Aaron.

Aaron noticed her but acted like he didn’t see her coming.

“Perhaps you were waiting for me,” Juan said to Aaron when she reached out.

While Aaron was busy romancing the flowers that were close to him with his fingers.

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“What if I was not?” Aaron asked without looking at her face.

“Well, but you are,” Juan said as she sat closer to him and stares at his face.

She didn’t know where to start apologizing to him about yesterday’s incident.

“Aaron…? I hope you slept well last night?” Juan asked and Aaron stares at her.

“Am sure that you should have known that I didn’t sleep throughout the night” Aaron responded.

“Aaron look at me, am sorry….” Juan said as she turns Aaron face to face her and then placed her two hands on his cheeks

“It doesn’t matter if you are sorry or not,” Aaron said as he removes her hand from his cheeks.

“So how is she now? did they come back for her?” Aaron asked.

“Yea they came back for her at the night” Juan replied.

“And how did you guys manage to escape?” Aaron asked as he folds his hand.

“The police saved us, you need to see the way Alice was calling on you to help,” Juan said with a smirk.

“Oh seriously? and I hope she is not injured?” Aaron asked.

“So she is not, she is okay, she came to school with me, only our house was destroyed” Juan replied with a bad look on her face.

“Everything?!” Aaron asked out of surprise with his eyes widely open.

“No not everything, doors and other things inside the house were destroyed” Juan replied.

“Hmm….” Aaron said as he looks down for some seconds and raised his head again.

“Who are those guys coming after her, what has she done to them?” Aaron requested to know.

“Those guys are the black Fairy” Juan replied.

“Who are they? and what deal do they have with Alice?” Aaron asked.

“It is a group created by the school deviants she went to sign up a deal with them”

“A deal that she can’t afford,” Juan said to Aaron.

“What deal is that?” Aaron asked as he looks directly at Juan.

“Well…” Juan said as she swallowed her saliva.

“I don’t know, she has refused to speak up about the deal she sighed with them,” Juan said.

“And why is she just so bothered about me instead of the people after her?” Aaron asked as he flushes his hair backward.

“Those guys are hard to find, they look like they are invincible” Juan replied.

“What do you mean by they are hard to find?” Aaron replied as he put his hands in his pockets.

“She has reported those guys to the police, but even up till today, they have not been found” Juan replied.

“How is that possible?” Aaron asked surprisingly as he started walking away.

“I too am surprised as well, they can only be seen when they came for attack,” Juan said as she walks after Aaron.

“Aaron where are you going again? please stop the funny move!”

“You still want to make yourself homeless today again!?” Juan said but Aaron keep moving without interjecting with her.

“Aaron! Aaron, please stop! stop please!” Juan said as she blocked his way from moving on.

“Please where are you going again?” Juan asked but Aaron keeps staring at her without uttering a word.

“Aaron am really sorry, please let’s go back home…” Juan said as she kneels.

“Hey… please stop that,” Aaron said as he quickly drags her up.

“Why do you have to keep begging even when you know that you are not at fault?” Aaron asked Juan.

“Because I can’t afford to lose you, look at me Aaron,” Juan said as she placed her right hand on his cheek.

“I really love you… and am ready to be there for you no matter how the situation looks” Juan said as Aaron used his two fingers and arranged her hair for her.

Aaron felt so guilty of himself about the way he has been treating Juan since yesterday.

If she has this type of love for him then why must he not do whatsoever she needs for her, as far as it is what he is capable of doing?

“Juan am really sorry, am not meant to be harsh to you,” Aaron said as he breathes out.

“Am very sorry for making use of hate words against you yesterday” Aaron said as a smile ran over Juan’s face.

Although she was never expecting such romantic words from Aaron.

She never thought that he will apologize to her, Juan was so happy that line of tears ran out from her eyes.

And Aaron cleaned her tears up immediately with his thumbs.

“Am very sorry please, I promise that it won’t happen again, will you forgive me?” Aaron begged.

“Oh yes I have forgiven you,” Juan said as she grabbed his head and kissed him deeply.

“It is alright, Aaron, you did nothing wrong,” Juan said as Aaron breathes in and out.

“What you did yesterday was what anyone who is in your shoes would do”

“I know you were really angered, but it is okay, am always here for you,” Juan said as she was smooching Aaron’s cheeks softly.

“Thank you for always being here with me,” Aaron said.

“It is okay, don’t bother about your safety, you are safe with me”

“I have spoken to Alice about this, she promised to stay away,” Juan said as she tries to kiss Aaron again.

And then she sighted Alice coming towards them with a none smiling face

….To Be Continued…

So Alice will come and disgrace Juan now and make the issue between her and Aaron tough again?

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