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The wolf among us episode 20




Episode 20

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“Ah!” Josh shouted when the hunters shot him as he then started crawling backward with help of his hand.

But suddenly he fell asleep immediately and then the hunters cocked their guns and pointed at Anna.

“Hey!!!!” Anna screamed as she raises up her two hands in fear.

And then she started moving backward as the hunters keep stepping closer.

“Alright… Alright… I can tell you where he is” she said with a fearful look on her face.

And then the hunter paused from moving forward and their car opened.

The boss stepped out of the car and, first of all, removes his eyeglass.

And then stares around the whole environment and wears his eyes glass back.

And gently walk to Josh where he was laying sleepy.

But then his eyes met on Juan who was laying a little bit away from Josh.

He stares at her for some minutes as he takes a heavy breath.

And then he steps closer to her where she was laying as he bent down.

And removed his eyes and looks at her very well and touches her head to know how she is feeling.

But after torching her head he waved his head and stares at the guy that was aiming his gun at Anna.

“We got something better so get rid of her,” The master said to the guy and he nods.

And then cocks his gun once again and aims it very well at Anna.

“No…” She was about to start shouting but the guy already shot her in her right arm.

“Ah…” She screamed as she stares at where she was shot.

And it was something like chemicals and it is obvious that it must be a sleeping medicine.

Which she didn’t stay up to five seconds when she fall asleep.

She started sleeping and then one of the hunters went to the car and bring out a rope.

Which they used and tied all of them up except the dead Juan.

After tying them they carried them into the car’s boot and locked it.

And then drive away with force, heading straight to their residence as they have already gotten something that must attract Aaron back to their home.

Even if Aaron didn’t show up, at least they have caught another werewolf to kill.

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★Fruits Forest★

Aaron was shown as he was looking at Audrey inside the house.

While there was different kind of herbal leaves at Audrey’s side.

“Now, these are the herbs that I investigated that it was used to make the medicine”

Audrey said to Aaron as she points those leaves at her side.

And then Aaron torches the leaves as he picks them up and stares at them somehow.

Which made Audrey look at him too because the way he was staring at that herb looked somehow.

“Hmm,” He groaned as he keeps the herbs back and looks at Audrey again.

“That’s good, now can you make the herbs and how long is it gonna take?” Aaron asked as he looks at the wall clock.

Audrey looks at the wall clock too and looks at Aaron as she flaps her shoulders.

“Well… as long as it can take me to add the herbs together”

“And that’s after I must have turned it to liquid,” Audrey said as she picks up the leaves in other to get back to work.

“Okay… be fast about it,” Aaron said as he finds a seat and sat down.

But Audrey stares at him again and was discovering that he is making a sudden move that is not clear.

He is behaving like someone who is not really himself and she has been noticing that since he came back.

“Aaron are you okay….?” Audrey asked as she steps closer with a suspectable look on her face.

“Yah? yeah am fine?” Aaron answered as he folds his arms looking at Audrey.

Audrey keeps staring at him as if there is drama playing in his face.

“What… ?” Aaron asked and then Audrey looks away.

“Umm… nothing actually… just…. nothing,” Audrey said as she tries to walk Away.

But then she paused again and looks up at Aaron again.

“Are you sure that you Don’t Want anything?” Audrey asked repeatedly.

And then Aaron breathes out heavily and stares at her for a few seconds.

“Of course am okay… am fine… come on what’s it? are you okay?”

“I mean why all this question?” Aaron asked and then Audrey pretended like nothing actually happened.

“Nothing, just taking time to know if you… but don’t mind” Audrey said as she steps away.

While Aaron looks at her somehow with one of his eyes widely opened.

Aaron started swiveling his chair around, Although it is a rotatable chair.

In a minute, Audrey came out with a cup of another herbal medicine in her hand.

“Oh wow…” Aaron said as he stands up from where he was sitting and stepped closer to her.

He puts his two hands on his back as he was reaching her.

“So fast… so the herb is done right now?” Aaron asked with a smile on his face.

“No no no, this is not it, actually am still coming about that one”

“But I made this one specifically for you,” Audrey said as she hands over the herbal drink to him.

He first of all stares at her like a kid and then collected the medicine and stares at it.

“Hmm, this is so greenish,” Aaron said as he started shaking the medicine on the cup.

“Yeah it is, just drink it Okay,” Audrey said as she was looking at him somehow.

Because it is almost like he is trying to throw away the drink.

“So if I may ask, what’s this one about?” Aaron asked as he looks at the medicine again.

Besides, he posed his nose inside the medicine just for him to see if he can scent the smells of medicine.

“It is just to help and make you stronger and as well restore your heart stronger,” Audrey said to him.

And then he looks up again with his face looking bad.

“Yeah… is that why it scents so bitter,” Aaron said as he looks at her.

“Yeah….” Audrey said as she nods and was also using her hand to demonstrate to him to drink the medicine.

Aaron looks at her for some time and then closed his eyes and turned all the medicine inside his mouth.

He drank it all at once as he licks his lips and hands over the cup back to Audrey.

Audrey collected the cup and keeps it on top of the table as she breathes in and out.

“Okay have a seat…” Audrey said as she quickly helps him and sat him down.

While she walks to the corner where she stayed and was looking at Aaron.

While Aaron paused for some seconds without moving any parts of his body.

His red eyes glow slowly and slowly return to their normal eyes.

As he closes his eyes and uses his two hands to cover his head as he groans.

“Uh….” He groans and then Audrey rushed him to torch him in other to know how he is feeling.

However, she was so happy that Aaron has come back to his right senses.

She knew that right from the immediate time she set her eyes on him.

She knew that he was not truly getting himself and that is why she prepared something for him to drink.

Aaron opened his eyes as he looks around and looks at Audrey.

And then he quietly stands up and looks around again.

“Where are the others?” Aaron asked.

“You came back alone Aaron,” Audrey said to him and his mind quickly reflected on how he left Juan and co others.

“Shit!” He said as he opens the door with force and ran into the car.

“Aaron Wait… Wait…” Audrey was still calling on his name but he never minded.

He drives away heading forward to Josh’s home right Away.


★Josh’s Home★

Josh’s compound was well added in view, the place looks so dry and quiet.

And no one was there, only Juan’s left slippers were there and nothing else.

Aaron’s car drives into the compound with force and halts with force as clouds of dust fly around.

And then he opened the door and hopped out of the car.

Everywhere goes so silent in his ear but in his eyes, he can see that something is fishy.

However, he first of all ran to Josh’s door and started knocking on it.

“Anyone here? hello….? who is here….? Josh….? Juan…? are you guys over there?”

Aaron shouts as he was knocking on the door over and over again.

But no one showed up and then he stares around as he steps out of the house.

He saw Juan’s slippers on the ground, he looks at them as he stepped closer to them.

And bent down as he picks it up and then knew that something is not just okay at all.

So he was wondering what could have happened to them when he saw the lines of the tires of the hunters.

He slowly bent down and looks at it very well for a second.

“No!” He screamed and hurried into his car as he have already discovered that the hunters have came to arrest them.

“Fuck! how do I get them now!” Aaron said as he hits his fits on his steering thinking of what to do.

He is supposed to drive back to the mountain of the hunters to save them.

But the truth is that he doesn’t know the way to the mountain.

He has been there but in a cage and has escaped but with two eyes closed inside a car.

“Okay… let me see if she can help,” Aron said when he remembered Teacher Emma.

Which is the best and only option he has to locate the hunters?

Teacher Emma is the only one who can tell him the way for now.

So he quickly starts his car and reversed at once which means that he applied enough force.

And when he must have turned her head straight to Emma’s home.


★Emma’s Home★

Aaron’s car was shown as it drives into the compound and halts with force.

Aaron jumped out of the car immediately and it looks like as if he called her.

Because immediately he was stepping out Emma stepped out of her house.

She wonders what it might be this time although all her thoughts were that Juan rejected him and that is why he came to see if she can assist.

“Aaron so did she not accept… why is your face looking so bittered?” Emma asked.

“Teacher forget about that. please I need your help” Aaron said.

“What’s it again?” Teacher Emma asked.

“Please can you follow me to show me the way to that hunter’s home,” Aaron said as Emma stares at him somehow.

It all sounds like he was joking because his planning to visit the hunters back is like planning for his funeral.

Because there is no way he is going to escape them again.

“Aaron don’t tell me that you wanna go back to the place?”

“Come on you managed to survive the last time, if you go there now you can never make it out alive Aaron”

“You are mainly the best target for those hunters,” Emma said almost in tears pleading and begging Aaron not to visit the hunters again.

“I know that it is dangerous for me, I personally know that”

“But I have no other choice, they have Juan,” Aaron said.

“Juan…? How…?” Emma reacted out of shock because at first Juan was the one that invited them.

Why then would they arrest her again when she invited them?

“Okay, believe me, Aaron, Juan must surely be safe I bet that this is a trick to get you”

“Besides Aaron am sorry but I have a fiancé at home, I can’t leave him behind”

“Sorry, but I cannot help this time around” Emma concluded.

….To… Be… Continued…

Aaron calling at pain again…

Hope this guy will not die one day ooh

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