The wolf among us episode 21




Episode 21

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

Aaron was still pleading with Emma almost with tears in his eyes.

“Emma please, you have to lead me to that place, I have to save them”

“If at all you don’t want to show me but please because of Juan or at least Anna as well”

Aaron please with his palms joined together while Emma breathes in and out.

And then stares at him steadily she then closes her eyes for some seconds and then opens them again.

“Honey! honey!” A voice sounds from inside the house.

And Emma quickly looked back with shock as she stares at Aaron.

“What…?” Aaron asked.

And Emma waves her head.

“Am very sorry Aaron but I can not grant you what you are begging for”

“I can assure you that the ones that have been kidnapped are already dead”

Emma said as she breathes in and then steps closer to him.

And torch Aaron’s shoulder softly.

“It is either they are dead or they are kept to use to get you”

“But I can’t let that happen,” Emma said as tears rolls down from her eyes.

And then she turned her back on Aaron and looked at Aaron again.

“Am sorry once again but I can’t help” She concluded and tried to walk away.

But Aaron grabbed her in her hand stopping her from moving away.

And then he walks to her face and knees before her.

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“Please Emma just do this for me and I promise that I will never disturb you aga….”

Aaron was still saying but Emma interrupted with a heavy voice.

“Aaron I can’t!” she screamed in a loud voice and went silent for a second.

She calmed herself down and looked at Aaron and then started talking to him in a low voice.

“Aaron this is not a matter of you disturbing me, I don’t care about the disturb”

Emma said as she takes a breath and then grabbed Aaron’s two hands.

“As I have said before, you can count on me whenever you need anything”

“I can give it to you as far as it is you, am talking about your own safety….” She was still saying.

But Aaron interrupted with a harsh voice also as he removes his hands from Emma’s own.

“Forget about my own safety! am going to be okay which I have promised you”

“What I cannot do is stay here!” Aaron shouted as he points at the ground.

“I can’t stay here and watch my love ones die in the hands of those vipers,” Aaron said with a loud voice.

While Emma looks at her with an innocent face and then she waves her head.

“So be it then, do whatever you feel like doing”

“Go where ever you feel like going but one thing you must know is that”

Emma said pointing at Aaron as she steps more closer to him silently.

“One thing you must know is that I will never tell you the way for you to locate the hunters”

“Because I cannot stand and answer the one that showed you the way that lead to your death”

“Because am afraid that you are going to die Aaron” Emma advice and started walking away to enter her house.

While Aaron placed his two hands on his waist looking at her as she was walking away.

“Yeah! you are afraid right!?” Aaron shouted to her but she did not mind.

She kept on moving away without looking back and by the way she has already gotten to her house.

It was just a few steps forward for her to open the door and stepped into the house when Aaron made a very bad statement.

“You keep being afraid even in your own home, you are always afraid!” Aaron shouted to her.

Emma heard this word very clearly and she paused from opening her door.

And then looks back with a painful look on her face to understand what exactly Aaron is trying to say.

“Yeah…? you are shocked…?” Aaron asked as he points at her and then takes a breath.

Slowly he walks closer to her again with a painful smile on his face.

“You think I didn’t notice that? why are you always afraid?” Aaron asked.

While Emma keeps looking at him confusedly because she doesn’t really understand what he is trying to say.

His words are so confusing because Emma does not really relate to anything that has to do with what he is saying.

Like always being afraid of what exactly?

” Sorry…” Emma said as she completely turned and faced him.

And then she folds her arms looking at him somehow.

“I don’t get the whole thing, please Aaron what are you trying to say?”

“Are you… somehow….?” Emma said as she takes a deep breath and looks at the ground.

And then looks up again.

“Are you in any way trying to mock me or what?” Emma asked.

While Aaron silently waves his head with a serious look on his face.

“Am not, and am never gonna try such but am just trying to tell you the fact” Aaron replied.

And then Emma nods and looks at him eyes ball to eyes ball.

“What fact?” Emma asked.

“You are being too much afraid which is very bad” Aaron replied.

While Emma smiles as she looks at the ground and then looks up again, and arranged her long hair backward.

“Being afraid of trying to save you?” Emma asked.

While Aaron waves his head too

“No, that was never what am trying to say” Aaron replied.

“Then what are you trying to say,” Emma said with a harsh voice pointing at him.

“Am trying to say that you are afraid to even in your own family”

“Because I think your husband called you some minutes ago?”

“And you replied with a shock, just because you heard the voice of your…” Aaron was still saying but Emma replied.

“Shut the fuck, Aaron! you know nothing about me!”

“That voice is the neighbor’s voice!” Emma screamed in a very loud voice.

Which left Aaron looking at her in a surprised and pitiful way.

“Am being afraid right? am being afraid and I took the highest risk of my life!”

“And went to the hunter’s residents just because of you!”

Emma yells at him as she points at him angrily and madly.

And then she covers her mouth with her left hand as she waves her head looking at Aaron.

She never knew that Aaron will say such to her any day.

She was so weak and tired that she doesn’t know what to say.

She turned silently to walk away but suddenly turned back to meet up with him.

“But I have seen your true color, I can see that you are a very delightful Ingrate!” Emma said to Aaron and turns and walked away to inside her house.

While Aaron was just staring at her steadily without acting or saying anything.

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Although he felt guilty about what he said, he knew he was wrong in saying that after all.

And he knew that he has really hurt Emma the way he was supposed not to.

He was stranded at the moment, he doesn’t know if it is to leave Emma’s case behind.

And then ran forward to save the others whose lives are endangered.

Or stay here and keep apologizing to Emma in other to attract her to show him the way.

He was just so stranded that he stand still in the middle of the compound thinking of what to do.

But he came to think of what to do and he realized that there are nobody else that could take him to the hunter’s garden.

He could have run to Anna for help but Anna was among the ones that were kidnapped.

Or even Josh, but all the people that are supposed to have an idea of the hunter’s home are all kidnapped.

So he actually has no other choice than to keep begging Emma.

So he kindly walks to the Emma’s door and knocks on the door steadily.

“Hello… please am sorry for what I said, it was a mistake”

“Please can you open the door sorry… and I as well have something that I want to discuss with you”

“Something very very important please,” Aaron said repeatedly as he keeps knocking.

But no matter how he keeps knocking and no matter how his knock was heavy.

Nobody showed up to open the door for him and then he stopped and turned to walk away.

However, after taking a few steps forward and trying to walk away he turned and returned…

And then tried to open the door and easily the door was opened.

Then he saw Emma sitting inside the parlor silently.

And he kindly stepped in without taking an excuse from her.

When he stepped in he take a seat and sat down gently.

“I have been knocking and you refused to answer why?” Aaron asked but receives no reply.

He was about to say something again but the sound of the door shut him up.

So he stares at the door just to find out that the door locked itself.

He was so surprised and wondered how it get to be so.

And not that the house is a smart house or something else.

So he turned to look at Emma in other to ask her what was wrong.

But to his greatest surprise, he saw Emma pointing a gun at him.

And that gun looks like exactly like that of the hunters.

“Wey! Wey! What’s wrong with you!” Aaron screamed with his two hands lifted.

But he can see how serious Emma was.