The wolf among us episode 25




Episode 25

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“You wouldn’t like yourself if you ever dares to harm me” Anna keeps saying as she was moving backward.

But then the hunter have already pulled his trouser and pull out his d!ck in her face.

But then she turns and tried to run but suddenly hold up as she discovers that she is at the end of the peak of the mountain.

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The only thing she saw was a deep Valley which she can’t afford to jump into.

And she was really very far up in the sky, it is sure that she must end up breaking her head or any part of her body if she tries so

But that is if at all she appears to be alive.

So she held break and just for her to turn and look at her back.

“Gosh” she said when she discovers that the hunter is already closed to her it was just for him to grab her.

But she just don’t want to have anything with the hunter just because if the love she has for Aaron.

“Am sorry!” she whispered in a low voice as she leaves herself and started falling down from the mountain.

“No!” the hunter screamed as he dived at her

But just as she was falling the hunter jumped along and grab her on her hand while he used the other hand to grab the tree.

Which made the both of them life to be riskier at the moment.

The tree which the hunter was grabbing will be broken down soon.

So the hunter was groaning heavily as he looks down and saw Anna looking at him with smiles.

And them she stylishly stares at his balls and then the hunter looks up and waves his head

Because he is aware of the kind of action which Anna will be trying to take.

“Instead of you to live and I die?”

“Then it is better that both of us will die!” she said with a thunderous voice.

While she smiled as she quickly tried to grab the hunter on his balls.

But she did not know that the hunter is already calculating for her.

So just as her hand was coming closer to his ball he fling her back at the peak of the mountain.

“No!” Anna screamed as she land back at the mountain hitting her leg on the rock.

“Ugh….” She screamed in pain as she was facing the ground and was actually laying on top of the ground.

As she was groaning in pain she grabbed the little stones on the ground with her two hands.

But later released it and then turned to look up and saw that she was badly injured on her leg.

Her face too has an injury which she used her right hand to touch.

And really filled the pain as she checks her hand and saw that it was filled with blood.

But as she saw the hunter coming forward with his black eyes she tried to gain some strength to start running.

But she is now weak, she does no longer have the power to run.

But she keeps attempting as she was moving backwards as she was crawling at the ground while groaning in pain.

But then the hunter blew a flute with his hand and two other hunters should up.

“Hold her for me!” the master commanded in angry voice.

Which they did exactly as he ordered by grabbing her both hands and legs.

So when the Master get closed he just pulled out her cloth with force.

And without Romancing her he went to the back and bent her.

Which the other hunters assisted him in bending Anna.

“Gett off me!” Anna was screaming in anger as her eyes was filled up with tears.

She was really trying to get away from them but she obviously can’t.

Not even now that she has been held with two hands.

Without wasting time the hunter tore up her pa**t and inserted his big snake inside her hole.

Which made Anna to give out a hard moan and then the hunter started pushing in and out.

“Aash!” Anna screamed really hard because of the kind of force the hunter is using.

And as the hunter keeps doing it she started giving out a soft moan.

It was like as if she is now enjoying it and her facial expressions have changed from bad to good.

But then her own eyes started switching to black eyes.

It was just like as if the hunter is planting one dangerous seed in her.

So as he keeps firing her eyes keeps getting darker like his.

While then the other hunters freed her from their hands and she made no attempt like running away or something similar.

Then the Master grabbed her on her waist and did it for a while and then pulled his d**k out as he walks away.

And it was like as of something left Anna’s body which made her to fall at the ground as she continues moaning.

The other hunters left her at the ground too and walk away.

While the master reached out to his trouser and wore it.

And then located one covered place at the under tree and sat there calmly while they keep waiting to hear from Aaron.

While he was sitting there for a few minutes passes by.

Anna was shown as she stepped into the area and was donned in black.

She was in the same attire with them her eyes are now black.

She was obviously out of human, as her behavior got changed.

So when she stepped into this place the master stand up from where he was sitting and bowed for her.

And then she silently sat down at the same spot where the hunter was sitting.

And then the hunters master rised up from his knees and sat besides her.

While she was sitting silent and was never ready to utter a word.

It seems that the gems of the hunters is still roaming over her body.

Besides Juan and Josh was seen as they were inside the cage.

Josh was sitting on the ground while he relaxes his body on the cage.

He seems not to be worried about anything because all his thought was that his end is near.

So he thinks that there is no need of panicking anymore.

While Juan was shown to be restless as she was walking up and down the cage.

And ended up punching her hand on the cage angrily.

“Aaah!” She screamed in pain as she used her left hand to grab the right one which she used to punch the cage.

While Josh slowly looks up to her as he waves his head.

“Juan you look so bothered….” Josh said and Juan interrupted immediately.

“And why wouldn’t I be so bothered, you are here and they took Anna away!”

Juan said with a loud voice pointing at the exit way of the cage.

But why she said that Josh looks away and started touching the iron used to make the cage.

He seems not to bother about any one not to talk of Anna.

“Fine… I know you wouldn’t bother about this when you are obviously the cause of all this”

Juan said with a loud voice pointing directly at his face.

While Josh slowly looks up to her face and then gently stands up from where he was sitting.

And went to stand face to face with Juan as he nods continuously.

“And if I am to be bothered, it should be Anna?” Josh asked as he widens his hand.

While Juan kept silent at him and then he turned and moved a little bit away from her.

“You should be bothered more about Aaron not that beast!” Josh said without looking at Juan’s face.

While Juan gives out a painful smile as she waves her head.

“Call her beast and forget that you are devil….” Juan said while Josh paused from what he was doing.

And then turned back to look at Juan in angry face but yet Juan still stands on her word without being afraid of him.

Even though that it was only the two of them that is inside the cage and was forgetting that Josh can do whatever he wants to her and still go scot free.

“Yes am talking to you, you are a beast compared to her!”

“Besides…” Juan said as she brings her voice down and then steps closer.

“Why should I be more bothered about Aaron…?” Juan asked applying a manner that sounds like as if she doesn’t care about Aaron.

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But at least Aaron have not been kidnapped while would she bother too much.

Immediately she asked that question Josh then stays silent for a few seconds.

“Because Aaron too will gonna die for coming to your rescue!” Josh said as Juan’s heart alerted knowing that what Josh said is true

★Emma’s Home★

Aaron was still on his seat at teacher Emma’s parlor.

“Some lovely snacks are waiting for you darling!” Aaron heard the voice of Emma as it sounded closer.

And without a long period of time Emma stepped out of the passage.

“Head to the dining?” Teacher Emma said to Aaron as she points at the way to the dining room.

While Aaron looks at the way that she pointed and then looks up to her as he waves his head.

“Food…!? Don’t worry I don’t think that I feel like eating” Aaron replied to Emma as he folds his arms.

While Emma waves her head with a funny smile as she steps closer to Aaron.

And then sat besides him and looks directly to his face.

“But Aaron that is actually while I told you to wait before?” Emma asked out of surprise as she starter flushing Aaron’s hair backward.

“Yeah I know”

Aaron replied to her as he nods his head.

“Why then are you refusing to eat?” Emma asked.

“Like seriously ?” Aaron said with a brief smile on his face.

But the smile is showing sadness instead of happiness.

He licks his lips and then looks up to Emma.

“So…” Aaron said as he takes a breathe.

“You are actually expecting me to be eating while Juan is over there suffering?” Aaron asked as he points his hand at the wall.

While Emma closed her eyes for a few seconds and then opens it.

“How many times do I need to tell you that Juan would be okay anywhere she is at the moment”

“Look!” she said as she gets up from where she was sitting at Aaron’s side.

And then walk straight to his face and knees at his face while Aaron was just sitting looking at her.

“Juan will gonna be okay trust me… She would be fine okay”

“Come on, come and enjoy the meal I made for you” Emma said.

But then Aaron goes silent on her and refused to say a word.

Emma waited for him to say something but he didn’t.

She takes a deep breathe and then placed her right hand in Aaron’s chick.

She started smooching it softly while Aaron was looking at her eyes.

“Aaron you see… You shouldn’t be worry about anyone because am here for you”

She said as she looks at the ground and then looks up again.

Then she hold Aaron on his two hands and looks into his eyes.

“I have been trying hard to say this to you but I don’t know how to do it”

“I really love you Aaron, I can do anything for you” Emma said to Aaron.

But Aaron keeps looking at her silently because it was just like as if Aaron is shocked with what she is saying.

Aaron’s facial expression can say how shocked he is with the words coming out from Emma’s mouth.

“I loved you right from day 1 that my eyes met on you”

“I can do anything for you even more than you thought that Juan can do for you” Emma said.

And then placed her two hands on top of Aaron’s cheeks and then looks at him for some times.

And quickly inserted her mouth in Aaron’s own and started kissing him deeply.

…..To Be Continued…..