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The wolf among us episode 27




Episode 27

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“Ugh!” he screamed as he fell down on the ground and started groaning in pain.

And then Anna kindly gets up from the ground where she was laying.

While Aaron was now the one left on the ground as he was groaning in pain.

He tried to stand up but it was becoming too difficult for him to get up.

But he just managed to get up from the ground and then stares at Anna with a bad eyes red eyes.

He scanned through her and discovered that she is already one of the hunters.

“What have they done to you?” Aaron asked as he grabs the dagger that was still pinned inside his ribs.

Anna who was standing at the corner folded her arms looking at her silently.

“They did of course what I want for me” Anna replied with a deep voice.

But then Aaron concentrated on the dagger that she stabbed him on the rib.

He grabbed it strongly and started pulling it out slowly.

“Ahhh…..” he keeps screaming as he was pulling the dagger off his body.

And as soon as he pulled it out he fall on the ground and started groaning in pain.

While Anna slowly steps closer to him as she grab him on his head.

“Anna I know that this is not you, please you need to come back to your right sense” Aaron said to her as he was breathing heavily.

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While Anna looks at him with a pitiful face as she breathes out slowly and gently.

“Hmm, am so sorry dear, I was not meant to hurt you” Anna said as he held Aaron very well in his hands.

And then helped him to get back to his feet as he keeps breathing like he is about to die.

And of course he is about dying because of the poison planted on the weapon she used to stab him.

So while she helped him get back to his feet he looks at her face.

“Thank you….” He said to Anna as Anna nods happily to him.

“Where……” He was still about to say something when a heavy punch landed on his stomach.

“Ah!!!!” he screamed really hard as he fall down on the ground again.

Then he placed his two hands on top of his stomach as he was screaming in pain.

While Anna still feel no pity for him as she drags him up again grabbing his hair.

As soon as he gets up she landed another hot punch on his face.

He also fell down again and keeps screaming in pain.

She beat him almost till death, she beat him till he is already filled with blood all over his body.

And then he was laying like a lifeless body on the ground as he can’t even move his hand.

Which is the main reason Anna stabbed him the dagger.

The poison in the dagger is mainly to weak him and slow down his healing ability.

If not for that maybe Anna could not have the chance to stand in his face even with the dagger she stabbed him.

So after beating him down she then blew a whistle with her hand.

And then the other guys came out from deferent corners of the bush.

“Take him out of here!” she said and then they lifted Aaron together.

And started taking him away but then Anna stopped them again.

“Hey!” She shouted to them and they paused and looks at her.

“I mean take him to my hut” She said as she points at her hut at her right side.

“Okay boss” They answered and then turned to the corner and moves straight to her hut.


Juan and Josh was still inside the cage and besides Josh was sleeping.

Juan was not sleeping her eyes was flashing like that of a flash light.

Besides there is a little lamb kept for them inside the cage.

The lamb is really good as it powers everywhere with a powerful radiant light.

Which Juan was only looking at the light while Josh was sleeping.

It appears that so many things were going through her mind.

And in no due time Josh was shown as he rotates backwards and re rotated back again.

And then his eyes was shown as it opens widely.

And the first thing that his eyes met was Juan not sleeping.

But he acted like he didn’t mind and still turned his back on her and continue his sleep.

But just as he is falling asleep again he started seeing how he has been rescued by Juan so many times.

So he saw it like a vision and then for a few minutes and he opened his eyes again.

As he then stands up and looks around with the confusion of what he just saw.

After thinking about the dream for a few seconds he then stand up from where he was sitting.

And then walks closed to Juan and sat besides her.

He looks at her face for a while as he doesn’t even know what to say to her.

So he joined her and started looking at the lamb which she was equally looking at.

Then Juan breathes in and out heavily and folded her arms as she decide to talk to him by herself.

“And what stopped you from having your sleep?” Juan asked.

While Josh kept silent as he looks at her face to see her facial expression.

But then he discovered that she is okay, she said that with a cool mind set.

And then he sat properly once again and rests his back on the cave.

“Well… I think you should be the one to answer that question” Josh replied.

“Why were you not sleeping at all?” Josh asked her but she turned her face and looks away.

And then continue looking at the lamb which she was looking at before.

“Am not feeling sleepy please if you are here because of me?” Juan said as she takes a breathe.

“I think that it would be better you go back to sleep, I will be okay” Juan said without looking at his face.

And then Josh comes close to her and then turns her face to be looking at him.

Then he placed his right hand in her cheeks and looks into her eyes.

“Juan this is enough please, am feeling so uncomfortable here seeing you hurting yourself”

“Please you will need to stop all this” Josh said as Juan still keeps silent at him.

And then Josh holds her gently on her two hands.

“Look…” He said as he takes a break while Juan keeps looking into his eyes.

“All this you are doing is never gonna help us get out of here….” Josh was still saying but then Juan interrupted.

“That’s not the point!” She shouted at Josh as she pulls her hand away from Josh.

And then Josh looks around with a confused face because Juan is confusing.

If then she is not restless because of them being in cage.

Why then is she being restless? So while Josh looks away and thinks about it.

He then looks back at her and touches her face softly.

“Then what’s the point…? What then is giving you so much sleepless night?” Josh asked.

And then Juan first of all started shading tears, she tried to hold herself but she can’t.

“No no no, please you have to stop this and talk to me…?” Josh said to her.

“Why the hell are you crying? Did I hurt you?” Josh said as he started wiping away her tears.

And then she managed to start speaking up of what’s bothering her.

“I don’t know why am having this strange feeling in me” She said to Josh.

“Yes?” Josh said flapping his shoulder as he was kindly waiting to hear what she has to say in full.

“What’s the strange feeling for? That we gonna die?” Josh asked pointing at both of them.

But Juan still waves her head and Josh gets more confused.

“If it is not about us then what’s the strange feeling about?” Josh asked.

“It is about Aaron!” Juan said while Josh paused and started looking at her with a non smiling face.

Because he was really wondering how they are in danger and she is not bothering about them but about Aaron.

That very word of her gets Josh annoyed as he did not bother interjecting to her again.

He just rests his body on the cave and fold his arms looking at Juan.

“Please Josh this is not funny I mean it! I do not know why am having the strange feeling that Aaron has been killed” She said to Josh.

While Josh looks at her with his eyes widely opened in shock of what she said.

“Josh this is not funny!” She shouted

“When ever I have this feelings about him”

“Something very strange is always happening to him but this time around it is totally different, am thinking that he has been killed!”

Juan said as she covered her eyes with her two hands and started shading tears.

Josh tried to leave her for her to cry up to how she likes but his mind is not allowing him to do so.

So he shifts closer to her and made her to put her head down on his raps and he started cuddling her.

“Come on it is okay… Aaron will be fine, nothing is going to happen to him okay?” Josh said to her.

Meanwhile Aaron was showing to be laying on top of the bed in Anna’s hut.

Besides there was also a lamb inside the hut but the hut was somehow dark.

Aaron has been laying there dying slowly and in no due time.

Anna stepped inside the hut.

“What…? On top my bed?” She said with an angry voice when she saw Aaron laying on top of her bed.

“Hmmm… Nice then…” She said as she drew out her dagger.

And the dagger keeps reflecting over the lamb as she kissed it.

And then started coming after Aaron with it.

…Toe Continued…..

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