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The wolf among us episode 29




Episode 29

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

The hunters master was still outside with his gun waiting to hear from his men that he sent to go and kill Aaron inside Anna’s hut.

But then he remembered a better way till kill him so he quickly ran inside the hut.

“Guys wait!” He shouted as when he entered the hut just to discover that the hunters are already pointing their gun’s at Aaron.

It was just left for them to pull the trigger on his skull.

And that was the moment the Master ran in.

“Hold on guys!” the master said as they paused immediately and looks at him.

“Why?” the other hunter asked him while the master silently points at the one on the left.

“You go outside and unlock the cage where those guys have been locked”

The master ordered and he did exactly as he said without asking a question.

“You… Just carry him out of this place” Master ordered the other hunter.

And that one stared at the master in shock because he does not really understand the sudden change.

“But why did you say so…” The hunter asked him as he was already walking out of the hut.

And then he halted from moving forward and stand still for a few seconds.

“Just do as I said okay? No more questions” The master ordered and then continue leaving the hut.

And he was just about opening the hut exit door when the guy asked another question.

“And where am I carrying him to?” The hunter asked.

“Just follow me” The master said without looking at him.

And then the hunter lifted Aaron and put him on top of his shoulder.

And then carried him and keep walking after the master.

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It is already morning time inside the cave but at this time, both Josh and Juan was sleeping.

Although Josh did not know when he slept off because he was still sitting down resting his back at the iron cave while his eyes was shown to be closed.

Besides it is obvious that he is very sleepy at this moment.

Because it was almost through out the night that he did not sleep in the name of petting Juan.

Moreover they were still inside the cage having their sleep when a noise made at the cage exit door.

Which Juan’s eyes opened immediately as she gets up from Josh’s leg.

But then her eyes was still blurred so she used her right hand to clean up her eyes.

And then he looks at Josh’s laps again and was surprised that she slept at Josh’s lap throughout the night.

She started checking herself out to be sure that Josh did not do anything to her.

But she was still on the process when another noise sounded at the door.

Then she quickly looks at the exit door just to discover that it must be the hunters trying to open it.

“Josh… Come on wake up! Wake up!” Juan whispered to Josh as she keeps tapping him on his leg.

And immediately, he opened his eyes, but his eyes was as well blurred.

And as soon as he was opening his eyes was the same moment the hunters was as well opening the door too.

And he was still acting sleepy when a hand grabbed him on his cloth on his back side.

Which he looks back just to see that it was the hunters master.

“What… What’s Happening where are you taking him to?” Juan shouted as she keeps trying to drag Josh with him.

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But then one of the hunters grabbed her while the master was dragging Josh away.

And as soon as he dragged him out of the cage the other hunter guy wanted to lock only Juan inside the cage.

“Hold on!” The master said looking at the other hunter.

“Allow her please, her mission is done here, her need is done”

“We have got all that we needed from her, so allow her to witness how it happens” The master said with a horrible smile.

And then the hunter allows Juan to step out of the cage as she was struggling already to get out from the cage.

But as soon as the hunter allowed her he ran to the master and started dragging Josh with them.

“No! No! No!” Let him go! Where the hell are you taking him to?” Juan asked as she was shedding tears.

While the hunter was just looking at her with smirk as she grabbed Josh on his waist very tight with her eyes closed.

“Just imagine killing yourself for this one? Won’t you check out the other guy?” The Master said as he points at his back.

But his body was still covering the way to see what’s happening in his back.

So he kindly steps aside from the road while Juan’s eyes was shown as it opens slowly.

And then she saw someone wrapped up with a white wrapper like a dead body.

And it really touched her body, it just like something left her body when he saw that thing.

Which made her to slowly untied his hand around Josh’s waist.

And then unlimited tears started flowing down from her eyes even without knowing who it is.

She can’t believe what is about to transpire, besides she has not yet reacted that bad.

She was only waving her head in tears while stepping close to the guy who was carrying him.

Before she could get closed to the hunter, the hunter himself has already reached them out.

So he slowly dropped the guy he was carrying on the ground.

While Juan used her hand to untie the wrapper.

“No….! No…! Aaron! I knew it….!” She screamed really hard as her tears was just enough to form an ocean if possible.

She was like running mad at the moment because she barely recognize that it was Aaron.

His face and body was filled with blood, the only reason he was still living was just because he is inhuman.

If not he could have died long ago.

“What have you guys done to him!” Juan shouted in pain as she keeps touching Aaron’s irritating body.

And then she stand up and ran to the master and grab him in his cloth.

“What have you guys donned to him!” She shouted in tears as she leaves him again.

And ran back to Aaron and then put her ear on top of Aaron’s heart and discovered that it was still breathing.

But yet that did not stop her from crying, Aaron’s present condition is already giving her heart attack.

She then placed her hand on top of Aaron’s heart and looks at the master.

“With this thing that you have done, I promise you that you will pay with your life!” Juan said to them with a crying voice as her voice is already cracking because of cry.

While the Master looks at her and smiles instead as he stares at the other hunters.

“Really, come on, you have no idea what is yet to come” the hunter said as he steps closer to Juan.

While Josh is being held by the other hunter.

While he get closed to Juan he bent’s down and touches her hair smoothly.

“Actually this is done by your friend Anna, she had reaped a need position as the new boss of the hunters” the master said as he keeps smoothing her hair.

But then Juan angrily drags his hand away from her hair.

“Don’t dare touch me!” she managed to say as cry is not letting her to say a word.

And then the master rises on his feet again and started touching and romancing his gun.

“You see that your friend took your place in the hunters team?”

“Well,” The master said as he cocks his gun making Juan to stare at him in other to know what he really wants to do.

“Thank you for showing us this dangerous things in this city, you are a good agent”

“I was wondering if you could get away so we can complete our mission” the master said as he then blinks at the other hunter.

And he steps forward and grab Juan and drag her a little bit away from Aaron.

“No…! Leave me alone! Get your hand off me!” Juan keeps shouting with tears and was crying as well because she knew what they are about to do.

And then Josh was also dragged closed to Aaron as he kneels down besides him as tears flows down from his eyes.

Because he was really aware that this must be the end of him, there is no way of escape.

And then the master shut him on his head and he fell down and died!

“No!!!” Juan screamed very loud in tears as she was struggling really hard to get away from the hunters and ran to his dead body.

But they are still grabbing her very tight.

While the master looks at her with smiles as he steps close to Josh again.

And gave him about seven shot again and then smelled his gun and nods.

“Hmm, smells good!” he said and slowly points the gun at Aaron’s Skull and this one was already making Juan to run mad.

As she even begins to plead for their mercy.

“Please don’t kill him, I will do anything you want for you”

“Don’t please! No!!! Please! Just let him go!” Juan keeps screaming as she was struggling really hard to get off from the hunters hand.

While the master pointed the gun at Aaron’s head with a deadly smile.

And was as well looking at Juan while smiling at her pain as he pulls the trigger.

“No!!!!!!!” Juan screamed.

……To Be Continued…..

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