The wolf among us episode 31




Episode 31

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“Listen guys, we all know the home and the particular place we are to locate Juan” the hunter’s master and hunters as well was displayed to be gathering besides their car.

While the master was giving out instruction to them.

“We all know what gonna make our boss happy, we just need to get rid of her” the master said.

While the others nods to his words proving that they really understands what he is saying.

“So… We are to strike likely now or later, so go get yourselves prepared for the mission!” The master ordered raising his hand up with a clenched fist.

While the hunters bows down their heads a little bit and then each of them turned and walks to their ways.

The two hunters who picked up the medicine bottle which Anna threw away followed one corner.

And then when they get to a particular spot at the corner they stopped.

And then looks around to see if there is any other hunter looking at them.

When they discovered that there are no other hunter looking at them.

One of them then bent down and slowly opened the nearest grass and picked up the medicine from where they hid it.

“What do you think that this could be?” the one who picked it said to the other guy.

While the other guy just collected the bottle if medicine from him and then looks at it closely.

“I think I may have a little idea about this on it’s look and then….” He said as he placed the medicine bottle in his nose and smell it.

“And then I can tell about it with the smell too” the hunter concluded.

“Okay then, could you give me little idea on what it maybe?” the other hunter asked him while he nods as he folds his mouth.

“I think it is a quick medicine” he said.

“And what it is made for? I mean what can it cure?” The other guy asked.

“It cures the sick, anyone who has flesh injury it can cure it instantly and give the person a new skin”

“Most especially for the werewolves” he finally explained in details.

While the other guy’s face changes as he started thinking while placing his hand on his jaw.

He noticed the look on the other hunters face and he decided to ask.

“Are you okay?” he asked while the other guy waves his head slowly.

“Not really….” the other guy replied.

“So…” he said as he placed his hand on the hunter’s neck.

“What’s it that is bothering you?” He asked.

“Are you not thinking what am thinking?” the other hunter asked with his hand folded.

“So what exactly are you thinking about?” He asked why waiting to hear from the fellow hunter.

“I was thinking that if this medicine was made to cure werewolves” the other guy said as he takes a breath.

While the fellow hunter he was explaining to keep nodding to his word which means that he is getting the question.

“So I was thinking what she brought the medicine here to do?”

“Don’t you think that she brought it to cure the werewolf that we caught last night?” the hunter asked.

“Of course I think the same she brought it to cure Aaron”

“That’s why she is probably mad at us for killing him” he replied to him after hearing his explanation.

“You think the same right?” the other guy asked while he nods.

“Hmmm…” He grunted as he puts his hands inside his pocket.

“Of course she brought that medicine so that she can be able to care him”

“And so that while she wake him, they will team up against us” he explained deeper to the other guy.

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“Like seriously? So you knew about that? Then why are you silent?” The other guy asked.

“She is the boss for now, to get rid of her wouldn’t be that easy”

“Besides we can’t do that alone, we equally need the master to be convinced that she is against us not with us” He explained as he flaps his shoulder.

“Come on…” The other guy said as he takes a breathe and steps closer to him.

“If the master should be convinced first we should go and let him know about this now” The other guy suggested.

While fellow hunter refused as he waves his head.

“It wouldn’t be good if we go now, we have no strong evidence now” he said to the other hunter.

While the other hunter raises the medicine bottle in his hand up.

“What about this?” the guy asked raising the medicine bottle of the werewolves with his two fingers.

While the fellow waves his head to him.
“That is not a strong evidence, we need an evidence which we are sure that the boss could even have the idea of, before us” he explained to the other guy.

And then the other guy started understanding his point as he started nodding.

“And you should be aware that Anna is equally his Queen”

“He wouldn’t just come out and believe anything you tell him just like that” he added.

“You are right, we have to be careful with our life as well” the other guy added.

★The GardNers Highschool★

The Gardner’s high school are still doing very well without Aaron and Juan and the other members who are out in school.

Besides they still believe that Aaron is the beast that have been killing people.

Because since the exit of Aaron in the school such things have not taken place again.

It is almost a midday as the time is still 11:00am, many students was inside the school.

But there was no one loitering around the school compound, because that is the law.

No one needs to go out till the bell rings, besides inside Aaron’s class.

A lesson was going on as a woman teacher was having the period.

The teacher named teacher Josephine was teaching the class.

But it has been a while now that she keeps entering the class and Aaron’s seat keep existing empty.

“Sorry is there anyone living close to Aaron, why is he no longer coming to school?” the teacher asked sounding as of she did not hear the rumour going on all around since all this while.

Besides as soon as she asked that question Dizzy raised up his hand.

“Me!” He said with his one hand raised up while Sarz was also at his side looking at him.

“Yes…. Do you live close to him?” the aunty asked as she started coming closer to Dizzy.

“Yeah I live closer to him” Dizzy replied.

“And why haven’t him been coming to school, did he changed school?” the teacher asked.

“I don’t think so” Dizzy said and then the teacher wanted to say something but Dizzy still interrupted.

“I think he is dead right now” Dizzy said why all the fellow class mates murmurs as they stares at him with their eyes opened.

And they are probably very surprised with what he said, although most of them was missing Aaron already and was hoping that he will be back one day.

“You think he is dead!?” the teacher reacted in surprises as she comes closer to Dizzy’s seat.

While Dizzy nods his head looking determined in what he is saying.

“Then what killed him? Why is he dead what happened?” the teacher asked still pretending like she knows nothing bad about Aaron.

Besides she was only trying to gain more information from Dizzy because Aaron is the student she like most in the class.

“Teacher why are you asking as if you are not aware that Aaron is a beast?” Dizzy said as he told his arms.

“A beast?” the teacher asked looking like she has no idea.

“Seriously?” Dizzy said as he licks his mouth and then started afresh to narrate the story to her.

“Well Aaron is the one that have been murdering people in this school” Dizzy said while the teacher stares at him with her two eyes widely opened.

“Not only this school” Sarz added

“Yeah, so he has been discovered by the hunters, so they hunted him down and arrest him like last week”

“And since then I have not been hearing from him which we all are aware that no werewolf have ever visited the hunters garden and escapes”

“So for now he is dead” Dizzy concluded as he seats back on his seat.

While the teacher folds her arms looking at Dizzy, she doesn’t know what to say.

She tried to open her mouth to say something but she will eventually hold herself back from speaking.

The class is already noticing the behavior she is acting after hearing the news and when she noticed that the class have been looking at her.

She then turned to the class and tried to start their lesson again but she holds back and looks at Dizzy once again.

“How sure are you that Aaron is one of those things called beasts or whatever?” the teacher asked while Dizzy nods.

“Yeah he is and am very sure about it” Dizzy said while Sarz raised his hand as well and looks at the teacher.

“Yeah, me too, Dizzy is telling the truth in everything that he narrated here”

“So I don’t think that any of them are lie” Sarz added while the teacher looks at them.

Because the way they are really saying words against Aaron looks so suspicious.

Like they use to be his friend when he is at the school.

They are the ones that is supposed to be protecting him not announcing his secrets like this in public.

So while the teacher was looking suspiciously at them he was also rubbing her hand on the marker in her palms.

“Are you okay teacher?” one of the guys in the class asked her as he realized that she is no longer in their midst.

Something is going on in her mind instead but immediately the guy called her she realized herself.

“Yeah am fine, thank you so let’s get back to our class, and what is the time there?” The Teacher asked.

While one of them looks at his wristwatch

“The time is already 11:30am” the guy said and the time is for break.

“Okay you know what” She said as she started parking her belongings.

“We will come back to this class after break time, you can all go on and have your time enjoyed” the teacher said as she packs up her belongings.

And then looks at Dizzy and then walks closer to him.

“Would like to see you in my office during this break hour, we have something important to discuss” She whispered to Dizzy.

And then left the class while everyone on the class started going out as it is already the break time.

And as soon as the teacher left the class Dizzy faced Sarz.

“What do you think that we should do now? Visit her now or later? Dizzy asked Sarz.

“Well to me I think that later would be better” Sarz suggested.

“Really?” Dizzy asked

“Yeah” Sarz said as he nods.

“Besides if we go now, we will got a lot of question to answer from her”

“So I would suggest that we should go dying minute of break time to avoid a lot of questions from her about Aaron” Sarz suggested while Dizzy smiles.

“You are such a clever person Sarz” Dizzy said while both of them smiled and then they get up from their seat then.

And they are presently the only people left in the class, the others have went out.

So while they were going out they started discussing.

“Dizzy am getting tired of this our act of hidden ourselves” Sarz said to Dizzy as he placed his hand inside his pocket.

While Dizzy looks at him in surprise of getting what he is trying to say.

“I don’t understand what you are trying to say please come again” Dizzy said to Sarz.

“Okay… This is what am trying to say” Sarz said as he swallows his saliva.

“I think that it is time we take our place with our own powers as well”

“Aaron dominated everywhere in the school when he is in the school even though he is not the one killing people?”

“Both of us know right? We are just trying to black mail his name and get rid of him”

“And now that he is no longer around I think that it is time for us to outshine him”

“Let’s start displaying ourselves no more low keys” Sarz said while Dizzy nods.

“You are right Sarz, we doesn’t need to keep attacking secretly that will make us no famous, but you should be aware that the hunters are still alive” Dizzy said.

“We are two Dizzy so I believe that we can stand any hunter that comes our way” Sarz said while Dizzy nods believing his words.

……….to be continued…….