The wolf among us episode 35




Episode 35

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“Juan are you sure that they are not gonna hurt you”

“Come on I can’t leave you behind” Emma said as she was slowly moving backwards going close to her car.

And the hunters are already getting closer.

“Just go, I will be fine!” Juan shouted and then Emma quickly enters her car.

And then started the car.

“Don’t follow the normal way out, you would meet them, just go this way!” Juan shouted referring to Emma.

And she was pointing at a place where there is no road.

“Wat!?” Emma reacted in shock because the place Juan asked her to follow was really dangerous.

There is no way there she will end up falling from the mountain because that place is a valley.

And her car may obviously get damaged and she might end up dying.

“Just follow there!” Juan shouted again putting pressure on her body as the hunters are already getting closer.

And then Emma moves her car with force.

“No!!!” She keeps screaming as she was falling down from the mountain.

And while the car was falling down from the sky it was as well heating on stones and trees as well.

And when the car landed on the ground it crashed into pieces.

The glasses of the car was destroyed and other parts of the car was just destroyed.

And the way it landed only blood was seen as it was rushing out of the car.

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Meanwhile Juan was still laying so weakened at the ground when the hunters arrived.

When they ran in they halted with force and then about three of them humped out of the car.

And the driver was the only remaining person inside that car.

While they jump out they rushed Juan where she was lying like a dead body.

And while they reaches her they cocked their gun and pointed it at her.

“Let me have the gun” The master requested and one of the hunters handed over the gun to him.

And then he cocked it as he looks at her once again.

“Am just so sorry for doing this but I have to do this to accomplish the master said as he points his gun on her head.


★The Gardner’s Highschool★

The school is already closed so many people were going home.

And those with cars was seen as they were entering their cars.

Some were driving out already which are those who came first.

Besides Dizzy and Sarz was seen walking home.

“So Sarz am feeling like this is the right time we should visit Juan” Dizzy said.

“No not, lets use this time to go for hunt of human, at least scare people a little” Sarz suggested.

But then Dizzy waves his head rejecting that decision of Sarz.

Which is his first time of doing so since it was him and Sarz.

“Sarz I disagree in this one, I think that it would be better we go now”

“Maybe after her we can now visit other people and scare them as you want”

“Maybe we can as well have a little jungle at the bush with wild animals” Dizzy replied.

While Sarz smiled as he nods and then looks at Dizzy.

“Wow I love that plan of yours, it sounds so interesting” Sarz replied with smiles.

And then he brings his hand up and caught off a leave from the flower tree which was on their way.

And then he smelled it and noticed that it has a strange smell.

“Dizzy wouldn’t you mind smelling this?” Sarz said to Dizzy.

While Dizzy kindly opened his hand and Sarz handed over the leave to Dizzy.

While Dizzy just simply throw it away.

“What…!?” Sarz asked Dizzy following his reaction.

“I just suggested something very important to you and you left it for something stupid?” Dizzy said to him.

“But didn’t I said that it was a nice plan?” Sarz replied.

“Do you just have to say that it is a nice plan…?” Dizzy replied.

“Okay get ready let’s go if that is what you wanna hear from me!” Sarz replied.

And then they looks around and discovered that no one is looking at them.

And then they entered the bush

There was this girl who was also passing that same way, she was going home.

And just as she was passing the nearby bush the giant werewolf reaped out of the bush to the main road.

“Oh my God!” The girl screamed as she throw away her school bag on the ground.

And then was slowly moving backward in fear while the werewolf turned to her and looks at her with it’s yellowish eyes.

The wolf roared very loud.

“No!!” She screamed as she turned and wanted to start running away while screaming.

And just in Sarz in wolf form jumped out of the bush and slaughter off her head using his claws.

Her head roll around on the sky and then fell on the ground and rotates while her body was pumping blood out of her neck.

And it didn’t stand even up to a minute and the body fell like a tree on the ground.

While they looks at them selves and then they leaped back into the bush.

And started heading straight to Juan’s home using the bush.


Not up to a minute that they have gone and someone was passing bye.

A boy of 16yrs who was also going home and decided to pass that way.

“Oh my gosh…! What happened here? Another beast in this town” The boy said as he places his hand on his chest.

And then started walking closer gently when he reached out to her head.

He looks at it very well to see if it is the person he knows but then he find out that he doesn’t know her.

And just for him to turn he find someone snapping him with a phone.

“Hey! What are you doing!” He shouted with a loud voice as he turns and looks at the girl.

“Oh my God!” the girl shouted as she covers her mouth in tears looking at the person that was killed mercilessly.

And she was doing all that with the hope that the innocent boy he saw over there was the one that killed her.

“Hey…” The boy was still trying to say a word while he was coming closer to her.

“No stay away from me you beast!” the girl said as she points at him.

And at the same time she started moving backward being afraid of what the guy can do.

“Come on am not a beast!” The guy replied with a loud voice as he comes closer.

“Look I was just passing when I saw…” He was still trying to explain when the girl kicked off and started running away.

“Wait please, hey wait there!” The guy said as he started running after her.

While she started screaming really hard and was calling for help.

The hunters was on their way to Juan’s house.

They were all donned on black while the master is always putting on his black eyeglass.

While the others black eyes was not covered and they look very dangerous.

There was no sign of happiness in them as they keep going.

When they arrived at Juan’s compound they saw her laying on the ground.

Why they slowly stops their car and each and everyone steps out of the car.

The master first of all looks at the grave that she was digging.

He slowly walks to it and looks at inside and saw absolutely nothing apart from hole.

“Get her up!” The master ordered using his head to demonstrate as he points at one of the hunter.

“Yes master” The hunter replied and then lifted Juan up from the ground.

Juan who looks so weak just slowly opens her eyes and saw that it was them.

Although she is already aware that it was them.

So while they get her up from the ground she opened her eyes looking at the master.

The master looks at her for a seconds with his hand inserted into his pocket.

And then he felt something strange in his body so he looks around.

And then he removed his eyes glass and started looking around with a suspected face.

And just in he traced the lines of tyre of Emma’s car to the end of the mountain.

And then he looks down from the peak of the mountain and then he saw the clashed white car.

He looks at it steady but then he discovered that the car was shattered.

Even though there is someone inside, he can not survive it.

Although he realized that the person was trying to run away from them.

Which of course led to the death of whosoever it is.

While the hunters was looking at him in misunderstanding look in their face.

“Hmm…” the master groaned and then returned back and looks at Juan’s eyes.

While lines of tears slowly ran down from her eyes.

“What else have you come for…? You have taken everything away from me” she said with a cracked voice.

And then she swallows her saliva as more tears drops down from her eyes.

“You came for my life….? It better be so”

“Just go on and kill me for if not so, then you need to be aware that you must pay for everything you have done to me!” She said as she started coughing.

And after coughing for a little while she threw out her spite and it was blood.

And then she looks up to the hunters again.

“I mean you will pay with your live!” She screamed with her last strength.

And then the hunter cocked his gun and pointed it at her head.

“Yeah….! You better do it for your safety” Juan said as she takes a deep heavy breathe.

“Because if I ever stay alive, even if it is the last thing I have to do on earth, I must hunt you down!”

“Do it fool! Am not afraid of death for death is even better than my life now!” She screamed hard to the master.

And then the master looks at her with a surprise face.

He was just wondering where she get her strength from that she is using to yell at him.

So while he looks at her he smiles as well as he looks back and then looks at her again.

Although he filled so sorry for which is the reason while he was taking time to shoot.

“Juan if I have to do this then it is not my fault because I have to do it”

“This is the boss order, am so sorry for that Juan” The master said as he sets his hands readily at the trigger.

And then more tears flows down from her eyes as she looks at the ground.

“That would be better for you and that of your boss!” She said with a low voice and then looks up.

“Do it! Do it! You bitch!” She screamed really hard.

And then the master looks away for him to shoot her and then a pieces of glass flew out of the bush and caught off his hand.

“No…..!” The master screamed very hard as his hand was dancing around on the ground and then those ones who was holding Juan left her.

And then all the hunters cocked their gun and started shooting unstoppable at the bush.

In other to get whatever it is that threw out the grass out of the bush.

While the master knew down holding his amputated hand with is left hand.

And meanwhile Juan was still looking surprisingly at them as she just covers her head as the sound of their gun was really disturbing.

But she was not aware that the masters hand which was at the ground was still holding that gun.

And the hand is clenching strongly which means that it might pull the trigger any time.

And the gun was facing Juan who was still laying on the ground with her hands on her head breathing heavily.

While the hand was just remaining a little to pull the trigger

…..To Be Continued….