The wolf among us episode 36




Episode 37

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“No!!!!” The people keeps screaming as they were running to different directions.

While Minsk first of all rushed Ava who was bleeding at the ground.

“Ava? Please stay with me” He was saying to Ava who was dying slowly.

While the other two guys who were among the people that was fighting the innocent guy was at the side watching what was going on.

They don’t even have a word to say, they are of course left with no words.

So they only shifted to the corner and fold their hands looking at what is going on.

And just in Sonia and Emily ran in just to cover their mouth in fear because of what they saw.

“Oh my gosh, Ava… What did you guys did to her?” Sonia said in tears as she covers her mouth with her right hand.

“What the hell have you done to her Dan!” Minsk yelled at the guy that stabbed her.

But it was as if immediately the guy stabbed her something Just left him and he realized himself.

So he started shaking as he was moving backwards in with his two hands added together.

“Am really sorry, I… I…” The guy was still trying to explain while Minsk was looking at him with a deadly eyes.

The next action he took was to turn and run away.

While Minsk keeps Ava at the ground tried to chase him.

But he suddenly paused and realized that Ava is already at the point of death.

So he held break and ran backwards.

“Come on guys you gonna help me carry her I need to carry his brother so we can take them to the hospital” Minsk requested from the other two guys.

While those guys looks at themselves for a few minutes.

“What’s the look for? Please help me out she is dying!?” Minsk requested.

“Am so sorry bro, but you see….” Mike one of the two guys said as he carries his school bag.

And then started moving backwards while looking at Minsk.

“I think that I just have to go please, my brother is already expecting me, I should go!” he said.

And he seriously ran away joining his brother which is the guy that stabbed Ava.

While Minsk looks at him with an angry face so while he was running away.

“Okay then, you and that your silly brother can run for all you care!” Minsk shouted as he clenches his fists.

“But you guys should be ready to take the revenge of what happened hear!” Minsk shouted to them.

And then looks up to the remaining guy to know what he has to say.

“Well…” the guy said as he takes a breathe and then steps out of the corner where he was standing.

While Minsk was steadily looking at him to know what he has to say.

“Okay lets take them to the hospital” The guy said while Minsk breathes down.

“Really you think that I would leave you here, come on…” He said as he walks to Ava where she was laying helplessly.

And then lifted her up with his two hands while Minsk carried her brother.

While Sonia and Ava started running after them as they are taking them to the hospital.

Meanwhile Sarz was standing as he was looking at Dizzy who was busy helping Juan to apply medicine on her leg where she has been shot.

While Sarz was looking at them with his two hands in his pockets.

“Come on easy! Easy…!” Juan was moaning in pain as Dizzy was applying some herbals on her leg.

Although she was really badly wounded, so she needs to be treated very well.

Even the herbal leaves that Dizzy is applying on her legs are not enough for her.

She also needs to be taken care of by a professional Dr.

However, the look on Sarz face was really somehow.

It appears that he is not happy that Juan has to be accepted by them and they don’t need to treat her harshly.

Besides she was the one that saved them which is of course the main reason they are now accepting her as one of them in the absence of their best friend.

And of course taking care of her for their late best friend Aaron.

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“Alright…. Can you try to stand?” Dizzy said to her after applying some herbal on her leg.

While he said that he also hold her hand as she struggles to stand.

“Ah…., come on…” She was moaning as she was really trying hard to get back to her feet.

“Oh come on no! I can’t” She said after trying harder to get up from the ground.

But the gunshot was just so painful at the moment so she cannot walk with it.

“Come on Dizzy we gat to go now, am feeling so strange” Sarz said without even having a single pity for Juan who was the reason he is still living.

While Dizzy looks at him badly with a deadly eyes which means that Dizzy is already disliking his act towards Juan.

“Come on you….” Dizzy was still trying to say something to Juan in consolation way but then Sarz interrupted.

“Come on… Over here Dizzy” Sarz said as he drags Dizzy on his shirt.

Sarz dragged him to the corner.

“Come on Dizzy you have already tried your best, if she is not okay then let her be!” Sarz said to Dizzy as he was pointing at Juan while making his statement.

Which was of course making Juan to stare at him because she is aware that the way she is been pointed.

They are obviously using her to discuss but she obviously don’t care as she still looks away while enduring her pain.

“You have already applied medicine on that leg, come on let’s leave her behind, let’s go!” Sarz said.

While Dizzy was just looking at him and was kindly waiting for him to finish making his statement.

“Look!” Sarz said as he steps more closer to Dizzy.

“We gat to go now we don’t even know if there are more hunters on their way here right now, come on lets go” Sarz said as he turns and started running away.

But then he hold break when he turned and saw that Dizzy is not running after him.

Dizzy was just folding his hand looking at him instead.

“Come on bro… What’s wrong?” Sarz said as he started calling on Dizzy to John him as they run away.

Besides he was using his five fingers to call him but Dizzy didn’t move his body.

Instead he was looking at Sarz without moving an inch forward.

And then Sarz slowly steps closer to him.

“Bro come on what’s all this, why all this?” Sarz asked.

“Good…” Dizzy reacted immediately as he steps closer to Sarz.

“I like that your question okay?” Dizzy said as he was nodding his head.

While Sarz toons his ear down waiting to hear what it is that Dizzy had to say.

“Look we don’t have to be wicked all the time, there is no need of playing wickedness here” Dizzy said as he takes a deep breathe.

And then placed one of his hand on top of Sarz’s shoulder.

“Don’t forget that the girl you are telling me to leave saved our fucking life!” Dizzy whispered to him in his ear.

After talking to him he turned and started walking back to Juan.

“If you just have to run away, there is no problem you can keep on running” Dizzy said as he keeps on reaching out to Juan.

But Sarz was aware and very sure of it that he was the one Dizzy was referring to.

“Just run away but as for me..?” Dizzy said as he paused and then turned his head and looks at Sarz.

“Am not leaving her behind” Sarz concluded and then continue reaching out to Juan.

“And am never gonna leave her” Dizzy added.

“Dizzy like seriously are you actually trying to sympathise?” Sarz asked.

But Dizzy acted like he did not hear what he said and keeps on moving.

“Dizzy!?” Sarz called on him but he still keeps silent at him and keeps walking away.

And then Sarz quickly rushed him and stopped in his face making him to stop moving on.

“Dizzy if I may understand you, you are actually trying to pity her right?” Sarz asked.

“Yeah?” Dizzy answered as he nods.

“And what will that gonna change? I mean does that gonna change the past ?” Sarz asked.

While Dizzy looks at Sarz for a few seconds and then passed him silently.

“I know it is not gonna change anything but at least it can help change that you made me do it!” Dizzy replied making Sarz to look at him in shock.

“Hey I hope you are getting okay?” Dizzy said to Juan when he get to her.

But Juan was although in so much pain that she doesn’t even had to answer that very question of his.

Dizzy on his self can see that she is not okay and she is not getting better.

“Don’t worry just have a seat here, and take your time to get a rest” Dizzy suggested as he points at the chair at the corridor of her house.

“Thank you…” Juan said as she tries to stand up by herself.

“Hey… You don’t need to stress yourself okay!?” Dizzy said as he rushed her and helped her out to get to her feet.

But as he was assisting her to get to a better chair Sarz who was at the side rushed them.

It was just like as if he got angry and was running after Aaron to do something crazy.

But just as he was running into their midst, the hunters black car which has been parking at the corner shines a bright light.

And just for them to look at it to know what is going on, the car moved with force and jam them up.

Sarz is the only one in a good condition where he could have dodged it.

But he couldn’t because he was trying to hold himself from the attack he was going after.

And obviously Dizzy who was assisting Juan can not leave her alone and due away.

So the car knock all of them away.

And while Dizzy was rotating on the air he grabbed Juan very tight.

And just as he was falling down he turned Juan up and used his body to land on the ground.

“Ugh!!!” All of them screamed in pain as they covers their eyes which was filled up with sand.

And then the hunters car reversed and drives away and before Sarz and Dizzy could get them selves back.

The car has really gone far away which Dizzy tried to run after.

But he accidentally holds on because he can no longer catch up with the guy.

While Sarz slowly gets up from the ground and keeps up his body.

While Juan was at the ground moaning really hard in pain.

“Are you okay?” Dizzy said as he rushed her on the ground and helped her to get back to her feet.

But then he just lifted her up and take her to the seat and seats her there gently.

Although it is very understandable that the pain has returned as the injury is being forced again.

“Come on it gonna be okay, just be careful of yourself okay…?” Dizzy said to her and was really trying hard to console her.

“Dizzy what the hell is this! We need to go right now!”

“That guy that escaped was one of the hunters they might come back heavier” Sarz said looking so hurried.

And Dizzy looks at him and came to think of it Sarz was right after all.

And so Dizzy looks at Juan.

“We gonna go Juan, come on take my hand let me lift you over we have to leave!” Dizzy said hurriedly as he tried to carry Juan up.

“Wait we need to bury them” Juan said as Dizzy and Sarz looks at them selves in surprised.

“Bury who?” Dizzy asked.

“Them……?” She said as she points at the dead body of Josh.

“What Josh is dead!?” Dizzy said out of surprise because Josh was the only one they saw there.

While Sarz was looking at him.

“What… They killed him?” Dizzy asked.

“Yes the hunters hand work, they killed him and they killed Aar….” She was still saying but then she paused.

“What?” Dizzy asked her when he noticed the sudden stop and the look on her face.

“Where is Aaron? Dead body? Gosh…! That guy took him, no… No… We need to chase that guy he has Aaron with him!”

“What are they planning to do with his dead body!?”

…….To Be Continued…..