The Wolf Among Us

The wolf among us episode 38




Episode 38

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“What… What are you talking about?” Dizzy asked Juan in shock.

Because he was really surprised to understand what she is trying to say.

Like why would the hunter stole his body what does them want to use his corpse for.

“They have taken him away….! He is gone! Please we need to find him” Juan said as she covers her face with her hands.

“Come on Juan talk to me what’s going on are you really okay?” Dizzy said to Juan as he tries to touch her on her face.

“Of course you can see that am not okay!” She said as she shakes her head making Dizzy to move his hand backward.

“Look at me Dizzy do I look like am okay to you?” Juan asked as she looks up to Dizzy after messing up her hair and made it to look like she is a mad person.

“Okay calm down okay… That’s why am of course asking you to calm down”

“So that you would be able to explain better”

“And let me know what’s going on” Dizzy said as he cleans off her tears.

While she kindly falls on her knees with her two hands together.

“Please this is not a home, you have to do me one favor, can you?” Juan requested with an innocent face with her palms together.

Before answering that question of hers, Dizzy kindly looks at Sarz.

While Sarz looks away proving that he is not even happy to still be standing here.

“Oh kay..” Dizzy said as he takes a deep breathe as he turns back to Juan.

“Go on with whatever it is, I will do it only if it is what I can be able to do” Dizzy.

While Juan looks away and looks at the ground with her tears.

“Come on talk to me why are you still crying” Dizzy asked.

“Just tell me that you gonna do whatever it is for me just promise me please” She said with tears.

“Alright it is okay please” Dizzy said as he takes a deep breathe.

“Just stop crying, come on you have been in sorrow since we arrived in this place” Dizzy said to her as he cleans off her tears again.

Although the tears was running out of her eyes nonstop.

“Peace have been very far away from me right now” Juan said as she swallows her saliva.

“And they are trying to take it more faraway to a place that I can’t find it ever again” She said with a cracked voice.

“Then it is time already just stop crying and tell me what it is that you want me to do for you” Dizzy said.

“But you promise that you gonna do whatever it is for me?” Juan requested with a low voice and as well a pitiful face.

But without uttering any word Dizzy nods looking so serious at what he is saying which is as well creating more ripple in Sarz heart.

Because to him at first they came here together to take part of her.

And now Dizzy is planning to take her away and make her his only.

Even though Dizzy has no such bad intentions in his head at this minute, he can swear for it.

So while he nods his head Juan then swallows her saliva and then looks up to Dizzy.

“Please I know that am requesting for something very hard to do”

“But Aaron is one of us, yes I believed that we have failed from protecting him, we all failed”

“We watched him suffer till he die away… Just like that….?” she said as she shed more tears.

While Dizzy was still looking at her with his two arms folded.

While Sarz was at the side giving out a dangerous smirk making Juan to look so useless with her speech.

“We have failed to protect him and right now he is dead…”

“But I just want him to rest in perfect peace that was while I tried my best to dig the grave to bury him” She said as she swallows her saliva.

“And just for me to recognize just how that he has been taking away”

“Please we need to find those guys, we need to get them and make sure that we returns Aaron here and bury him properly” She said as she goes on her knees.

And then fall on Dizzy’s feet as she keeps crying.

“Come on Juan I hate all this shit that your are doing here”

“You are stressing yourself so much please you should stop that okay” Dizzy said and then helped her to get back to her seat.

“So what do you have to say about my request” Juan asked.

“,Although that is really tough, this is a tough time and I just believe that we can be able to make it”

“You know how strange the hunters could be whenever they escapes and return again”

“Those guys are going back stronger I don’t think that we can stand those guys” Dizzy said out if experience.

“Then we are very very sorry to disappoint you that we cannot attack the hunters again” Sarz said and then Juan knees down again.

“Please… You guys are my last hope, please you guys shouldn’t do these to me just help me out okay?” Juan pleads again.

And then Dizzy first of all places his hand on his waist and then looks around.

Just to discover that Sarz was only standing at the corner looking away without saying anything.

The only thing that he will manage to say is to add more fire in what they are saying.

Although where Sarz was looking at it appears that there are many important thing he is looking at.

★Down the Hill★

Emma’s car was shown at the valley as bloods were flowing out of the car.

The car was clashed into pieces, although she was inside the car with her eyes closed.

Line of blood flowing out of her mouth and her eyes was tightly closed.

But her stomach is pumping up and down which means that she is still breathing.

But she has not been able to wake up, her eyes was shut for a few minutes before she opened her eyes.

When she opened her eyes everywhere was not that clear.

Her eyes was still buried so she looks around with a blurred eyes.

And then she used her right hand to clean it up and then she can see clearly.

She looks around herself and discovers that she is still inside the car.

And then she tried to open the don’t but then she realized that she has been badly injured. On her leg.

“Uh!” She moaned in pain when she tried to step out of the car with force.

And then takes a look on the injury on her leg.

After looking at it she opened the car door which was badly messed up.

So just as she was opening the car door it fell of from the car and fall down on the ground.

She slowly steps out of the car as she falls in the ground.

“Uh! Gosh…!” She moaned as she seats at the ground there.

While seating at the ground she looks up to the mountain.

And she saw Sarz looking at her right from the top of the mountain.

“My gosh… I gotta go” She said in fear thinking that it was the hunter not even having the idea that it was her student in school.

But Sarz is very aware that the girl over here is teacher Emma but he pretended like he did not know her.

So while Emma moaned in pain she started trying to run away by any means.

But she suddenly turns back and looks at the Mountain as she was running away.

She mistakenly saw Juan, although she can recognize her only by her shirt.

So Emma paused and started calling in her.

“Hey! Juan over here! Are you okay!?” Emma keeps shooting her name as she was waving her head.

But just in someone took her to the inner side if the mountain where Emma cannot be able to see her eyes on her from the ground.

And that was the exact time Dizzy took Juan and make sure that she was seating down.

Besides Dizzy was not also aware that there are presence of Emma in this place.

If he had been aware he could have reaped down from that mountain and get her.

The only person aware was just Sarz and he just folded his hand looking at Emma as if she is a joke to him.

While Emma just calm down and seats back on the ground as she was breathing very heavily.

“Who are those guys around her, I feel like the hunters got her” She said to herself.

“And this one looking at me like this, why is his eyes so yellowish?” Emma said to herself.

While Sarz’s eyes were shown to be yellow in color but it appears that he is not looking at her anymore.

“But shouldn’t that be the eyes of werewolf…? Or does that means that Aaron is awake?” Emma said as she looks at the back of her car.

And then she discovered that it was opened down.


Emma said as she quickly stand up from the ground and run to the hatchback of her car that was opened down.

And she breathes down when she got there because what she is looking for is there.

Sarz keeps looking down from the top of the mountain acting like he doesn’t care about the condition of Juan which he of course never cares about.

“Juan listen to me this is okay, I promise you that we are all gonna be okay”

“As for Aaron’s corpse I promise you that I will get him back to you, they are never gonna take him away from you okay?” Dizzy promised while Juan nods innocently.

And then Dizzy wipes off her tears.

“But as for now we need to go, those guys are coming back!” Dizzy said to her.

“It is okay” Juan said as she takes a breathe and then struggled to get to her feet.

“Maybe I can manage to follow you guys” Juan said.

While Dizzy looks at Sarz.

“Sarz what are you looking at?” Dizzy asked.

“Nothing, just scanning through the way that we are about to go”

“That place looks dangerous for her, even before we can use her for what we want!” Sarz said as his words sounds ordinary.

And then he turned to look at them and they can see that his eyes has gone yellowish in color which is how it always appears whenever they are to scan somewhere that is not close to them.

Besides the last statement that he made also made Dizzy to nod for him.

And they thought that this last very word from Sarz sounds so ordinary in the ear of Juan.

Not knowing that Jaun is so fast when it comes to things like this.

So immediately he said that Juan looks at him in motion.

“Are you okay?” Dizzy asked when he noticed that Juan is about noticing of what Sarz said.

“Yeah am very fine but where are you guys taking me to?” Juan asked.

While Dizzy looks at Sarz and they keeps silent on her and there is this special look on her face.

“I think that this is not the time of all this, this time of condolence is gone, we have to go now!”

“So…” Dizzy said as he started transforming to werewolf.

“I believe that you have to be strong now!” Dizzy completed as he turns to a werewolf.

“No… Please stay away from me, don’t harm me, I don’t understand why is everyone after my life!” Juan asked as she goes on her knees with her palms together.

“Because you are connected to the wolf god! So anyone believes that you know something deeper than all of us” Sarz replied as him too transforms.

“Please what are you guys going do to me? And who is the wolf god?” Juan asked with her innocent face.

While Dizzy and Sarz looks at themselves in wolf form.

And just in Dizzy grabbed her up with force and put her into his back.

“Noooo!!!” Juan screams loud.

While they reaped into the bush moving to nowhere.

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Minsk was at the herbalist home but this time around the herbalist is not Audrey.

But another hidden herbalist in town.

So Minsk, Sonia, Emily and the other guy was at the herbalist workshop.

While Ava and her brother was getting treatment from the herbalist.

Ava’s condition looks even more worst than they can ever imagine.

It is worse than his brother’s own who has been beating down by four men.

Although the brother was not stabbed but she was stabbed.

And she was the one the herbalist was currently facing because she is breathing heavily.

“Ava, please stay with me, nothing is gonna happen to you I promise, okay!?” Minsk said as he keeps running around the herbalist who was applying remedies on her.

And the others was at the corner watching what was going on.

Ava keeps breathing heavily and shaking around as the hunter was really trying his best to save her.

But she suddenly goes silent, no more shaking, no breathing and not even movement.

And then the herbalist kindly drops his herbs on the ground.

While everyone of them there covers their mouth in shock.

And then the Dr. Bent down and drops his ear in top if Ava’s heart and discovered that she is dead.

And so he kindly gets up and looks at them.

“Am sorry… We lost her!” the herbalist announced.

“Nooo!” Minsk screamed as he rushed her and fall on top of her.

“I will revenge your death! Ava! No god of the wolf for me to be afraid of again!”

“This town and this school is defenseless now!”

“Then this city will hear from me! Gardner’s Highschool!” Minsk screamed as he turns to a dragon! And a scary sound made.

which made the herbalist to run away as he screams.

And so as Sonia and Emily ran away only his guy and the Ava’s injured brother whose eyes was shut was still there.

While he turns he carries Ava’s dead body and fly away and then his guy too changed to dragon too and joined him.

……..To Be Continued……

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