The wolf among us episode 39




Episode 39

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

★The hunters home★

The hut was placed in a view as everywhere looks so silent.

Only the sound and the movement of breeze was sounding.

And the trees were dancing along with the wind as it is blowing around.

So also the birds of sky were flying around the trees and was as well chirping.

Not in a long time the hunters car arrives and just as it was arriving Anna ran out of her hut.

And as the car arrived it halts with force as dusts blew up.

With some wastes like dried lives joined the site and rotates at the sky.

While Anna fold her hand waiting for her boys to come out and give her the good news.

The only hunter who was left inside the car opened the car with force as he jumps down from the car.

“Fuck!” He shouted as he kicks the car.

“No…! Hell No….!” The guy keeps screaming as he looks like he has lost it.

While Anna was silently watching the drama he was playing.

Because first of all it was really very surprising to her because. She was never expecting this.

“Hell… They are gone!” The hunter said as he seats at the side and then rests his body on the wall and covers his face with his two hands.

After Anna looked at him for a while she then steps closer to him like a boss.

“I don’t get the whole drama going on here, where is the dead body of Juan?” Anna asked as she rubs her hand together.

The hunter looks up to her with a bad look in his face.

“Are you okay …? First of all where is your men, I mean where are the hunters?” Anna said as she goes closer to the car and checks inside.

But she did not see anyone inside the car and so she came back to the hunter where he was seating.

“Where are the Master and the rest of the team?” Anna asked but the guy was still keeping silent at her.

“Do….” She was about to say something when the guy interrupted with an answer that she needs to know about.

“They are all dead!” the hunter replied with a loud, bold and deep voice.

Although Anna was pointing at the car while saying her word so she seized like that for a while.

And slowly she brings her hand down as she slowly looks at her side in surprise.

It was just like as if the guy that said that was just joking.

“You mean everyone is gone!? You are just the only team member left?” Anna asked repeatedly.

While the hunter slowly nods his head as Anna breathes heavily as she places her hand on her chest.

“What…? What the fuck are you talking about? Are you trying to tell me that the Almighty master of hunters are dead?” Anna asked in surprised.

The hunter nods as he gets up from where he was seating and looks at Anna eyes ball to eyes ball.

“We gotta go now! We are no more safe, those guys might be coming for us” The guy said and then Anna looks at him in surprised.

Like it has gotten to the extent that the hunters are now afraid in their own home?

“You mean that we should start running away?” Anna asked as she taps herself on her chest.

“Yeah we gotta go right now, both of us are at risk” he said as he drags her to the car.

He opened the car for her and she enters and the applied the seat belt.

While the hunter followed the other side and takes lead on driving.

So he quickly started the car and reversed with force and started driving away with a heavy speed.

“So where the hell is the place that we are running to”

“Where do you think that it will be safe for us right now” Ana asked the guy who was so busy on his driving.

“I can’t explain where we are going to right now to you because you don’t know it” The guy replied making Anna to look at him with her eyes widely opened.

As she started breathing heavily thinking that it was a trick.

“You mean I can’t know this place we are going to?” Anna asked as the guy nods while being so concentrated on his driving.

“Yeah you don’t know it, it mostly the hunters hide out whenever the war turns to red like this” The hunter said as Anna breathes down heavily and placed her hand on her chest.

As she slowly started resting her head on top of the chair.

But the guy has gotten to where he need to reverse and he did not inform her as he holds break.

“Heyah!” Anna screamed as she shifts forward from her chair with force.

But although the seat belt held her very tight, she could have ended up using her head to hit the glass of the car.

But thanks to the seat belt.

“What the hell…” She was still trying to shout at the guy when the guy rotated his steering to the right hand side.

And then kicked off the car which made her to fall aside.

“You duck! What’s wrong with you! Why don’t you take it easy !” Anna shouted at the guy.

“So sorry boss, but we need not to slow down till we get to where we are going to, this is becoming dangerous” The guy replied and then increased his speed.

Which made Anna to start suspecting something, this movement doesn’t look clear to her at all.

“Hey you will need to stop this car because I did not understand you anymore!” Anna shouted but the guy did not mind her anymore.

He continues his driving nonstop.

“Hey stop this car!”

★The Gardner’s Highschool★

The school was added in a view although there are no students outside the school compound.

It is of course very sure that all the students was inside the school compound.

Only solders and community securities was seeing roaming about in the school.

Although they surrounded the dead body of the girl who was killed.

The news casters were there and so many other corps were there.

Besides, the person that was killed looks like she is alone because since her death no one had showed up to claim her body.

And it was lastly the forces that came to claim her in the name of the government.

“Hey you get her body !” the IG. orders the rescue team that are ready to take her away with the necessary equipment.

So they lifted her body and take her away and just a few minutes later that she is being taken away.

And all the soldiers and police entered their car and it was left for them to drive away.

Meanwhile there is this specific soldier who was grabbing his gun very tight and as their car started.

He was looking at his front but then he felt that something just passed him at his side outside the car.

He slowly turns his face as he looks at the side and slightly saw the movement of something closed to the bush.

And just in the bush started shaking, the trees in the bush was as well shaking.

“Hey are you seeing this!?” The soldier said to the other guy at his side.

And without asking a question the guy looks at where he was pointing and he noticed the same thing.

“Everyone get down, emergency, hidden strange!” the two guys started hearing the other of the IG.

Every of the soldiers started jumping out of the car as they all aimed readily at the bush.

While the commander was standing at the front of them as he raised his hands up and then points out his two fingers.

And he used the fingers to demonstrate to them that they should come on after him.

In slowly and in aiming target the soldiers placed their gun first and then started going into the bush to check what it is.

The bush was silent, the trees started shaking, everywhere becomes quiet again.

While about five soldiers were shown as they were taking one lane while entering the bush.

And just in the one in front raised his hand and ordered about two of them to follow another way.

Humbly about two of them followed another side while the remaining three in this lane continues their target.

But it is not up to ten seconds that they left.

“No!” one of the soldiers voice voiced very hard like he is dying.

And this three soldiers that are here cocks their gun and aims steadily at where the voice sounded.

Just in the body of their men fly out of the bush and landed in their presence and they discovered that his head has been chopped off.

“Hell…. What the fuck is this!” one of the soldiers said as he is already breathing heavily.

While the others looked at them selves with a strange eyes.

Only his corpse is remaining and his body was pumping blood out of his neck.

So the soldiers moves backward in fear as they aims steadily because they can hear the voice of the beast coming forward.

“No!” the remaining guy among the two guys that left shouted as they saw him landing down from the tree.

And it was really shocking to them, like what the hell is he doing up in the tree.

But as soon as the guy landed they saw this guy with wings on top of the soldier.

It was well shown how he has already eaten the soldiers neck.

While the soldier was just at the ground shaking as he is dying.

The soldiers started walking close to the guy as he was still bending his head.

His head was still hidden so they are yet to capture his face.

So this three guys surrounded him with their guns as he was looking at the ground.

“Who are you!” The commander of the soldiers said.

“Huh!” the beast grumbled as he then looks up.

“What… The hell… Is this…” the commander said when the beast raised his face.

His face was filled with blood his eyes are dark as well.

While the master cocks his gun and fired one bullet on his head.

While the bullet made him to shift his head to the other side.

And slowly he returns his head as it heals instantly.

“No!” the commander shouted as the next thing he was seen was him flying up in the sky and ended up piercing into a dried branch of tree.

Blood flows out of his mouth as the beast turns and looks at the soldiers.

“No….!” The soldiers screamed very loud as they started shooting at him.

He dashed to the other one as he grabs him on his throat and was rotating around with his wings widened.

He keeps rotating as the other one keeps shooting at him.

The next thing the guy recognized was his head rolling down on the ground.

While he fling away the one he was holding in his hand and as the guy was flying away.

He rotated and used his wing to cut off his head and the body fly away as his head falls on the ground.

Bullets of the soldiers started coming from different corners which means that the soldiers have recognized that he is in this place.

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The General Commander was still outside the bush with some soldiers waiting for goodness.

But then they started hearing the heavy gun battle inside the bush.

“Dismiss this school!” The commander commanded and then one of the soldier started running into the school.

And just in everywhere in the forest goes silent, no noise no gun but no soldiers showed up.

And the commander was still standing there boldly when the beast flew out of the bush.

The beast grabbed his neck as he keeps screaming till the beast killed him by breaking his neck bone.

While the remaining soldiers outside started shooting at him.

“Ah…. No….”



The students started screaming as they started running out of the school to different directions.

Anyone that knows anyway that would lead him home safely he will follow there.

Meanwhile teacher Josephine was still inside looking so careless at what is happening.

Just in her students ran into her office.

“Teacher what’s going on, what’s happening, are we all gonna die?” The students asks.

“Yes” Teacher Josephine simply answered without stressing herself.

While the students looks at them selves surprisingly as they started breathing heavily.

“Why are you guys surprised, yes you all gonna die..!” Teacher Josephine said to them with a serious look on her face.

“Why…?” one of the students asked.

“Can any of you tell me that you don’t know that Aaron is innocent of what he suffered through when he was alive?” The teacher asked as they looks at themselves.

Josephine gets up from her seats and walks around.

“You see when we have someone we don’t know the value of the person”

“We all know that Aaron cannot hurt anyone” Josephine said as she takes a breathe.

“And just because he is intelligent, that created ripple in you all and you allowed Sarz and Dizzy to conspire against him”

“And today you guys are been suffered for it” The teacher said.

“But how does that concern this thing….” One of the students was still about to ask something when Josephine interrupted.

“Because they have been afraid of his face, that is why killings happens in secret”

“And now that he is no more! The beasts in the city had risen again!”

Josephine said as they heard a heavy sound of explosion.

Which they all screamed and covered their head while some when to check through the window.

“What the fuck!” one of the guy said as they saw the beast with wing lifting armoured car using it to crash another.

“Trust me!” Josephine said as everyone of them looks at her.

“You have only seen just the beginning” She said as she vanishes.

“Heeeeeey!!?!” everyone screams.

……..To Be Continued……