The Wolf Among Us

The wolf among us episode 40




Episode 40

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

It was a lonely home in the middle of the forest, although it was a hut.

The hunters car was parked at this compound.

Anna was standing while resting her body on top of the car with her arms folded.

The soft breeze was going on smoothly as her hair was dancing around with the breeze.

“Hey Anna, come on I made something for you” The guy that brought her here said to her.

The guy was standing at the door and widened his hand and placed it on the door.

But Anna did not mind him, she just postured the way they was without uttering any word to him.

“You are okay?” The guy asked.

She still keeps silent at him as she was looking at the bird that was flying at the sky.

While the guy breathes heavily and reaches closer to her.

“I know you have been troubled because we are out of town”

“But trust me…” the guy was still saying but Anna shut him up.

“Shyt the fuck up Joel!” Anna shouted to him.

Joel shut up and looks at the ground with a smirk, after looking at the ground for a while he breaths in.

“I don’t fucking want to know anything, I need you to tell me what we are doing here!” Anna shouted.

“We are of course hiding here!!” Joel shouted back at her as he points at the ground with his eyes widely opened.

He blinks his eyes as he calms down realizing that he is referring to the boss.

“Am so sorry for raising my voice at you, but you should know that we are here for hide out” the hunter replied.

Anna looks at him quietly in his face as he continues speaking.

But it was just like as if she is not getting all that he is trying to explain.

“So please Anna… You….” The guy said as he tries to touch her.

“Hiss…..” Anna hissed and left him aside and then steps into the hut.

★Later That Evening★

The fire which they made out side the hut was burning, providing light for them.

This guys were not afraid been there, they don’t Even care what if wild animal sights that fire of them and decided to attack them.

But besides, they are hunter, they should be strong enough to withstand whatsoever wide that tries to attack them.

“So… You mean we can’t go back to the city now?” Anna asked as she was eating the piece of meat in her hand.

And so as Joel with his own piece of meet which he take a bite before answering Anna.

“No Anna we cannot go back to the city” Joel replied.

“Why?” Anna asked.

“Well… That is because we cannot stand the force at the city right now” Joel explained as he kindly keeps the piece of meat in his hand near the fire.

And that is to show that he is already fed up, he is done eating.

“And why do you say that we shouldn’t go back? Which force are you talking about?” Anna asked as she takes another bite from her meet and then keeps the remaining one.

And then clasped her fingers waiting for Joel to reply but he is still taking time to reply.

“But I thought that you said that am stronger than the master?” Anna asked as Joel nods.

“Exactly what I said, female boss are always stronger than the masters” Joel said as he looks directly to her face.

“But…” He said as he takes a breathe.

“That is only when they are being angered” Joel said.

And then Anna get up from where she was sitting with force.

“Then lets go!” Anna said to him.

“Anna there are stronger forces at the city now”

“No hunter can survive in that city now, because those forces hate hunters” Joel said as Anna started looking at him in surprise.

What must have he meant by stronger forces.

“What other forces except for the guys that attacked the hunters?” Anna asked as she kindly seats back on her seat.

“I know you will be surprised” Joel said as she picks up a leave on the ground and throw it up and as it is falling he catches it.

“Let me clear you” Joel said as he seats properly and then throw away the leave.

“Aaron is the god of werewolves, he is a powerful as I can’t express”

“No body can stand him, we only got the chance to get him only because he is yet to understand his powers” Joel said.

While Anna nods waiting to hear the rest of the story.

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“So…” Joel said as he looks at his shirt when he felt that something was moving on him.

And he saw that it was just a little insect and he get it and throw it away.

“So the presence of Aaron have been putting those guys in fear, I mean the beasts in fear because they can’t stand him”

“So now that we have killed him, the dooms of Marvelic city has risen” Joel explained.

While Anna grabbed him on his shirt immediately.

“Wait… Wait….” The guy said in surprised while Anna grabbed him even more tighter.

“So you guys knew this and yet you killed him” Anna said to Joel.

As she kindly leaves him and angrily punched the tree which was close to them.

“Yes we knew” Joel replied.

“Then why the hell did you killed him!?” Anna asked with an angered voice.

“Because we are hoping that we go back to the supernatural gods and get the weapons”

“And the necessarily magics needed in killing the beasts” Joel said.

And then Anna paused and then seats down gently as she was steadily looking at Joel’s face.

“Tell me more about this supernatural gods?” Anna requested.

And then Joel keeps silent and looks at her for a while before explaining.

“This supernatural gods, Skoll and Hati”

“The power of chaos lies in their hand, those guys are super strong”

“They were born through magic” Joel explained while Anna keeps looking at him.

“Hmm” Anna said as she looks at the ground and then licks her lips.

“So… Are those guys against werewolves too?” Anna asked.

“Those guys are wolves” Joel replied as he looks directly to Anna’s face.

And can understand that Anna is so confused right now.

“If then they are wolves too, while the hell are they giving you guys the opportunity to kill werewolf?” Anna asked with a confused look on her face.

“Because they are evil, forget about Aaron, the other werewolves that exist before him” Joel said as he takes a breathe.

“Were all evil, and some are still evil presently so… That’s it, they fight crime sometimes” Joel explained.

While Anna nods her head slowly.

“So have you met this guys before?” Anna asked.

Joel waves his head.

“No I have never met those guys in my life, although non of us have met him” Joel replies.

“Only the master have met him before, and they were the one that provided us the weapon that weekends werewolves” Joel said.

“Wow!” Anna said excitedly as she gets up from where she was seating and started running to the car.

“Where the hell are you going to?”Joel asked.

“Come on get up lets go meet them” Anna said excitedly.

While Joel chuckled but did not move an inch from where he was seating, he was only laughing at her.

“What’s funny?” Anna asked.

“And you think that you can meet him with car?” Joel said.

While Anna relaxed her body on top of the car as she folds her arms looking so tired.

“So how do we meet him?” She asked as she started coming closer.

“Only the master can meet them, you also can meet them only if you have learned the magic donned by the master” Joel said to her.

While she stand still and looks at him for a while and then continue coming closer.

“So you mean that we can never meet these guys again” Anna asked.

“Exactly what I mean” Joel replied and then Anna seats closer to him as she calms herself down.

“But maybe we can stay till the day you will learn how to visit those guys” Joel said to her.

“So I can?” Anna asked.

“Yes you can, it is just like a flying smoke, I don’t know….”

“But I know that you will be able to perform that someday” Joel said to her.

“So what do we do for now?” Anna asked with a cool voice.

“We stay here” Joel replied and Anna turns and look at him angrily.

“Till when!!”

She yelled at him with a loud voice as her eyes glows dark.

“Okay calm down please…” Joel said to her with a calm voice and was trying to cool her mind.

And slowly her eyes returns to normal as she closes it for a while and slowly opened it.

“Okay maybe we should think of what to do” Joel said as he rubs his hand together.

After the hot argument, they calmed down and started discussing a way out normally.

“So I think that the only thing we would need to do right now is to reconcile with the beasts” Anna suggested.

“What the hell…!” Joel replied with shock because that word alone is an abomination to the hunters.

Not talking about taking that action, the hunters work is to chase the Beast’s away from the city not make friends with them.

“No… That’s….” Joel was still trying to say something but Anna interrupted.

“Not all of them, we make friends with some and initiate them into the dark eyes team”

“And after that we can use them to fight the rests but we are not fighting for the people anymore” She said as she takes a breathe.

While Joel was nodding to her words which means that he is getting everything she is saying.

“The people don’t fucking care about us, so we are fighting to make this city ours!”

“The people will obey and work by our rules! do you get me?” Anna said while Joel nodded.

“Got you boss” Joel replied

“But how are we gonna get the beasts to join us?” Joel added.


This place looks so good.

The building and the way everywhere was constructed so nice.

But this place however looks so lonely and silent.

Although there are still some other houses at the side.

But just few of them was at the side and at the same time it looks like the place have been abandoned.

Or a place that is mostly visited in a while.

However, only Juan was outside the building, she was seating all alone.

Tears never goes dry on her face, the lines of tears was still in her eyes and was still glowing out of her eyes.

She was seating near a pillar as she was totally looking at nothing, just thinking always.

Thinking of Aaron, keep blaming herself steadily and always.

“Juan…?” A voice sounded in her back and she looks at her back gently and it was Dizzy.

Dizzy gently steps closer to her and sat besides her.

“Juan are you gonna continue like this…? It is okay… Please?”

“Do you want to perish in sorrow a…” Dizzy was still saying but Juan interrupted.

“Yes… Please just allow me to, I don’t think that I deserve happiness” Juan replied as more tears flows down from her eyes.

“It is okay Juan, listen to me….” Dizzy was still saying but she still interrupted again.

“Am not gonna listen to any shit until Aaron’s body is being found!” Juan yelled at Dizzy.

“But I promised you that we gonna…”

“Keep the fucking promise to yourself, I need action, I want to see the action” Juan interrupted .

And then Dizzy takes a heavy breathe and then placed his hand on top of Juan’s shoulder.

“You are only saying this Juan because we brought you to a secured place” Dizzy said to her.

“I don’t understand you!?” Juan replied.

“Juan the city is no longer safe now, we need to stay here for a while for now”

“I promise you that we will get his body for you okay? Come on, you are safe”

“I made a nice food for you” Dizzy said as he holds her on her hand and take her inside.

While Sarz was shown to be looking at them from the window.

This place is dark

A lady was seating at the corner and someone that is covered with wrapper was also seating at the the other side.

While fire was burning at their center.

“You are welcome back Aaron, can see that you are angry, your heart is boiling” The voice continue enchanting.

“Revenge is nocking on your door, I see killings but beware, I see you ended up killing her”

And it was portrayed as Juan is being stabbed with the claws of unknown wolf.

..To be continued…….

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