The wolf among us episode 5




Episode 5

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

★The GardNer’s Highschool★

Juan was seen as she was struggling to reach out to her car.

But the injury in her leg was not letting her keep moving on.

And she was badly injured, while she struggled to reach but she can’t and she just fell on the ground.

And one guy who was passing run to her immediately.

“Hey…..? what’s Wrong? what happened to you?” The guy said as he was trying to help her get to her car.

Juan was just breathing heavily as she was feeling so much pain.

She can’t walk at all, the guy tried his best to help her but the situation is not helping matter.

It keep getting worst and then the guy kept her on the ground.

“Please…. help me…” Juan said with a moaning painful voice as she closed her eyes while holding her wounded leg with her two hands.

“Huh, this is really serious!” The guy said as he stares at the injury.

It personally looks like there is poison in it and then he breathes in and out.

“Okay, wait for me here, am coming, I have something for you”, the young man said as he ran away.

And in a minute time he came back with a substance on his hand which he applied to the injury slowly.

“Ah! easy please!” Juan screamed in pain.

“Don’t worry, you are going to be fine in no due time” the guy promised her.

And after applying it he helped her get to her feet and sat her under a flower tree.

And while they were waiting for the pain to go away, Juan noticed how the guy was staring at her.

She looked at his face and their eyes met but she quickly pushed her eyes away as she stares at the injury on her leg.

And then this guy steps closer and sat beside her.

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“What are you still doing at school? you use to go home on time?” The guy asked and then she looks at his face.

And tears were almost running out of her eyes but she managed to hold herself.

“Don’t worry about that, that’s a long story” Juan responded to him.

“So… what about you?” Juan asked.

“I forgot something and I came to pick it up and just for me to see you struggling here” The guy replied.

“Well thank you very much, what’s your name?” Juan asked.

“Am Joshua and best known as Josh” Joshua responded and Juan nods.

“Am Juan, and am really grateful to you for helping me out” Juan said.

“No problem” Josh said as he gets up from where he was sitting.

“I think you are getting fine by now?” Josh asked as he bent down and stares at her injury again.

And then she gently stand up and tries it out and it was no longer that painful to her.

Although it was still painful but at least it can let her walk now.

“Wow this is so amazing, I can walk now, thank you very much Josh” Juan said with an innocent look on her face.

“Never mind, it is nothing, but I assure you that the pain will go just some minutes away”

“And the wound won’t hesitate to heal in just one night” Josh promised her as he stares at the remaining portion of the medicine.

“Hmm, the medicine must be magical” Juan said out of excitement.

“What’s the name? so that I can be able to get it from the market, in case of another time?” Juan requested.

And Josh smiled as he walks around as he stares at the medicine bottle again.

“Hmm, the medicine is not in the market, it was made by my father” Josh replied.

“Wow, that’s so amazing of him” Juan said as she nods.

“Yeah, it was specifically made for supernatural beings, it cures their wounds in a minute” Josh said as Juan stares at him.

“Really, come…” Juan said as she drags him backwards and sat him down on top of the root of the flower tree.

“What do you know about supernatural beings?” Juan asked because it seems that she is now getting a solution to Aaron’s problem.

“Well” Josh said as he looks down and then looked back at her.

“The little I know, my grandfather was once a wolf before he died on the last attack of the hunters that killed everything werewolf” Josh said as Juan calms her ear down.

“This medicine bottle was what he was using then to cure his injury that goes too much deep that he can’t heal” Josh said as Juan nods.

“So the only thing it does to supernatural beings is to heal them?” Juan asked and Josh nods.

“And I heard you said that the hunters did something to them?” Juan asked.

“Yeah, my father didn’t survive that attack and am sure that no werewolf in this city did” Josh said.

And then Juan’s mind reflected on how Aaron came into the city, he is not from this town.

That means that the attack must have taken place before Aaron’s arrival.

“Are you okay?” Josh asked immediately he discovered that something was running through Juan’s mind.

But Juan pretended like nothing happened “Nothing actually….”

“Just wondering on the magical medicine, but anyways can I buy the medicine from you?” Juan requested.

“Not really” Josh replied and waved his hand to Juan.

“Goodbye” He said as he tries to walkaway.

“Wait but can I call of help anytime am in need of that medicine?” Juan requested.

“Sure…” Josh said as he walks away and then Juan gently entered her car and drive away, heading straight to home.

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Meanwhile Aaron was shown to be sitting in a lonely bush.

Only trees and grass and birds also are located in the forest.

It was just like exactly the same trees and grass that is in the way where Alice was passing through when she was stopped.

Although Aaron was not shown to be in a good mood.

Line of tears were rushing down from his eyes as he was looking straight.

And then he covered his eyes with his two hands as he cries out slowly.

“What a life is this….? no peace of mind from birth?”

“From one problem to another, what have I done wrong to this world!” he was murmuring to himself as he was crying.

“Why is everything about me always deferent? oh when will all these stop?”

“Alice was right after all, I don’t need to be living with humans” Aaron said as he raised up his head.

“People have lost their lives because of me, this don’t have to continue”

“I think that it is time to go home, let me go and have whatever it is that comes after me” Aaron said as he cleans up his tears.

“Go and make sure I apologize to Juan and make sure that what happened never repeats itself again”

“That girl have done enough for me, I have treated her wrong… Hmmm…” Aaron said as he picks up his bag which he left at the ground.

And then dusted away the dried leaves on it “If she accepts me which I know she will do”

“I will make sure that she lives to be forever happy and protected in the rest of her life” Aaron said as he wears his bag on his back.

And then heads home immediately.

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Juan was still on the high way speeding straight to home.

On getting to a location she saw a car stopped at the middle of the highway.

“Hmm, why the fuck did someone parked his car in a busy way like this?” Juan said as she keeps driving close.

Besides she have never noticed that it was Alice car because she is not that yet closed to the car.

While she was going closer she was slowing down her speed till she started seeing the car clearly.

“Is this car for someone else or is it not for Alice?” Juan said as she drives more closer.

And stares at the car very well “This is Alice’s car… but what is Alice doing here”

“Hmm, I just hope that it shouldn’t be what am thinking, hope Alice did not planned something else against Aaron” Juan said as she lowers her front glass.

And then bring out her head from the glass and stares at the car.

However, she was only seeing the back of the car only and the glass of the car was black.

So there is no way she can see who is inside the car and in front of the car.

“Hmm, the way here looks so silent, am afraid…” Juan said as she stared around the bush.

And then gathered up the courage which she used to call on Alice.

“Alice! Alice! are you there!?” she called on her but she heard a slight noise instead which got her more scared.

And then she stepped out of her car and slowly walks to Alice car.

And while moving closer she discovered that the front of her car was destroyed.

And then from there she stares at inside the car “Aaah!” Juan screamed in fear as she moves backwards.

And with the force she used to move backward she fell down.

But she was just still using her hand to support her leg and keep dragging herself backward.

She couldn’t believe what she saw, she saw Alice’s head chopped off and kept on the floor of the car.

Only Alice’s dead body was seen sitting at the drivers seat while blood was pumping out of her throat.

“Oh my God! wat!” She said as she was breathing heavily.

“No, no! no! nooo! my eyes tell me that you are deceiving me”

“No! Almighty this cannot be Alice!” Juan said as she managed to get up from the ground with tears and ran back to the car.

And looked at the cut off heads at the ground very well and it is clearly Alice.

There is no deceive there, this is her car and that is the color of her hair although her face was covered with blood.

“No! Aaron!!!! no!!!!!” Juan screamed in tears as she falls on top of the car.

“Alice am very sorry, I never knew that things would go this way”

“I could have listened to you and know that Aaron is a demonic beast!”

“Am very sorry! Alice!” Juan said as she keeps crying on top of Alice’s car.

“I have finally regretted ever knowing someone called Aaron”

“I promise you Alice! your death will never go for Free, I will avenge you”

“And I must accomplish what you failed and wished to do before you die!” Juan said as she falls on the ground.

Sitting like a frustrated soul just like she is on the ground.

“Aaron…. you have thought me a bitter lesson, there is no other thing you see to do to me!”

“And all you have to do is killing my only sister, I know that you will be ready of what comes next” Juan said in sorrow.


A lonely house was located at a mountain and it looks so quiet.

Juan’s car was shown as it drives forward to the mountain.

Besides there are some vegetation that covered the way, only someone who is inside the forest can noticed that a car was passing.

While she was driving forward there was a writing at the signboard that says “Stop, the hunters!”

And she kindly park her car and used leg to move toward but while getting to a place an arrow was shut and it pinned on her front stopping her from moving forward.

So she looks up and saw a man donned in black at the tree and as he jumped down immediately.

While Juan was just shading tears, she know that she don’t have to do this but she has no option.

When the hunter jumped down he walked round her “what are you doing here? you came to cry?” the hunter asked.

“I know the werewolf” She said with a cracked voice and the hunter stares at her as he removes his eyes glass.

….To Be Continued….

Does any of them need to be blamed? Aaron or Juan?