The wolf among us episode 8




Episode 8

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“Say your last prayer!” they said to him.

While Aaron was busy struggling on the ground as he was breathing heavily.

And then he stares at them and checked the space that the cage has.

And he discovered that the cage is too tight for four men to lie on.

The hunter was busy bringing his dagger closer to his head.

And Aaron used his last strength to grab his hand and turn it back to him as he stab him in his chest.

The hunter fell down and then the others tried to rush in.

He dived with his last strength and followed under their legs.

And while they tried to turn back he kicked one of their legs and he fell down making others fall too.

And then he moves backward as he stares at them and he can see that they are struggling to get up.

And then he turned and started running but he was not too far when they came out of the cage.

Two of them started chasing him while the other two quickly get their bow prepared as they climbed on top of the cage.

Where they can be able to catch him with one shot.

The first one arranged his arrow and shoots it at Aaron.

And it directly went to him and shot his one leg.

“Ugh!!!” he screamed as he fell down on the ground.

But he keeps struggling to get away, he is already close to the bush, and he was just struggling to see if he can get into the bush where they will need to look for him before getting him.

Not here that they can even sight him from afar, so while he was shot.

He fell down and looked back and saw that the other two were seriously coming for him.

He struggled with one leg and tried to continue running when another arrow came and pinned down on the remaining leg.

And he still fell down again, and it was just so bloody.

Because those arrows he keeps receiving are made with a heavy poison that kills the wolf within some minutes.

He was just so lucky that he is still alive, but the kind of blood rushing out of his nose and mouth was just too much.

Even his eyes too, blood was rushing out of them like tears.

While he was shot in the two legs, he looked back again and those guys are still coming after him.

He tries to get up from the ground but he can’t, doesn’t even have the power to stand even if he has two legs.

But he is close to the bush already, just a little space.

All he did was to grab the nearest tree and used it to drag himself forward.

And then he was able to get inside the bush, but while he get in.

It was just leaves that were covering him, he need to run deeper to inside the forest in other to find a secure place to hide.

But the strength is not there and came to think of it, this is a vegetation mountain.

He was just resting on top of a big stone, anything that makes him leave his present location.

He can’t be able to hold anything and if he did not hold something very strong.

If his hand mistakenly removes? he will fall down from that mountain.

And if he ever falls from the mountain, he can never survive it.

Before reaching the ground he might be able to hit through many trees.

And might end up hitting his head in a stone and he knows what’s going to happen.

He reasons all this and discovered that it was not possible for him to jump down.

But does he have to wait till the enemies catch him?

Of course not, he needs to jump down and whatever comes out is decided by his fate.

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★The GardNer’s Highschool★

The teacher was shown at his office, the teacher that was popularly known as teacher Emma.

She was putting on her eyes glass as she was scanning through a book.

But it all looks like she is not feeling fine, she is not just comfortable with Aaron’s condition.

She was just sitting restlessly since she heard the news about Aaron.

She tried to continue with what she is doing but it didn’t let her.

She just pulled off her eyes glass with force as she covers her face with her palms.

And then breathes in and out as she started walking around.

Looking for what to do in other to save Aaron, so she was walking about in her office as some thoughts were running through her.

“I can’t let that innocent boy die, I can’t sit here and get the news that he is dead”

“I just have to do something even as I know that I won’t be able to save him”

“Then I just have to try my best,” The teacher said as she nods her head.

And in the same minute, her office was opened without knocking at the door.

She stared to know who it is quickly and it is Anna.

“What’s wrong with you Anna? are you out of your sense?” The teacher asked as Anna stares at her somehow.

And then she pretended like nothing happened as she gently went back to her chair and sat down.

“How dare you barge into my office without knocking!?” Teacher Emma asked with a low and slow voice.

And then Anna started walking closer and when she reached she served herself sit without waiting for Emma to offer her.

“Because…. am here to discuss something more important than knocking at the door with you”, Anna said.

But the way she acted and her behavior feel so disrespectful to the teacher.

“Alright just stand up from that seat and you know the same way you stepped into the office?” Emma said as Anna smirks instead as she looks at the ground.

“Just get up and leave my office!” Emma says as she hits her hand on top of the desk.

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“Like seriously? you wouldn’t wanna know…” Anna was still saying but Teacher Emma interrupted.

“Just stand up and get out of here now!” Emma said angrily as she points at the door.

“Alright am here to talk about Aaron okay..? but if you want me to leave”

“So be it then,” Anna said as she stands up and tries to walk away.

Although she was just expecting Teacher Emma to beg her.

So as she was leaving Emma called her back immediately.

“Alright, Alright, am so sorry okay,” Teacher Emma said as Anna turns to stare at her.

“Am sorry, I was just annoyed because of the way you acted” Teacher Emma said.

“But didn’t I tell you that I have something that is more important than that?” Anna asked as she folds her hand.

“Yes you did and I can see that it is really more bigger than nocking”

“Alright have your seat,” The teacher said as she uses her hand to arrange the seat for Anna.

And then Anna sat on it properly as if the office is now hers.

“So tell me what do you know about Aaron? Teacher Emma asked.

“Well I know nothing about him but the few I know can be of help,” Anna said as Emma nods.

“I was told that he has been arrested by the hunters for being a werewolf, oh sorry,” She said as she hits her head.

“I was told that Juan called the hunters for him and they arrested him,” Anna said.

“Yeah, and I was wondering how Juan got to the conclusion that he is the one that killed her sister”

“When she said that she has never seen him killing anybody?” Emma said.

“Me too I wondered about the way she just concluded on what to do,” Anna said as she raises her shoulder up and down.

“I wonder how she will feel if, in the end, Aaron wasn’t the one that killed her sister,” Anna said as the teacher clasped her hands.

“It will be very pitiful”, The teacher said as she waves her head from side to side.

“Well, all I can say is that all the love they have been sharing in school is fake,” Anna said as Emma reacted.

“You can’t be serious? look I wouldn’t blame her in this situation”

“This is a matter of blood okay? this made her sister die”

“Some people might even do the worst if they were in her shoes” Teacher Emma replied.

“That’s actually what am trying to say, there is no real love in there”

“If the love was there that couldn’t have happened,” Anna said.

“So who is the course? what are you trying to say?” Emma asked.

“Am trying to say that Juan did not love Aaron, and that is why she reported him without even asking him a question” Anna said as the teacher stares at her for a second.

“Anna…” Teacher Emma called on her name.

“Yes..?” She answered as she opens her eyes widely.

“Are you here to bring a solution to save Aaron or you are here to judge?”

“I thought that you are her friend, why not go and advice her?” Emma said to Anna.

“The one you told her is not enough, because I heard you talking to her,” Anna said.

“I believe she will listen to yours” Emma replied.

“Instead of trying to convince her, let’s go and try to save Aaron”

“Who might be out there struggling with life with the hunters if yet he is not dead,” Anna said as Emma gets up from her sit.

“Wait… you know Aaron where about? like do you know the hunter’s place?” teacher Emma asked.

“Yes I know their whereabouts but I don’t think that I know how we can escape them,” Anna said.

“Hmm,” Teacher Emma said as she looks down because visiting the hunters without a plan of escape is like committing suicide.

“That is really a tough one, let’s think about something” Teacher Emma said.

“There is nothing to think about here, let’s just go, or…” Anna said as she stands up from her seat.

“Do you want us to go with guns?” Anna whispered.

“Noo… that…” The Teacher was saying but Anna interrupted.

“Exactly what am saying, there is nothing else we can think Of”

“Let’s just go there and let our fate decide if we are to die or not,” Anna said.

You are right, follow me let’s use my car and start going immediately.

The teacher said as they ran into her car immediately.

“Why have you decided to do this? having a crush on him?” Teacher Emma asked Anna.

“Not really but… yes actually….. what about you?” Anna said in a confused way.

“He is just too special for me, I can never sit and watch him die,” Teacher Anna said as she starts her car and drive off at speed.

And then Juan was shown as she was staring at them through the window from her class.

Her facial expression can show it all that she was just wondering where Anna is going with Teacher Emma.

….To Be Continued…..

Advice for Juan?

•Will Aaron ever going to survive this kind of situation?