The Wrong Bride

The wrong bride episode 11 – 12


πŸ₯Ί(Being his bride )πŸ₯Ί
(An Indian romance)
Written by Bella writes ☺️☺️☺️
Chapter 11
With the help of the guards,we got safely into a car that was waiting for us.

This is my first time in the states, have never been out of India before and just being here made me feel strange.

Though I will like touring the city,I still felt some how out of place.

I turned to stare at Justin, he was with his laptop and from the serious look on his face, he was immersed in his work.

I hardly know any thing about him, Neither do I know any thing about his family

“Why are you starring at me, do you have some thing to say?”he asked without looking up

“Well it’s just that i don’t know any thing about your family and judging from all this,I think you are taking me to live with them right?”I asked

“Yes I am taking you to live with my family And as for meeting them, you will see them soon”I said

“Okay”I replied gently

Soon the car drove into a large gate and when it finally stopped infront of a mansion, I amazed by the house beauty and structure.

I was still reeling from the shock when the door opened And I got out of the car

Justin took hold of my had as I stared at him surprise.

Just being close to him disgust him , So why is he suddenly holding my hand, I thought as I looked at him again.


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saw him looking ahead and I followed his gaze only to see a lady who looked exactly like Justin himself, judging from her look, she must be in her late fifties .

Then there were two girls who, they both looked beautiful in their designer out fit and the way they were starring at me, got me feeling mortified.


man who was dressed in a uniform walked towards us,bowing as he took our bags from us

“He is Gaston, our butler, hope you know what that means”he asked and I gave him an angry look

“Don’t forget that I was going to school when you married me”I returned and then gave him a smile which he returned with an angry look

Tightening my hand, he pulled me towards the female who were watching my every move

“Mom”he called softly as he stared at the older woman

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She gave me a look, a downgrading look at that, have never been more embarrassed in my life.i thought as I held Justin hand tightly

“This is my wife Prachi”he said

“Prachi this is my mom and my stepsisters Cassandra and Bianca”he said as he introduced us to each other

“Nice to meet you all”I said softly and suddenly the one that had been addressed as Cassandra burst out laughing

“Her English is not that good, where on earth did you pick her from?”She said and when she saw Justin angry expression she apologised but I knew that it was not a sincere one

“Let’s go in, it must have been a long journey for the both of you”His mother said as she walked in with Justin and i following her

“Gaston would you please show Prachi the room she will be sharing with her husband, I want to talk to Justin privately”She said those words meaning them for me to hear

“If you will come with me Ma’am” Gaston said and quickly I left with him upstairs.

The room he led me into was quite huge, this could be half of our house, I thought as I went to drop my things on the bed

“This was the boss room and now that you are married to him, you should also share the room”Gaston said

“Thank you “I said to him and he left the room.

At least he is the only one that have treated me with civility ever since I walked into the house.


explored the room, touching personal things of Justin and while I was poke nosing,I saw a picture of him and his friends.

So he is also the sociable type, I thought he never had friends due to his personality.

I saw a novel on the desk and quickly I picked it up only for picture to fall out.

It was a picture of Justin along with a blonde lady who was [email protected] in his arms and they were kissing.

Just then the door opened and the picture fell from my hand.

“Well, well, well if it’s not the famous Indian bride”Cassandra said as she walked towards me

“What do you want?”I asked starring at her

“Wow, so you can even speak,I thought all Indian brides are only to nod when being spoken to”she said

“Well am not that kind of Indian bride, sorry to disappoint you”I said softly

“Well I am more sorry for you because I knew that Justin didn’t marry you out of love it anything “she said

“And why do you think he married me if it weren’t for love?”I asked

“Don’t make me laugh! Justin is some one who will never marry for love, if he told you that then you are just deluding yourself”She said

“Look I just met you today and am trying my best to be civil towards y……….”

“What’s that?”She asked as she snatched the photo away

She stared at it and gave me a smile “so you have seen the famous Chantelle, I must say they both look hot in this, they must have taken it on one of their hot kinky nights”She said dreamily

“Please give me the picture and leave”I said

“Not until have made it clear to you that Justin belongs to me”She said


“He wouldn’t have told you but Justin and I have been lovers ,so have he been with this Chantelle,he has never been the marrying type, that was why I never asked him for marriage but now it seems that a nobody like you have lured him into marriage “she said

“And I won’t let you have him, Justin belongs to me and me alone, you won’t be taking away what it’s mine”she said and tossed the picture at me before leaving the room

I was still reeling from the impact of her words when I heard a feminine voice from the bath room

“Seems like my sister is already staking her claim” Bianca said as she walked towards me

“How did you get in here?”I asked

“How do you think, Justin and I have been lovers for years and not wanting anyone to know, we created a way for each other and you won’t be able to find that out even if you look”She said as she sat on the bed

“Don’t tell me you are also here to stake your claim”

“Wow,you are smart, I always thought all Indian girls are stupid, seems like you have some thing in there”She said

“What do you want to say?”I asked

“Well it simple and that is for you to get a divorce and leave as you came”she said

“I can’t believe this!”I said

“Am not Cassandra, I don’t just talk ,I also act on my threats, I love Justin and I won’t let a goody two shoes like you steal him from me ,Think about what I said, and when it comes to Justin,I don’t joke”Bianca said and left the room too

Not only is Justin my worst night mare, now do i have to think of this two as my worst night mare too.. ….

πŸ₯Ί(Being his bride )πŸ₯Ί
(An Indian romance)
Written by Bella writes ☺️☺️☺️
Chapter 12
“How can you do this Justin!”my mom yelled as soon as we were in closed doors

“Do what”

“Marrying an Indian girl”

“You should be happy that am finally married that was what you wanted after all right?”I asked

“That’s not what I want, I want to see you married to some one of my choice and besides I have always wished to plan your wedding, to be by your side when you walk down the aisle but you had to do things your way again”she said

“Am sorry mom but every thing happened so fast, I met Prachi while I was dealing with some company problem and I fell in love,her father wouldn’t let her leave with me until I married her and so I did,it’s not a big deal mom”I said

Lying is the best thing for now, I can’t let them know the true story of my marriage.

“But it is to me , I don’t want that girl as your wife, just from her looks you can tell that she is not from a well known family and to top it all she is not like us, she is of another nationality”he said

“What does it matter if she is not of our nationality, I love her and that is why I chose her, so please mom, quit this and just approve my bride”I said

“Do you really love her that much”she asked

“I do”I lied

“Ahhhhh……I don’t know, I just don’t know what to think or say anymore”

“You can start by accepting her first”I implored

“Am sorry son but I can’t, I just can’t approve of her” she said as she left the room.

I should have known that things would turn out like this , I thought as I left the room.

If it had been Priya I Married,I wouldn’t have mind if my mom disapprove, I would have fought the earth just for her but I married Prachi and I don’t feel a thing for her.

Maybe I should just leave her in the hands of my mom and step Sisters

She will surely regret ever marrying me, I thought as I went to the room to meet her.

I stood at the balcony, trying to get myself accustomed to my new surrounding

I can’t believe that I will be living in a place like this.

A place where am not wanted, Cassandra and Bianca have made their dislike known to me and am sure that his mother will also make her dislike known to me too.

What mess have I gotten myself into, I thought as I sighed deeply

“It’s just your first day and you are sighing heavily like that, how will you cope?”Justin asked

“I should be asking you that? Why would you bring me here?”I asked

“This is my home and it’s only right that I bring you here”He said

“To face those lions you call family”I asked feeling angry , I didn’t care if I was being insulting

“Watch your words!”he warned

‘”like your step sisters did when they payed me a visit earlier?” I asked

“So this is about my stepsisters, tell me what they told you”he asked nonchalantly

“That you are their lover, Cassandra was more like I wouldn’t take what is hers and Bianca was like I should get a divorce from. You and leave and she got me more scared by saying that she doesn’t just threaten some one the only person am waiting for right now is your mom too”I said and all he did was to smile

“Don’t listen to them,they wouldn’t do a thing ”

“So easy for you to say right? Well am sorry, I didn’t marry you to die, am leaving as soon as the sun rise tomorrow”I said

“And you think I will allow that?”He said as he stood up

“I don’t care about what you think, I want to go back to India”I said

He walked towards my bag and poured out its content.

He rumage through it and when he couldn’t find what he need, he took my suit case which was still unpacked

“What are you doing?”I asked

He didn’t answer me,he poured out the stuff in it and quickly I went to him

“Are you crazy!!!”I yelled at him as I tried to put my things back but he pushed me away

He then took my passport and all other docvment

“What will you do with those?”I asked

“With out this you won’t be able to leave the country my dear Prachi”he said

“Give that back !”I yelled as I went to him to get him but he pushed me away again

“Don’t think you will be having this again, as long as you are here, you wont be leaving” he said

“Why do you insist on me staying here,No one likes me, you hate me as much as I hate you yet you won’t give me a divorce, what more do you want from me”

“Until I get back at you, I told you not to meddle, that should have been enough warning but you chose not to listen and so you must pay and I will surely make that possible, you can count on it “he said and walked off to the bath room ,still having my passport and other docvments with me.

How will I get out of this mess! I thought as I kept on starring at him.

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