The Wrong Bride

The Wrong Bride episode 15 – 16


🥺(Being his bride )🥺
(An Indian romance)
Written by Bella writes ☺️☺️☺️
Chapter 15
I parked the car right in front of the house and while the driver took over the car, I carried Prachi into my arms

She snuggled close to me and I breathe In her smell

Where on earth did she get this perfume, its a unique smell and I like it, I thought as I kept on breathing in her fragrance

Just then she opened her eyes and stared at me.

“Justin?”she called softly

“You fool! Why will you drink when you know you can’t take it “I muttered softly

“You are the fool,it’s because of you that I drank so much”she said still a bit tipsy

“Why is it because of me?”I asked

“You are mean and cruel! How can you leave me and go off with that doll”she said as she pull my hair

“Ahhhhh!!!! Stop it “I said softly trying not to make noise

Seems like every one have gone off to sleep, I thought as I quickly got to our room and lay her on the bed

She clutched at my lapel and I stared down at her

“What now?”

“You jerk! You snob! You terrible bully! I hate you “she said and sniff a bit and then she let go of me

I smiled as I stood starring down at her, does she know how she reacts when she is drunk

I was about to walk off when I heard her mutter


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am sorry…..but I did it for Priya…….I miss you all”she said as she finally slept off for Good.

Am I being hard on her ? I thought as I stared at her sleeping form on the bed

You must not be considerate,she made fun of you and got married to you, you have to make her pay for what she did


then an idea popped into my head and immediately I got to work.

I woke up due to the sun that was drifting into the room


head hurts a lot, what happened last night?

The last thing I remember was having a drink and then seeing Justin kissing that lady.

Then some where out of every thing,I remembered that I was carried by Justin and then I remembered that I had call him name

Immediately I got up only to see that I wasn’t wearing a thing.

Quickly I covered myself with the sheets and looked beside me only to see Justin there and judging from the way the sheets clung to his n@ked body

He was also n@ked, I thought as I clutched the cloth tightly

He woke up then and he even had the nerve to give me a smile

“I see that you have finally woken up?”he asked

“What happened last night? What am I doing here with you n@ked? “I asked

“Do I have to spell it out to you?”he asked

“Did we…….did you……..”

“We made love Prachi, is that so hard for you to ask ?”he asked

“You touched me knowing that I was drunk?”i. Asked

“You were quite great last night! I enjoyed it”he said

“You jerk?? How can you do this to me?”I asked

“It’s normal between husband and wife and besides this is just the start,I thought I told you that you will regret ever making fun of me right , well this is just the start”he said giving me an evil glare.

🥺(Being his bride )🥺
(An Indian romance)
Written by Bella writes ☺️☺️☺️
Chapter 16
“So you are saying that taking advantage of me is part of how you will make me pay ?”I asked


you want me to spell it out again for you”he asked as he stared at me

“How could you do this Justin”I asked as I clutched the clothe tight to my chest

“Stop whining and get over with it, you enjoyed it as much as I did”he said as he stood up

I closed my eyes not wanting to see his n@ked body and just then i heard him laugh

“Why close your eyes when you have seen it all already”he said as he walked into the bath room.

I layed on the bed feeling used and hurt, I had expected some thing else not this, I thought as I quickly got dressed and left the room.

I was heading down the stairs when I saw Cassandra heading towards me

“I heard you had a lovely party yesterday ” she asked

“Why don’t you ask Justin that?”I said as I walked past her only for her to pull me back

“Don’t think that because you are now Justin wife, you can do as you please, don’t give yourself too much importance, you are not important at all”she said

“I know that,you don’t have to remind me”I said as I pulled my hand from her and walked off

I was about to get out of the house when I heard his mom calling for me

Why won’t these people just leave me alone, I thought as I went back to meet her

“Can I have a word with you”she said and i nodded

She led me into the study and I sat down watching her every move

“I didn’t mean to call you here so sudden but I had to talk to you”she said

“Am listening ma’am”I replied

“It was a shock to me when Justin brought you back as his sorry to be blunt but I have always had some one better, have always thought of some one with class, some one who is independent but it turns out that you are not one of those things”she said and I nodded softly

“What do you really want to say?”I asked

“Leave my son, get a divorce from him”she said

If getting a divorce from would be simple, I would have done it but I have to think of my father who was still in his debt

“I can’t do that Ma’am”I said as I stood up


“I just can’t get a divorce from him, don’t ask me why and please don’t call me to talk about this again, this is between my husband and I “I said and began to leave the room

“Think about it, my offer will still be waiting because I doubt if my son will have you for that long”she said

I left the study only to see Justin by the door and from the look of it, he had heard our conversation.

Ignoring him, I walked past him and head out side

I could hear him calling me but I didn’t answer him

I got to the garden only for him to catch up with me

“Didn’t you hear me calling you?”he asked as he pulled me

“I don’t want to talk to you”I said as I tried to pull away from him

“Well you have no choice, My mother was telling you to leave me right?”he asked

“Yes she was”I replied because I wanted him to let go of me

“What was your response?”he asked

“Why ask me when you heard all of it”

“Just answer me”he said shaking me

“I told her that I won’t be getting a divorce from you”I said

“Why? You could have use that chance to leave “he said

“And watch you ruin my father, well no, I would rather stay here than to let you make my dad suffer”I said

“Such brave words, you keep on sacrificing your self for your family, I wonder what you will be willing to sacrifice for me”he said

“You don’t have to wonder because I will tell you right here, right now, I wouldn’t do any thing to save you, even if you were the last man on earth”I said and I knew that that got him angry

He pulled me into his arms and held me tight

“Let me go !”

“Stay still, we have an audience”he said

“I don’t care if we have an audience, I want you to leave me alone”I said

“I won’t let you make a fool out of me,so stay still or you will force me to do what I don’t want to do”he said

“Let me ……….”I couldn’t complete my sentence because he kissed me

Though I tried to pull away, he was more stronger than me

He deepened the kiss even when I kept rejecting it

Just then I found myself getting excited by the kiss

It got me shivering and I find myself holding him back,kissing him.

Just then some one called behind me and he let go of me immediately

“Hey dude, you are here?”he said as he let go of me and went to meet the guy that interrupted us

I turned only to see the stranger that had rescued me from that disgusting Paul at the party.

And what’s worse, I remember telling him the truth about my wedding with Justin in my drunken state.

Who is he? Why is he here?……….

What will happen next🥺🥺🥺

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