November 29, 2021

The wrong bride episode 36 – 37


πŸ₯Ί(Being his bride )πŸ₯Ί
(An Indian romance)
Written by Bella writes ☺️☺️☺️
Chapter 36

“Just leave Prachi, just do as your sister and Shivam have said, go back to India and pretend that all this never happened,I beg you Prachi leave”he said and stormed out of the study

“He is such a bastard!” Shivam said,watching him leave while Priya came to me holding me.

“I can’t believe he just begged me to leave,he asked me to leave Prachi!”I said as the tears began to pour.

“It’s going to be fine Prachi, you are going to be fine”Priya said but I was damned if I was going to leave the situation in that way.

I pulled out of Priya arms and ran after Justin who was just walking out of the house.

I pulled him by the hand to stopped since calling him didn’t work.


do you want?”he asked looking very angry

“Do you really want me to leave uh? Why the hell do you keep pushing me away when all I want is to be with you”I yelled at him

“You can’t be with me just as much as I can’t be with you, go back to Indian Prachi and pretend that all this was just a dream to you”He said and just then a car drove up the alley stopping beside us and it turned out to be Liam.

“What’s going on?”he asked when he saw our angry faces

“Just getting rid of some one “Justin said as he left his own car and went to get into Liam car.

“Hurry Liam, let’s get out of here”Justin said and quickly I went to his side of the car and stared at him angrily

“If I should leave Justin, you won’t be seeing me again”I yelled at him


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that matter to me Prachi? All I want is for you to leave my life, get out Prachi. I have to rebuild my life and so if you leave I will be able to do so”he said starring away.

Hearing him say that i moved away from the car and he stared at me

“I did my best Justin, I really….really want to stay here but since you have insisted on me leaving, well you win, I will leave your house and never come back”I said as I turned back to the house, heading into it.

I didn’t see wait to see Justin indecisive movement.

He wanted to open the car door to go after me but he stopped and as soon as Liam saw that,he drove off not wanting Justin to convince me to stay.

I stood by the door way watching the car go and I felt like my heart shattering into little pieces that for a while I sat on the floor clutching it in pain.

“Prachi! Prachi!”Priya who had been watching it all ran towards me ,kneeling down beside me.

“How can he just go Priya ? How can he leave with out looking back!”I said crying in Priya arms

“It’s probably for the best Prachi, you two aren’t meant for each other and it’s time you get to know that “She said

“But it’s so unfair,it’s so just unfair “I said as I kept crying in Priya arms while Shivam stood watching us.

“The company down at Mexico will certainly need our attention, I think one of us should…….”Liam stopped talking and punched me on the arm


was that for ?”I said and he point at the docvment which was in front of it

“For not concentrating”He replied

“And who told you that I wasn’t concentrating?”I yelled at him angrily

“You weren’t and that is simply because you haven’t opened a page and tell me what country did I mention to you now?”Liam asked

“How should I know?”I muttered

“It’s definitely shows that you aren’t listening, why don’t you just go back home and when you are okay once again, you can certainly come back here”He said

“She will be there”I muttered softly

“If you are talking about Prachi, she would have left , it’s been over four hours already and from what have seen and heard ,the India plane for today will be leaving very soon, so you don’t have to worry, Prachi is gone already “he said having a smile on. His face

“Why do you have that smile on your face?”I asked Liam

“Well I think that it’s because of you, you certainly don’t want her here, you made it known to her and so why are you sulking around?”he asked

“Do you call this sulking?” I asked starring at him

“Of course, it’s you sulking “He replied sacastically

“Tell me some thing right now, tell me what you would choose between me leaving this office and me staying “I said suddenly

“What sort of question are you asking ?”Liam asked

I stood up wanting to go out when he pulled me back

“Of course I want you to stay, we have a lot of work to do and you just can’t leave me with it”He replied and I gave him a smile

“Why are you smiling ?”Liam asked

“You just gave me an answer, an answer that I need right now”I replied and immediately I ran out of the office,heading to the air port.

I shouldn’t have ask her to leave, I should have let her stay with me and work it out just as Liam had said to me earlier.

I should have work this out with Prachi, I should have given her what she wants, I should have tried to stay with her just as she wanted to stay with me but I just had to be a fool and send her away when I knew that I would regret it

I just hope that she is still there when I arrive at the airport,I thought as I drove like crazy until I got to the airport

I ran into It,heading straight to one desk of the receptionist there

“Am sorry sir but am afraid that all the passengers to India are already on board and very soon the plane will take off “the receptionist replied .

“Isn’t there a way to stop it, my wife is in that plane and she musnt leave !”I yelled at her

“We can’t do any thing sir, the plane as it is has just taken off “She said again and on hearing that I began to run through the boarding gate only for the security there to stop me.

“I …..I need to go, my wife is in that plane, just let me through!!!”I yelled at the two guards

“The plane is gone sir, so is your wife, have a look”One of them said pointing at the glass window and slowly I walked towards it, starring at the plane which was soaring high up into the sky.


is on that plane and she is gone, gone from my life for good,how stupid I am to lose her! I thought as I kept starring at the plane which merged into the clouds becoming a little thing in it.

πŸ₯Ί(Being his bride )πŸ₯Ί
(An Indian romance)
Written by Bella writes ☺️☺️☺️
Chapter 37
“Sir it’s late, won’t you be heading home?”The receptionist I had spoken to earlier came to me.

For over five hours since the plane left have been standing the glass window starring at nothing.

Seems like all my will left me ever since I saw that plane leave, I thought as I kept starring at the cloud which had now darken thanks to it being night.

“When will the next flight to India be?”I asked the worried receptionist who still stood beside me

“Well due to ………”

“Let me rephrase that? When can my private be ready for India”I turned to her and she stared at me for a while before realising who I am

“Oh my Gosh! You are ….you are….am so sorry sir, if I had known who you were earlier I would have…..”

“You don’t need to apologise, it’s too late for that and I can’t fault you either, you must be new right?”I asked

“Yes sir! That is why I didn’t realise that you are the owner and ……”

“As have said you don’t have to apologise, just tell me when my private jet can be ready, I have to leave for India ”

“Well due to the bad weather, we have been advised to stop any flight to India”she replied

“Until when will this end ?”I asked

“Until we have been giving a clear picture from the weather forecast team”she replied

“Like how many days will I have?”I asked

“Maybe two to three days”She replied

“So I will have to wait for two to three days”I said softly.

“Why don’t you take a seat sir, you have been standing a for a while now”she said pointing to the empty chair

“Am fine and it’s time I head home”I replied sadly and head down, I began to walk out of the air port.

I was walking past the waiting area when I noticed some one sitting by the chair not so far away.

She looked so much like prachi.could this be my mind playing a trick or could be reality.

The lady which had her head down,raised it up and there was no mistake in it, it was really Prachi, she never left, I thought as I felt so happy.

She hadn’t noticed me starring at her yet, she stood up,carrying her bag, turning to leave but then she stopped and turned around only to see me standing there.

She stared at me for a while and turned back, walking towards the exit and quickly I ran after her, obstructing her path

“Prachi! “I called softly, feeling so relieved at seeing her

“I don’t want to talk to you Justin”she said as she tried to walk past me but I stopped her by obstructing her path again.

“But I want to talk to you, you have no idea how glad I am to see you”I said and before she could do a thing, I pulled her into my arms hugging her tight.

She stood still in my arms,not returning my embrace but I didn’t care as long as I had her here with me, I don’t give a damn about other things.

“Thank God you stayed”I muttered and was rewarded with a push

“Why are you doing this? Just a few hours ago, you asked me to leave your life, you told me to leave you Justin and I did that, why did you come here? To confirm if I left my, well I stayed but I didn’t do it for you okay! So please just leave me alone”she yelled out getting people attention to us

She began to leave and quickly I walked towards her, holding her from behind, not caring if we were the centre of attraction

“Let go of me just……..”

“I won’t? You are right, I asked you to leave but I never meant it, you have no idea how hurt I felt each time I told you to go and when I got to the air port to see the plane taking off, I knew that I was a fool for letting you go I knew that I shouldn’t have send you away ”

“I don’t want you to go Prachi, I don’t want you away from me, for the few hours you were away, I realise that I will be nothing with out you in my life ”

“Just let me go Justin, I don’t want to listen to you”She said closing her heart to me

I let her go as she requested and when she was about to leave, I held her back, this time making her look at me.

“Justin just stop this because I……what are you doing?”she said when I knelt in front of her.

Some of the people watching us thought of us as some thing they could laugh about while some thought of us as a two couple so in love.

“I won’t get up until you have Listened to me”I said

“People are watching Justin, just get up”she said trying to persuade me to get up but I didn’t Listen to her.

I held both her hands, starring at her while she gave me a resigned look

“I know that I have been a jerk,our marriage never started in the right footing but still I fell for you and when you kept running away, I thought that you must hate me and our marriage so much ”

“You don’t have to say that here, people are listening”she said starring at the people watching us but I didn’t care

“That is why I wanted you to leave, that is why I asked to to leave,I thought I was doing the right thing for the both of us but it turns out that I was making things harder”

“I love you Prachi, I love you more than life it self and am begging you to give me another chance, give this jerk of a husband another chance to make it up to you, give our marriage another chance, give us both another chance”I said waiting for her answer, hoping that it will be in my favour.

I stood staring down at Justin, he looked desperate and bit nervous waiting for my reply,never have I seen him like this, I thought still starring at him.

A few hours earlier, when I walked into the air port with Priya and Shivam, I knew that I could not leave and I made that clear to Priya and Shivam.

I thought Priya will try to stop me but Instead she gave me hug

“You must really love him right! Well stay and be happy, Shivam and I will leave now but make sure you come visit us at India, the Holi festival is just around the corner and you must come with Justin”She said bringing tears to my eyes

“Priya…”I called softly but she gave me a smile and careessed my cheek with her hand

“Am sorry Prachi, am sorry for having made you take my place , I never got to apologise and I know that I won’t be standing here with Shivam if you hadn’t taken my place, I would forever be grateful to you and so, I wish you all the best and I hope you and Justin can get this sorted out, I love you Prachi and i will be waiting for you to visit India glowing with happiness”She said and began to head towards Shivam

“Priya!”I called her and when she stopped, I ran into her arms hugging her tight

“I love you too”I muttered softly and for a while we just held each other.

“Now our flight is leaving, I wish you all the best little sis”she said and went to meet Shivam.

They waved me off for the last time and I did the same,knowing that I will be seeing them again.

I knew that I was going to see them again but I had no idea if Justin will have me back and so slowly,I sat at the waiting area.

He hadn’t even showed up to stop me and when I knew that there was hope in me and Justin getting together, I began to leave only to see him standing a few feet away from me.

And now a while later, here he is kneeling in front of me and asking me to give him a second chance, is there still a second chance for us both……….

Is there still a second chance for the both of themπŸ€”

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