The Wrong Bride

The wrong bride episode 38


🥺(Being his bride )🥺
(An Indian romance)
Written by Bella writes ☺️☺️☺️
Chapter 38
“Common Mrs don’t keep him waiting “Some one amongst the crowd yelled out at me jolting me out of my reverie

I stared at the people who were now starring at us and then at Justin who still knelt on the floor waiting for my reply.

I would admit that I was angry, angry at him for pushing me away and not coming to the air port to even stop me but when I saw him and his confession about having been here for hours,I knew that he truly loved me and when he gave me his real reason as to why he asked me to leave, I knew that Justin loves me a lot and I know that I do too and that I don’t want to be separated from him.

I love him so much and just the mere thought of living with out him drives me insane.

“Common,stop making the poor man wait” the people yelled out again and Justin stared at me, waiting.

“What do you say Mrs Kingston, will you give this lowly husband of yours another chance “He said and i Shaked my head negatively making our audience gasp out.

Justin too had stayed silent, looking sad and he had his head down bent.

I smiled and kneeling in front of him of him too and held his face tightly

“You are not lowly Justin, you are the best man ever and the only one…..that I will ever love, I don’t have to give you a chance Justin, I love you so much and knowing that you do too makes it all perfect”


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want to be with you for the rest of my life, can you guarantee me that?”I asked softly and Justin pulled me close, nodding softly

“Yes….as long as we alive, you will never be separated from, I love you,I love you so much”he said and hugged me close


seeing this, our audience clapped while yelling all sort of sweet words our way.

A while later, I sat in Justin car starring down at our linked hands, too happy to say any thing.

“What’s wrong?”he asked


“You have gone all silent, what are you thinking of?”he asked as he used one hand to drive while he kissed my other hand.

“Well it’s nothing, am just to happy to say any thing”I replied softly and he smiled

“I hope that you will keep on being this happy with me and I will devote myself to making you happy”He said


know and i thank you for that”I replied as I returned his earlier action by kissing his hand too.

“Justin some thing still bothers me”I said

“What?”he asked

“Well your family, they don’t really take much liking to me”

“You don’t have to worry about them love, mom is just being a bit protective and when I brought back a bride, she got jealous, she is the only one have ever given my attention to and knowing that you will be the one I will be giving my attention to got her feeling that way but don’t worry,I know how to handle mom”

“What about Cassandra and Bianca?”

“Those two are no problem”

“But they like you Justin!”

“And I love you, no one will ever steal me from you, I only think of those two as sisters and have made it very clear to them but now that I know that we love each other,I will make sure I get them off my back “he replied and I gave him a smile

“We still haven’t talked about some one yet!”I said

“Who?”he asked

“Chantelle”I said and he sighed wearingly

“I know am being a bit too much right now but I want to get every obstacle off our way, I want us to be happy”I added quickly

“And I want the same too and to prove that to you, I will cut off all ties with Chantelle, will that be good enough?”he asked and I nodded softly


Indian bride is really a jealous type”he mocked

“Wouldn’t you feel the same if I was surrounded around by guys who like and want me?”I asked and he stopped the car suddenly which got me to jerk forward

“My God justin,do you…….what are you doing ?”I muttered as he removed my seat belt and pulled me into his arms

“I will kill any one who goes close to you, you are mine Prachi, mine and mine alone”He said and pulled me to him, kissing me roughly

It was quite hard to keep up with his pace but I did,I kept on kissing him the way he kissed me.

I want him,just as much as he wants me, I thought as I wrapped my arm around him, wanting more, needing more of him but he stopped abruptly and stared at me

“We can’t! Not here but I promise you that when we get home, you will be mine completely”he promised softly and put me back on the seat.

With my seat belt on again, he continued the drive.

We got back to the mansion only to see his Mom, Cassandra and Bianca by the door way waiting for us.

“Are they expecting us?”I asked

“I have no idea,I didn’t tell them a thing and it’s a good thing that they are there, it’s time to make it clear to them that you are the only one I love”he replied as he took my hand

“What’s this? I thought Prachi would have left!”his mother asked

“She didn’t, as you can see she is here with me”he replied

“Why did she change her mind, I thought your sister coming here was for you to leave with her?”Cassandra added

“Prachi decided not to leave and now that we are all here, I would like to make it clear to you all that we will both be giving each other a chance, I love Prachi and she loves me too and we have decided to make our marriage work and so am hoping that you all will treat Prachi with respect, she is my wife now and after my mom, she is the lady of the house and so please you all should be civil towards her”He finished gently and Bianca giving us an angry look walked in while Cassandra stood glaring at us.

“If that is your wish son, we all will certainly follow it “My mom replied succinctly

“Thanks mom and you Cassandra?”he asked the open mouth Cassandra

“I will go with what ever mom wants “She answered in return

“With that settled,my wife and I will head to our room now, good night everyone “He said and pulled me into the house.

As soon as we got to the stairs, he carried me in his arms, starring down at me

“Remember what I promised you in the car?”he asked and I nodded shyly

“Well it’s time to try that out”He said and I gave him a smile.

Will this love last💕💕💕

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