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The wrong housewife


The Wrong Housewife By Johnson Ezekiel Sunday
Once upon a time.
Mr. Imoh is an affluent man. He is working with the Union Bank as an accountant. He resides in G.R.A around the city of Port Harcourt but he’s typical of Akwa Ibom.

He always been watching this particular girl who comes to deposit. She is cute and has a charming smile always composed on her countenance.

Mr. Imoh has been idolizing this girl for a long.

One glamorous Friday while she came to do transaction. After she was done with the transaction. Mr. Imoh halted her, Adaugo who is a typical Igbo girl.

She gazed at him while stopping to listen to what he got to say.

The young man after spitting his guts to her. Adaugo was flushing, she gave him her contact and left the bank.

Then, Mr. Imoh starts to call her day and night. He always calls to check on her. Along with a text message always alerting them on her cellphone.

This continues for months. They became tight to each other like never before.

Then Mr. Imoh who has studied her behavior concluded that she was the woman of his world. The woman that he will spend the rest of his life with.

He invited her to a hotel where he proposed to her.
“Adaugo, will you marry me?” He asked.

Adaugo tickled joyfully and stared at him in astonishment. He cuddled him tightly and placed a kiss on his brims.

“Yes, I will.” She replied excitedly.

This is where the story begins.

After meeting with the parents of Adaugo, Mr. And Mrs. Nduka at Anambra State.

Then they discuss with them about their marriage and everything was planned out perfectly.

Mr. Imoh also took Adaugo to his parents Mr. And Mrs. Bassey who based in Uyo. He introduced her as his fiance to his parents. His parents having admired her beauty and attitude gave him the order to carry on his plans. They were proud of him because very soon they will carry their grandchildren.

After their wedding.

Adaugo parked into Mr. Imoh’s bedroom flat at G.R.A.

They loved each other and their joy has no bounds.

Even Mr. Imoh go to his working place and preached about how pretty his wife is. He tells his colleagues that his wife is the most wonderful woman that he ever got married to. He tells them that he counts himself as a very lucky man to found such an energetic wife.

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To demonstrate to his friends and colleagues how truly he loved her. He bought her a car, Luxus 350.

He also rented a shop, furnished and decorate it with beautiful colors. He then opened a shop for her where she sells expensive jewelry, costumes, and all kinds of unis£x attire.

He spent millions of naira to establish the business for her. She was very ecstatic to behold what her husband has done for her. She was short of words.


business docvment was handed over to her. She became a proud owner of the shop.

Years went by. And she was flourishing in the business. The business has thrived very much beyond her prospects that she has to open other branches where she employed people.

A time comes when the economy was running down which affected many Banks and other organizations to start quitting some of their workers.

It was a collision when Mr. Imoh got the sad news that he has been served a termination letter. The Manager addresses him to submit the company docvment to his office and quit before 24 hours.

Mr. Imoh wept bitterly and went home with a heart filled with grief.

When he first got the message he thought there was a mistake, but little did he know that it wasn’t a mistake.

He told his wife about the bad day he had in the office. His wife was shocked, all she did was sob.

Mr. Imoh became a jobless man, an idol man who now locked himself inside the house.
His wife is now the boss, he feeds him, clothes him, and also pays the house rent including other bills.

One cold morning, Mr. Imoh was still sleeping. When the wife sparks him on the back.

“Jobless lazy man, will you wake up. Your mate is out there struggling for themselves to make ends meet for their family. And you are here sleeping like an eight months pregnant woman.” She thundered.

Mr. Imoh was startled to hear such utterances coming out from his wife’s mouth.

It was like fiction but it wasn’t.

“Are you talking to me like that?” He asked angrily.

“No! I am talking to a goat, who else is in this house apart from the two of us? Don’t ever in your miserable life ask me such a silly and litany question again.” He sparks angrily at him.


it has now gotten to the level that you now stand in my present to talk to me like that? What has gone over you?”

“It is your miserable life that has gotten over me. I am tired of feeding and clothing you. Go and work for yourself, shameless man.” She barks at him while chiming her hands.

“You should be in a better position to understand my condition, this is not the way to address family affairs. You wedded me for better for worth. You took the vow and I did too. Is it because I have lost my job that you now have the effrontery to stand in my present?”

They queried each other. The wife banged the metal door and stormed out of the house.

She never returned to the house that night.

Mr. Imoh regretted ever getting married to the wrong person.

He walks into the kitchen to look for what to eat, nothing was left out in the kitchen. His wife has consumed everything, knowing that her husband has no money to buy foodstuffs she refused to buy foodstuffs.

This attitude went on for a while.
Most times, Adaugo will go out only for her to come back with a young man who looks younger than her.

She was relishing the blouse of life and forsook her husband in the cold hands of distress.

Years later. She decided to park her things and leave his husband. She went to live with her newfound lover boy.

Not quite long, the Bank where Mr. Imoh was working called him to resume work. When he received the news he jumped up in joy. He screamed with the fullness of joy.

All hope that was gone, all came back in full bloom. It came back in double folds, God paved way for him. By this time he has learned a lot of lessons.

He bought two plots of land, he used one plot to build a duplex for himself and the other to build a business center where he established a business, it was a bakery company.

He named it Moh’s Bakery Company Nig, Limited. He employed a lot of staff to work under him. He was the pillar who render help to the jobless youths.

Adaugo, it sounds like slapping to her when her so-called boyfriend played smart in her and ran away with all her fortune to Obodo Oyibo.

Mrs. Adaugo has lost everything, her business collapsed to the pit.

She gained nothing but a reward of repercussions.

She later came to the knowledge of her misfortune, she also heard that her husband is now a proud owner of a Big Company in town. He has also been appointed as the manager of the Bank.

It sounds like a dream but it was a reality.

All she did was go ask for forgiveness. But Mr. Imoh paid deaf ears to her pleading, the time was already late.

He quickly summoned his lawyer and subsequently filed for divorce. And nothing anyone said made him change his mind. There was no way he was going to live comfortably with a woman who tortured him like a house boy, a woman who refused to stand by him.

He felt disappointed in her. Adaugo regretted her litigations and learned her bitter experience.

The End.

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