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The young wife batch 2


The young wife
Episode 3-4


“Oh I knew this day would come but anyway have u found any woman who u think will make a good wife?”, I asked him

“Not really but I have being seeing a certain young Lady who comes to see her brother at our work place”.

“Alright I only wish she will make a good wife to u but I pray she is not trouble”.

” trouble? ”

“Yes trouble. Dad,Recious and I can take care of ourselves but Mimi can’t. My point is that,find a woman who will be able to look after Mimi”.

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” I understand your point, am sure she is a good girl. But I have to talk to her first and see if we can get things going “.

We talked for a while then I left him and went to Miriam’s room to make sure she is alright. After that I went and slept.

Weeks passed and dad was getting along with the lady and he sometimes brought the lady home so that we could be familiar with her.

She seemed to be a caring lady but I just didn’t like her that much. Recious was told about everything and just after I wrote my grade 12 exams,dad married the lady. By the way,her name is Natasha.

We were getting along and she was taking good care of Miriam and over friendly with me. She was just 2 years older than Recious so it was hard to call her mum. I preferred not calling her

One day we were sitting in the living room watching TV with Mimi and Natasha. We were watching a romantic movie but Mimi wasn’t interested so she said she wanted to go and see her friend so she left.

A few minutes after she left,Natasha went to her bedroom too and came back with money. She came where I was sitting and handed me the money. I reached out to take it,then she romantically touched my hand,smiled and winked at me.

I was surprised and speechless, so I just took the money and went to buy wat she asked me to buy.

She was always looking for a reason to talk to me and sometimes to touch me. I was really getting annoyed with her.

To Be Continued


I became uncomfortable in my father’s house because of Natasha, she was an immoral woman and her display of affection towards me was just gross.

3 months later I decided that I will just go for holiday at my grandmother’s place but I had to ask dad first.

“Dad I think I will be going to see granny coz she has being telling me to come for a while now”, I started the conversation and Natasha was there too as the wife.

“Oh really? That’s good u shud go and see her”, he responded with happiness

“U are allowing him to go just like that?”, Natasha interrupted the conversation

“What do u mean let him go just like that? He is going to see his granny it has been long since they saw each other”.
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“So he is going right? Who will be helping me out at home? And what about Mimi?”

“What has Mimi done?”

“She is more comfortable with his brother than me and she can’t do all the work alone”.

“So wat are u trying to say?”

“He is not going anywhere for now,he can go some other time but if u don’t love me,u will do as yo son says😡😡”, she said as she got up and went to her room.

But she didn’t go direct to her room, she stood behind dad for some few seconds and blew flying kisses to me while dad wasn’t looking.

I was very upset and without dad saying a word,it was evident that he accepted wat his useless wife said. I just went out and went to a friend’s place.

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“Am not sure wat to do man,that girl is getting on my nerves”, I told Peter my friend

“What do u intend to do now?”

“I really don’t know,I think I shud just leave the house for now”.

‘Leave the house and go where?”

“Anywhere man,anywhere”.

“But u know wat the young lady wants so just give it to her”.

“Are u for really? She is my father’s wife. I can’t eat from the same pot with my father, that’s an insult and a blow to his face”.

“It’s not a blow if he doesn’t find out and moreover, u don’t even have any pot u eat from😂😂”.

“Man I have bad friends but I will continue this story after I get enough comments to encourage me…….

To Be Continued

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