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The young wife batch 3


The Young Wife
Episode 5&6


“Man I have bad friends but anyway for the record it’s not that I am afraid of girls no, I just respect women”.

“I know how u are Ken but trust me, one day u will end up being alone and lonely”.

“I don’t care man and by the way I should be on my way now so that I check up on Mimi”

“Alright church boy but if the offer comes again on a silver plate, just take it😂😂”.

“U are crazy Peter”, I said as I walked out of the house. Even though Peter was a person who was a bad advisor, he understood me and always made me forget my worries with his crazy thoughts.

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3 days passed from the day Natasha said I should not go to see granny and this time something worse happened.

I was in my room when she came in uninvited. I had locked the door with a key not knowing that she has a duplicate key. I was shocked wen she entered and she was wearing a see through night dress and it wasn’t even evening yet.

“Wat do u want here?”, I furiously asked as I stood up from my bed

“U know wat I want so stop pretending”.

“Are u not even ashamed of doing this? U are my father’s wife”.

“So wat? Yo father is old and he is not my age mate but u are”.

“U must be foolish, get out of here before I do something I will regret”.

” u can’t do anything. Ken I love u,just accept me and u will be happy. I promise yo dad won’t know about this”,she said as she came close to me and touched my lips.

“Are u for real?🤔🤔 Just go please”.

“Don’t push me away,I know u also want this”.

“😂😂😂😂u are the biggest fool I have ever met. GET OUT!!”, I shouted and she got a bit scared so she left.

“These are temptation, hmmmm? I need to do something about this”, I thought to myself.

It wasn’t easy to avoid the Jezebel dad brought to our home as a wife but I had to resist that devil.

” Recious when are u coming back home?”,I called Recious coz I thought she was the only one to help me.

“Am not sure coz I have exams coming up. Is everything ok there?”

To Be Continued


“Yes,everything is fine but a friend wanted some advise from me so I thought u wud be in a better position to advise him”, I said.

“Yes wat is the problem, am sure I can advise over the phone”.

“Recious look,my friend is staying with his uncle but the wife to his uncle is trying to be intimate with him but he has bn avoiding her,wat can he do?”

“Hmmmm? That’s a tricky one but I think he has to tell the uncle about it”.

“But he is afraid to tell the uncle coz his aunt said she wud change the story and say that he was the one trying to rape her”.

“If that’s the case then he has to maybe tell his sister if he has or a close relative”.

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“I don’t I can do that”.

“What do u mean by I? Is this about u?”

“No,noooo sis,I just made a mistake. Talk to u later,I have work to do”, I ended the call.

I was afraid to tell her that wat I told her was about me coz I knew she would come back without writing her promotion exams. I just had to handle all this alone even though I didn’t know wat to do.

“I wish mum was still alive then all this wouldn’t be happening”, I thought to myself as tears dropped from my eyes😢😢😥. I now missed mum more than ever.

“Son am going to another town for some work and u are remaining as the only man in this house,so u shud take care of yo mum especially yo sis”, dad told me.

“Ok dad,don’t worry I will take care of Mimi and I won’t give u a reason to complain”.

“That’s my son”.

That same afternoon dad left and it was only me,Mimi and Natasha in the house.

I knew that Natasha now was going to take advantage of dad’s absence so I had to be careful. I told Miriam to be sleeping in my room coz she was scared especially that dad was away, so I used that to my advantage. She wud sleep on my bed and I slept on the floor. That made me a bit safe from Natasha but not for long.

One afternoon wen Mimi went to school,Natasha can to my room with a towel….

should I continue??

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