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The young wife batch 4


The Young Wife
Episode 7-8


At first I didn’t see her coz I was busy dozing then she touched my feet,that is when I woke up.

She came wearing a short towel and it made me uncomfortable so I stood up.

“What have u come to do here again?😤😤”

“U know y am here,am here for u”.

“Get out before I loose it”

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“Don’t worry,it’s just the 2 of us today. Let’s just have some fun together. I will make u happy”.

Before I could say anything else,she went to the door locked it and kept the keys.

“Open the door right now or else…”

“Or else wat? Wat will u do? U know wat,u must be even happy that I Natasha wants u to touch me”

“And I Ken don’t want to touch u,I don’t even know wat dad saw in you coz u are a loose girl and heaven knows how many men u have opened yo legs for”.

“Don’t insult me just because I want u,now back to our business”.

“Which business?”

“Am here for u my boy,so just make me feel happy”, she said as she came closer to me and this time I didn’t push her away.

She started playing with my beard while leaning on my chest and I did nothing to stop her. I just let her go on with her nonsense for a while until I made her believe that I was also now comfortable.

I pushed her on my bed then went closer and closer to her. It was evident that she felt as though she was on top of the world.

She closed her eyes while sleeping on the bed and slowly I touch her hands,got the keys and then whispered in her ears ” U ARE A FOOL NATASHA”. I stood up,opened the door and left her lying on the bed.

She was really upset and that day in the evening, I wasn’t given food to eat and I didn’t even complain.

Everyday she would try and she once even tried to break the bathroom door wen I was taking a bath but luckily, I door was strong. I just couldn’t understand her way of thinking and her shameless acts.

Dad finally came back and I thought things would get a bit better not knowing that Natasha had a surprise for me.

To Be Continued


That evening dad sent Mimi to call me.
“Ken, dad wants to see u in the sitting room and am sure he is not happy with u”, Mimi said as she stood at the door

“Alright I will be there in a few minutes”, I responded

I wore my T-shirt and went to the sitting room.

“Dad u sent for me?”

“Yes I did….. Ken am really disappointed in u,I thought u were responsible enough to take care of yo sister”,dad told me with a disappointed face and he could hardly look at me.

“If I may ask,wat exactly have I done?”

“U even have the courage to ask me that? I never knew that u have become a womanizer”.

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“Me a womanizer?😕😵”

“U even have the courage to bring girls in my house to spend nights. U are such a disgrace to this family😡😡”

“But I have never done that before am sure….”

“Just stop talking. I have told yo sister about this and I will be sending u to yo Granny’s place”.

“No Darling! How can u send him there? Just let him stay here so that u can keep an eye on him”, Natasha advised dad and dad agreed not knowing that Natasha had a hidden agenda.

“I just wish u knew me better than believing whatever yo wife says”, I said and left for my room.

Recious called me in the evening and shouted at me but I didn’t say a word to her.

I just ended the call and sent her a text saying ” If only u knew wat am going on in the hands of yo so called mum, then u wouldn’t believe all this. I thought u knew me better than this. Don’t call or text me please😥😭😭”.

I was heartbroken cause Natasha had succeeded to turn everyone against me but Mimi was always there for me.

“I know u can never do something like that and I always slept with u in yo room wen dad was away, so wat nights was dad talking about?”.

“At least u believe me but u don’t have to tell dad anything about this”.

“Y not? I know everything that u are hiding from everyone about Natasha”.

“Wat?! How do u know?”

“I heard her that day wen she was trying to open the bathroom”.

To Be Continued

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