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The young wife batch 6


The young wife
Episode 11-12


“Are u sure dear?”

“Yes dad am sure,I can even walk. Don’t worry”, she responded and got up

“She said she is fine,let’s go back to our bedroom now”, she said feeling relieved.

It was a hard day for Natasha and it became even harder wen Peter came.

As he entered the house,he met Natasha in the kitchen. He lovingly looked at her body from the legs going upwards. Natasha felt uncomfortable but Peter was enjoying it and he leaked his lips as a gesturing showing that he liked wat he was seeing.

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“Hi man! I have been waiting for u. Say hi to my lovely mum Natasha”, I sarcastically said while looking at Natasha

“Hi hot young mother. U look lovely, especially wen u are [email protected]”, Peter complimented her and we went to my room.

After that,Natasha spent the rest of the day in her room until dad came home.

We all had dinner together and after dinner, we sat in the sitting room to watch TV then Mimi went to her room and just after that,Natasha received a text on WhatsApp.

She was troubled about the text.
“Hey mum, can I see yo phone. I just want to check something on WhatsApp”, I said.

“Not now,am using it”.

“Please mum, I won’t take long”, I kept insisting

“Just give him,he will give it back”, dad suggested

“And look Ken there is a video. She has received a video from someone. Can we watch it mum Natasha?”, Mimi said

“No please don’t do that”, she grabbed the phone from Ken and just then Recious called me.

“Yes wat is it? Wat do u want?”, I answered the call

“Am sorry bro,please forgive me”, Recious pleaded with me

“There is nothing to be sorry about”.

“Pliz give Natasha the phone”, she asked me and I gave it to her

“I know everything u have been doing and am coming for u. Don’t think u can get away with such disgusting acts u prostitute

“Ken take back yo phone now”, she gave me back the phone and went to bed.

“Who called?” Dad curiously asked after seeing Natasha’s reaction

“It was Recious”.




Dad followed Natasha to the bedroom and we could here Natasha shout at dad wen he tried to ask her wat Recious said which upset her that much.

“Your children are just trouble makers,I can’t stand them. They are always demanding money”, she lied

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“Then y didn’t u tell me,I will send the money”, dad replied and he sent k1000 to Recious.

“Don’t worry,I have sent the money”.

“I didn’t say u send now,ohh just forget it. U always do wat yo children want”, she said in anger and am sure after that she went to sleep coz the room was now quiet.

Some days passed and Mimi didn’t tell me wat exactly she did to convince Recious that I was innocent of the things I was accused of.

But one day,I just saw granny and aunt come to the house. And shortly dad was home,so was Peter,dad’s 2 sisters and his brother.

I didn’t know wat was happening and I was curious to find out. Dad told everyone to gather in the sitting room and we did including Natasha.

“If I say i know y this meeting is called,then I will be lying. Am sure u all know that am not the one who called this meeting so am not the chairperson”, dad said.

“Yes we all know that and we are waiting for Mimi to tell us wat is so urgent that she had to call us all”, granny said.

I was shocked to hear that it was Mimi who gathered us all for a meeting and before I could say anything, Mimi came in.

U could tell that Natasha almost died with fear and am sure she prayed for the ground to swallow her.

“Welcome everyone, am sure u are all wondering y I called this meeting and I will tell u but firstly I want to make it clear that no one and I mean no one is allowed to go out of this room until I finish talking”, Mimi narrated her instructions to us all.

“Mimi be remindful that u are taking to yo elders”, granny cautioned her.

“Am sorry granny if I have offended everyone but all the same,I want u all to watch a movie together. It has been long since u did that”,she said and turned to the TV.


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