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The young wife last batch



“So u mean we all came here just to watch TV together?”, aunt was angry. “Don’t u know that we have a lot of things to do? Bro,have u seen how u have brought up yo kids?”, she added as she almost stood up of where she was sitting.

“Am really disappointed in u Mimi, how could u even invite us all for just ordinary TV😕😔?” Granny said with disappointed.

At this point I just had to step in and help my sister coz she always helped me as well.

“Why don’t we all wait and see the type of movie she wants us to watch than jumping into conclusions. Let’s give her a chance”, I tried to defend her but Natasha desperately wanted to stop Mimi from playing the video so she took advantage of the present situation.

“You see what I tell u Darling? I always tell u that u have spoiled these children, now look at wat she has done. Gathering all of us here for nothing, she is just making a joke out of everyone here”, she added fuel to the fire.

Mimi was really upset and I could tell that she wanted to water Natasha with harsh words but luckily, she held herself back.

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Dad just looked at Mimi,shook his head and stood up to leave and so did everyone else. But before they could reach the door leading outside, Mimi played the video and the volume was high.

“So Ken,are u ready to do what I asked you? You know am the only one who can change your father’s opinion about you”, the video started to play and everyone got interested so they came back to the sitting room.
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Everyone failed to sit, they just stood and watched the video until the end.

“Now please tell me wat wrong I have done. Was I wrong to call u all here to tell u the truth about this bad woman dad brought as our mother? She made my brother uncomfortable in his own house😭😭”, Mimi cried out.

“I can’t believe this, Natasha seemed to be a honourable person. I didn’t know u can do this young lady”, granny told Natasha.

Everyone was busy murmuring to themselves wen we just heard a loud sound. ” PAAH!”. It came from dad’s direction. Dad slapped Natasha in the face and this surprised all of us especially me coz dad always told me not to ever hit a woman but that was wat he did.

“I trusted u with my kids and this is wat I get. U know what? You are leaving this house this minute,you are not worthy of been my wife later on a mother to my kids”, dad hurtfully and angrily made his decision known there and then.

“I don’t know what to say to you Natasha. You are a disgrace to womanhood, please leave this house”, granny also told her and she came to me and hugged me. “Am sorry we didn’t realize all this, am sorry”, she hugged me and dropped tears.

It was heartbreaking seeing granny cry because of what that Jezebel did and surprisingly, she didn’t say a word to defend herself. The only thing she said was ” baby please let me stay,am caring yo child”.

“Whose child?😡😡. Don’t even go there coz u well know that the child you are caring is not dad’s child”, Mimi responded to Natasha’s claim.

“It is his child, just shut your mouth. You are even too young to talk about this”,Natasha tried to shut Mimi

“Yes am too young but am not too young to know that this is Mr Banda’s child you are caring”, Mimi shocked us all with the latest news.

“It is true”, Peter supported her.

They both explained how they came to know about that fact and Natasha was left with no choice but to leave the house.

She went to Mr Banda’s house but Mr Banda denied the pregnancy and right now as this story is been narrated, Natasha is going round houses washing people’s clothes just so she can feed her child and take care of herself as well.

I feel bad for her but I can’t do anything, she brought all this upon herself. She had an opportunity to live a good life with dad but she blew it away.

Right now Recious is happily married to a doctor,Mimi is still in school and I am completing my tertiary education as an engineer.

Dad has not remarried but he is happy and still going strong.



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