Thirst For Revenge

Thirst For Revenge Episode 30 – 32



Luyando’s story continues…

A text message landed in my phone a minute later, bearing the direction to Gabby’s location. The agent licked his lips, transferred the text to his phone and called Gabby with mine.

“we will be there by 9am tomorrow. Good night” he informed him, hung up and smiled to me.

“I have to go catch some sleep. I’ll be here with my friends as early as 8am” he said and rose to leave.

“thanks a lot for bringing out your time to help me. I promise you won’t regret it” I said happily, drew close and hugged him. Deborah coughed and eyed me.

“he’s good, and handsome hmmm” Chanda who was quiet all along said as soon as the agent left with Deborah.

I had a very restless night, thinking of many things. I thought of Zyambo and for the first time felt sorry for him. I equally couldn’t imagine what Doreen was planning.

Deborah showed up at my house with the agent and five heavily armed men by 8:15am the next morning. I was impressed by what I saw.

“so what’s your plan?” I asked the agent curiously.

“we will go in together, survey the place, have a little talk with the kidnapper, before sending in my guys after we are safely out of the building” he said quietly. I nodded with interest.

“we will go with your car while my friends will keep a safe distance behind us. You have nothing to worry, we have the training and capability to do this without being detected” he summarized reassuringly.

“how about Zyambo. What do you have to say about him?” I asked slowly.

“in every rescue attempt, there is always a fifty fifty chance of rescuing or losing the victim. It’s all about gamble, but I thought our priority is silencing Gabby and his gang, thus stopping them from blackmailing and exposing you?” he asked,

“yea it is, but Zyambo shouldn’t be harmed” I murmured.

“of course, we are going in to save Zyambo. I’m sure nothing will happen to him” he assured me.

We left my house at exactly 8:30am, leaving Chanda and Deborah behind. The agent drove my SUV while I sat beside him in the passenger’s corner. The second vehicle kept a safe distance behind us. I was a bit nervous but brave. My 9mm gun well concealed in my handbag. I was very ready to face anything.


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wasn’t hard locating the isolated compound where Gabby and his gang kept Zyambo. A very quiet hilly community many miles away from Chilanga town.


have to play cool” the agent advised when we got to the compound. I nodded and breathed deeply, together we alighted and walked into the empty house.

I couldn’t help but imagine how many invisible rifles were pointing at us that very moment.

Gabby soon appeared alone to welcome us.


be decieved, we are surrounded” the agent whispered to me, even though we saw nobody else apart from Gabby in the compound.

Luyando’s story continues…

Gabby led us to a small room at the east wing of the building where Zyambo was helplessly blindfolded and tied to a chair. He gave us no chance to at least say hi to Zyambo before leading us back to the entrance door.

“you have seen your man huh, now let’s discuss my money” he said seriously, searching us with his eyes.

“why are you doing this?” I asked. He scoffed and shook his head.

“I’m tired of being an errand boy to old ladies like you who think the world revolves around them. I need good money” he sneered.

“so everyone likes taking advantage of me. Okay” I hissed, while the agent pinched my left hand, signalling me to keep quiet.

“you are getting only 5000 kwacha from us, because we want this to end peacefully” he addressed Gabby coldly..

“are you serious?” he asked the agent who nodded in affirmative.

“if that’s the case, you guys should just go home. I’ll try getting my money somewhere else and if that fails, hmmmm, I’ll simply cut the hostage into pieces and send his body parts all over the city with your name and phone number written over it. You will have a hard time exonerating yourself from the mess I will create. Don’t let it come to that” he threatened me.

“fine we got your point. 10,000” the agent offered.

“80,000 kwacha or forget it” Gabby insisted, drawing a fierce look from the agent who slowly nodded.

“fine you will get your money this evening” he said to him.

“I feel like detaining one of you. No hard feelings, just as insurance” Gabby said, staring at us with suspicion.


course you aren’t dumb to think only one of us is raising such a huge amount for you. I’ll withdraw half the money from my bank while my sister does the same from her bank, unless you want us to get the money one after the other, which you know will make this deal spill over to the next day” the agent asked intelligently.

“fine you win. Go get me my money” Gabby answered, letting us go and equally signing his downfall with such a decision.

Supposing he succeeded in detaining one of us, our plan would have been messed up.

As we left the compound and hurried to our car, the agent sent a sharp signal to his colleagues who instantly landed within seconds. A Toyota bus carrying five armed agents pulled up close to my car in a commando fashion.

“move in, move in, suspect is armed and alone, watch out for snipers. Hostage identified in the east wing” the agent screamed at his colleagues who were very ready for a show down. But just as they made to move into the compound, a gunshot came from nowhere destroying my car windscreen and sending everyone down. We all took cover, while three more shots from the same direction came flying over.

It was obvious Gabby was equally ready for a showdown…
Luyando’s story continues…

“Henry what the hell are you waiting for?, take out that shooter” the agent screamed at one of his men who quickly took position, aimed his automatic and fired.

The shot was perfect, instantly silencing the sharp shooter who almost took out seven of us with his long range killing shots.

The five agents made use of the opportunity and quickly moved into the house with great caution, while the first agent{Deborah’s cousin}, stayed back to provide cover for his colleagues.

“hope you are fine?” he asked me.

“yea” I nodded, visibly shaken and scared. It was my first time of being under life threatening fire. It really was a very shocking experience.

“get into the car and stay down. Don’t move an inch. I have to go back up my men. You are very safe inside the car” he said to me as fierce gun battle raged inside the building. I nodded, dived into the car and pulled out my 9mm gun.

He stared at me with surprise, shook his head and raced towards the direction the first shot was fired from minutes earlier.

Sweat drenched my body as I nervously waited for the agents to come out with Zyambo. Some minutes later, a heavy duty truck headed out of the compound with great speed, two agents running after it and firing. Their shots somehow got the driver who swerved and ran the truck into my car. The impact of the collision left my head broken and bleeding. I bravely jumped out of my car and tried crawling to safety, but unfortunately it was a very silly deed.

Gabby jumped out of the driver’s side of the truck and stared at me murderously.

“you double crossed me you b—h” he barked and raised a pistol at me. My heart froze.

I almost urinated on my pant as I quickly said my last prayers while tears soaked my eyes.

I saw death smiling at me, calling me to come forward and embrace my destiny. I instantly knew my place in hell was being dusted for my arrival.

Luyando’s story continues…
…I almost urinated on my pant as I quickly said my last prayers while tears soaked my eyes.

I saw death smiling at me, calling me to come forward and embrace my destiny. I instantly knew my place in hell was being dusted for my arrival.

Suddenly, another gunshot came flying to save me, hitting Gabby on the neck. The impact threw him forward. He fell and fired, sending me down with a killing shot.

I tried picking up myself but just couldn’t. My left arm hurt badly, gushing out blood like a burst oil pipeline. Two agents quickly rushed to my side, held and examined me.

“relax, it’s just a flesh wound. The bullet went through your arm. You are really a lucky woman” one of them said with a smile, but I couldn’t say anything nor even get a grip of myself.

I was very dizzy and down, equally finding it hard to breathe properly.

The rest of the agents soon came out with Zyambo and two men who were handcuffed like criminals. I tried thanking the agents, but was unable to say anything, instead closed my eyes as the pain got more terrible.

My arm was quickly bandaged by Deborah’s cousin who begged me to relax before I was helped to the second vehicle.

“you have nothing to worry. I have things under control. I’ll have a little chat with Zyambo. The police will be here any moment” he assured me before I was taken out of the scene to a private hospital down in Lusaka.

I really can’t tell what transpired between the agents, Zyambo and the other criminals who were arrested, but later in the day when the first agent showed up at the hospital with Deborah, Chanda, Zyambo and Doreen. I learnt that Gabby didn’t survive the shootout, which meant he died with our secret. A very welcomed development.

Surprisingly, Doreen {Zyambo’s colleague} was very touched to see me bandaged and helpless. She sat by my side and cried softly, shocking me with her action and leaving me to wonder what she was told.

“when I called to tell you that Zyambo was Kidnapped, I never imagined you were going to risk your life trying to save him. You went too far. All the same thank you” she sobbed, while I speechlessly stared at her. I couldn’t say anything because I didn’t know what she was told.

“please can you guys give Luyando and I a moment to talk?” Zyambo begged minutes later, his eyes searching me curiously. I nodded in agreement, everyone obeyed and quickly left us alone.

I stared at him curiously, my heart pounding furiously. I couldn’t imagine what he planned saying to me. He came forward and breathed deeply.

“I had a long talk with the federal agent. He’s a good guy” he said and sat beside me.

“I’m sorry for hurting you. I take responsibility for everything that has happened. Let it be our secret. We have to move on and forget the past. You helped become successful, that I can never deny, but don’t take it away from me. Judgement is for God, let’s leave everything to him please. Nothing will stop me from moving on. I’m going to marry Doreen and I pray you let me be from now on. I’ll say nothing about the kidnap nor say anything bad about you. Concerning the money I owe you, I’m still going to pay back every dime. Please” he begged and kissed my forehead, tears fell from my eyes.

“You never loved me Zyambo. But it’s well, go in peace. You are free” I said faintly. He breathed deeply and smiled.

“thank you for freeing me” he murmured joyfully, while I swallowed hard with regret.

I ended up spending good money for a revenge I couldn’t finish, helpless on a hospital bed for being so stupid. I felt bitter about it all. Unsatisfied but relieved.
Whatever will be, will be…


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