Thirst For Revenge

THIRST FOR REVENGE episode 33 – finale




….I ended up spending good money for a revenge I couldn’t finish, helpless on a hospital bed for being so stupid. I felt bitter about it all. Unsatisfied but relieved.
Whatever will be, will be…
I spent few days at the hospital before returning to my house. The few days I spent there however brought many surprises, most especially from Deborah’ cousin {the agent} who made it a point of duty to check on me every morning and evening.

Of course I was surprised at his growing concern towards me, but accepted it with happiness. I needed all the love I could get to forget and luckily he proved capable of filling the gap.

Nevertheless I liked him a lot and which woman wouldn’t, after such act of bravery and sacrifices he made for me.

Truly I respected and adorned him but never attached romantic feelings to it, because I felt his concern towards me was just nothing but a friendship gesture from a gentleman of honour. Did I say gentleman of honour? Hmmm, yea I did.

My friends equally weren’t blind to the way he treated me. In fact Deborah went far by revealing something that rose my blood pressure with excitement.

“hmmm my cousin is in love with you, oh and it’s such a good thing. It’s time he gets married. He’s getting too old for my liking” she whispered to me with a friendly smile, leaving me shaking my head with doubt.

“Can a man fall in love with a crooked, spoilt, egocentric lady like me?” I wondered.

“can a man who knew my terrible secrets fall genuinely in love with me?” I asked myself over and over.

Surely love is a beautiful thing, but after the Zyambo saga I resigned myself to living like a man. I promised never to hope on any man, but instead build my future as a powerful lady enviable by all men. But Deborah’s revelation brought back the woman in me. The heart of a woman.
“You know you hardly call me by name. I prefer answering Francis to that formal title you always address me with” he {the good young agent} said to me as I was discharged from the hospital. I blushed like a little girl while Deborah and Chanda laughed.

Returning home after the worst moment of my life was a dream come true. My friends threw a lavish party for me as if we were still teenagers. A ceremony that cheered me up a great deal.


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was equally present at the occasion. He kept following me with his eyes until he got a little chance to talk to me privately.


can we go to the backyard?” he asked calmly, surprising me with such a question.

“sure of course” I nodded politely, held his hand and led him to the back of my compound, which really was wonderfully lit with colourful energy lamps.

The scenery was just beautiful and calm for two people to whisper together without any interruption.

“hmmm such a beautiful castle for a beautiful woman” he murmured, stopped, faced me and stared into my eyes. I nervously stared back at him. My heart throbbed wildly, eager to hear what he wanted to say.


felt so good being out all alone with him. I felt so different, so humble and loyal. I was conquered by his spell.

It was just as if we were acting out a screen play, acting out the ending of Value of Love Romance The value of real love.
“I don’t know how to say the things in my mind to you, considering your past. But I can’t continue bearing such load in my heart” he breathed nervously. I smiled to encourage him while my legs shook with excitement.

“I love you Luyando. I’m deeply in love with you. I can’t hide it anymore, believe me I just don’t know how to describe the desire in me. It has been like this from the very first moment I walked into your house. I never knew I was capable of loving, capable of falling for any woman, but look at me. I’m slowly getting to thirty two {32yrs} with nothing to show in terms of relationship. I’m no saint but I have never gotten serious with any of my female friends nor share a bond like I do for you. I just don’t get it, but it’s like we have the same gene or something, like we were made and cut out for each other. You are just like a female version of me” he poured out solemnly, swelling my head with his outburst.

“I don’t need friendship, nor relationship. All I want from you is marriage. Don’t turn me away. I beg of you” he pleaded. I briefly closed my eyes and smiled. Oh I was so flattered by his words.
“aren’t you trying to rush yourself. Isn’t it better we study each other?” I asked slowly.
“I’m done studying you. Just say yes please” he begged. Tears dropped from my eyes. I nodded with a smile.
“yes yes I accept” I answered. His eyes lit up with joy. He drew close and lifted me up with great strength.
“thank you dearest, now let’s go make the announcement to everyone” he said joyfully, lowered me down and dragged me back to the party where he surprisingly announced our engagement which he did in front of everyone present at the party, by putting a wonderful ring on my finger.


I was finally happy, satisfied and once more in love..
This time with the most wonderful man ever. Just like he rushed our engagement, he equally rushed our marriage by taking me to the Altar three months later…
Hmmm and of course we live happily till today, blessed with two lovely twins.

However I learnt many things with my past….
FIRST AND FOREMOST; everything happens for a reason. You may not realise at first but take your time to study the situation.
SECONDLY; every disappointment no matter how bad could be a blessing in disguise. Yea just like mine, little did I know losing Zyambo would bring the most wonderful man who understood me to my doorstep….
THIRDLY; don’t try to force love on anyone, because your partner is somewhere at the corner coming for you….
As for guys, please! please! don’t ever try messing with a lady who’s older than you if you are not sure of your feelings or ready to play to the final.
In conclusion, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you, (2 Corinthians 13:11).


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