Thorn in the Flesh

THORN IN THE FLESH (episode 10 – the end)

© Oby chinyere
After Greg left the house that day, Klein called Fiona to quickly come over and she did, they sat and go over there plans again, they even joke together and laugh as old friends, in a about a month time they will execute their plan, they were just busy planning and making sure everything was in place.
Greg was still watching Klein, but she was still in her nice self, doing everything possible to please Greg, his food is always ready before he comes back, he doesn’t have any doubt about her niceness anymore, he was always happy to eat her food and they sometimes eat together, Greg never fails to commend her for the delicious food, Klein felt happy and encourage to do even better anytime Greg commends her and also thank you to her for the sumptuous meal she served him, the house was well kept, his cloths washed and kept away, Greg sometimes assist her in some house chores whenever he is at home and less busy, Klein will tell him not to stress himself but Greg will insist, the master bedroom became warm and loving unlike before, he did not move back to the spare room, he even started telling Klein how his day went as they both lie on the bed, talking about everything and anything, and laughing together which was usual, Greg acted like a young man in love for the first time,
Klein was also filled with joy as she watch Greg become livelier, they pray every night, and even do morning devotion together, Greg even taught her the negative effect of anger, and how to shut the door against every bad and evil thought which may breed negative behavior towards people even to those she claim to love
Klein becomes Greg home student as he prayed with her and kept on in his teaching with her.
In church it was no more the preteens they have kept on with for years but a realness that comes deep within.
Their love making was not as before, it also changed, is unlike then when Klein has to command him to come and do his rightful duty to her and Greg has to obey even when he doesn’t feel like it, he hurries in and hurries out so that he can return to his spare room, which always get Klein more angry anytime he does that, it wasn’t like that anymore as everything about them was changing and he was loving it, he began to see the loving side of his wife which he thought never exist, she was becoming supportive, respectful, loving and accommodating not just to him but to everyone, both in church and everywhere, this time it was real.
Schools where on break, Tim, their son was home and was happy to see his parents corporation, he has prayed constantly for a miracle and although it took God time to answer but he was glad God answered and his parents are always happy with each other, no more fighting or using bad word, his father was more happy than he has ever being, Tim was happy that God answered his prayer which was to make his parents to stop fighting and quarreling.
It was Greg’s birthday, he has awaken early to pray that morning before preparing to go out, Klein did not say anything about his birthday, he knew she must have forgotten because she hærdly wish him a happy birthday except if is in the church when the members comes to wish him a happy birthday or sometimes org-nised a party for him in church, ever since their trouble began years ago his wife has always forgotten the day of his birth and also their wedding anniversary, which has become normal for him, so he didn’t want to bother her by reminding her that it was his birthday, reminding her may make her feel bad and he doesn’t want that.
Greg picked up his car keys and just when he got to the door Klein called his attention to something which they both recently started practicing again
“Darling, you have forgotten to do the needful…
“What could that be…
Greg smile as he quickly remember but wanted Klein to say it out…
“if we must be an example both to the church of God and to those looking up to us, to those who believe in love again not just because you preach about it every Sunday but also because they see us practice it, if we have to a good example let’s start practicing what we preach, not only when is necessary or relevant but at all time, both home and outside there…so where is my forehead k-ss…
Greg was glad to hear his wife say that as he took another step close to her, he had wish she will also remember it was his birthday he was turning forty years, he wanted to say something about that in a kind way to her but quickly waved it off, as he gently drew her into his arm and planted a k-ss on her forehead before saying
“I love you…
I love you more my darling husband, my pastor, my best friend and companion…
They both burst out laughing at the way Klein showered praises on Greg, k-ssing his wife on her forehead before leaving the house was becoming normal to them. They both act like new lovers around each other. Which was what Greg has always wanted.
After Greg left Klein called Fiona, the day has come for their plan to be executed, she has being planning a surprise birthday party with Fiona, who was glad to tag along, she has apologies to Fiona first and Fiona in return also apologies for her abusive words too, from there they became good friends, as Klein told her of her plan to surprise Greg on his fortieth birthday, they even involve some other church member, Mark and his wife was also involve, but Greg was not aware of all the plan, the party was suppose to be in his house, as the caterer delivered the cake which was well customized, food and drinks where also available, Mark’s wife was also there to assist with things, after everything was set, Mark and other ministers came in, few other church members started arriving one after the other,
Towards evening, Klein called Greg to check up on him and to know when he will be home, and Greg told her that he was already on his way home. Klein quickly informed the house and they put off the light and everyone get set to take a hideout.
Greg drove to a mini mart, he got something for the house, he has finally made up his mind to tell the wife of his birthday in a loving way to avoid her feeling bad, despite he would have love to have family and friends around to celebrate with him but he will do that on Sunday, and also now that his son was around it was a great moment to celebrate love and thank God for restoring his home and he pray that the peace, love and understanding that has come to settle in his home will remain permanent.
He parked his car and stepped down with the goodies he bought, he walk to the front door and rang the door bell.
Before, coming home was always sad for him and every time he sees his wife his heart will skip but not again, now he enjoys coming home and being with his wife. He was so grateful to God for using Fiona to restore his home, he had never thought an ordinary lady from the bar will bring the peace he now enjoyed, he felt so happy, he knew that God uses the foolish things of this world, the things the word condemns and calls nothing, God uses it to shame the wise, and that’s in the case of Fiona who God use to bring Klein to order and sanity.
As he tried to ring the door bell for the second time he noticed the door was open, he wondered if it was Tim his son or his wife that left the door open, he entered in,side and found out that everywhere was dark, the light was off, he called out to Klein
“Darling…I’m home…what happen to the lights…I got some goodies for you…Darling…Tim…son…where’s everybody…
He wondered why the house was dead silent, Klein did not say that she was going out and who left the door open if she was not home, he quickly switched on the light and everybody shouted out of every corner like a chorus
“Happy birthday pastor Greg….
Then laughter erupted from all angle, Greg stood puzzled, he was shock to see so much people and everywhere decorated, his wife was holding a fine cake that has “happy 40th birthday darling.
He couldn’t utter a word as he remain speechless, even his son has a gift pack in his hand, every one present were all lively and happy, the house was warm, he was more surprise to see Fiona among the people present, looking all cheerful, how did Klein do it, to get Fiona to be among the surprise show
His heart was overwhelmed, he was so happy as he began to laugh, he has never expected what he got, he thanked everyone and also thanked his wife for pulling all the people together for his birthday,
He cut the cake and there was eating and drinking and merriment, after sometime all the people started leaving one after the other, there was also a take away pack for everyone.
It was time for Fiona to leave after helping Klein wash off the dishes and arranging the house back to order, she got to the door where Greg stood hugging, shaking and thanking everyone as they leave, he stood with his wife beside him.
“happy birthday once again Pastor Greg, it must be surprising to you to see I and your wife together, remember there’s nothing God can not do…hahahaha…well you preached about that almost every Sunday, and I will be glad to finally pitch my tent in shepherd house, no more preteens and sadness, is all going to be real this time, and I am happy that your wife sit up in her duty I was all ready to wh¡p her ass like a child…I am very happy for both of you, which means I will never trespass again in your territory, is all guarded… hahahaha…I am very happy that your family is back to normal just like you have always wanted pastor…and your son is so cute…congratulation once again..
Klein who was filled with laughter as Fiona speak, began to say…
“thank you Fiona, all thanks to you because it was through you I knew I needed to sit up, if you have wh¡pped me I wouldn’t have mind, I needed to be flogged anyway and I saw you were not just ready to flog but to also kick and push…hahahaha…thank you for joining hands with me to give my husband the birthday that he deserve, I promised him that I was going to make it up to him and I just started, I know I can’t undo the past wrong but I will make every moment from now on count. God bless you Fiona….remember like I told you, you are always welcomed here, if you need somebody to talk to without being judge, if you need a hand to hold or want to hang out…don’t fail to call on me, I will be both a sister and a true friend to you…
Greg was happy as he spoke and thank Fiona, she later gave Klein a warm hug before leaving
Fiona got another job through the help of Klein, Fiona also joined the choir, as her job gives her time to go for rehearsals, she was very happy as she started dating one of the strong members in the church. And within months they started planning for their wedding, and Pastor Greg was going to officiate their wedding in shepherd house.
“…how many of you knows that pastor’s are humans too who also need counselling, prayers and encouragement…
All the hands in the church went up, and Greg continued
“thank you…and how many of you have being doing that…how many of you knells in your secret place and pray for the ministers of God…I was faced with a battle, which I wouldn’t want to go into details, even when I told Mark what was going on he couldn’t believe at first because I appeared all perfect, but at the end God intervened and saved my family from the devil’s claws…God use somebody we never expected to mend the brokenness…so God can use you too, don’t feel to big or too small, everyone is a master piece in the hand of the Lord, if you have not being putting the ministers of God in your prayers please start doing that because they are an open target to the devil, the devils knows ones the head is off the body becomes dead so he will keep fighting but we will always be on guard and will not give asses to the enemy, the wicked can only try but they will never succeed over the people of God because victory is ours through Christ…hallelujah…so today all we will do is just to pray for all the ministers of God all over the world, some of them go through fat trouble than you can imagine but they have to appear perfect because that is expected of them…we will pray not just today but always even in our quiet time, as they water the flocks of God, they will also be watered in return…they will overcome all life challenges that the enemy throws at their feet just as God helped me overcoming mine…and I am a living testimony of God’s grace…
Is being two years that Greg’s household was restored, Fiona was happily married to a God fearing man, Klein became her best friend, as other women join in their fellowsh¡p where they get to study the word of God, talk about everything that bothers them and pray about it, they also pray for their different family and also continued praying for the ministers of God.
Their fellowsh¡p keep increasing in number as more women joined in, Shepherd house was also growing. Greg remain forever grateful to God for his mercies, anytime he looks back, he remember how frustrated, lonely, sad and bitter he use to be, he can’t thank God enough for the present moment, it was a great miracle. Now he has forgotten what it felt like to pretend to people, him and his wife smile, laugh and speak to people in a warm and loving way, it was real this time no more cover up or preteens, this has always being Greg’s wish and it came to past.
God used Fiona, a street bartender lady to speak to Klein and she turned a new leaf, no more suffering and smiling for Pastor Greg.
Please remember to pray for the true men and women of God all over the world, some are really suffering and smiling.

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