Thorn in the Flesh

THORN IN THE FLESH (episode 4)

©Oby Chinyere
…God didn’t t just send his son to be crucified for our iniquities, he also called us into a divine family, now talking about family, I am so blessed to have a woman like my wife, who completes me, I know I always say this, yes… she has being so encouraging and has supported me all the way… God has blessed us with a unique son, who loves God dearly, my wife has being a great mother, everyday I wake up I thank God for her as I also wonder how perfect a woman can be, she is one of my greatest blessing. So I am talking to the married, husband love your wife as Christ love the church and wives please respect and summit to your husband as the church summit to Christ, me and my wife are a living example to this. To the singles please be careful with whoever you settle down with, do not be in a haste to do so, or see it as a way to escape from lust because if you are easily blown away with lustful pleasure, marriage can not cure that, it takes God and discipline to get in the right line…hallelujah…
The church chorused Amen, they listened with keen interest as pastor Greg kept on preaching, they all love the way he always use himself as an example.
Fiona was seated at one corner listening and wondered how good pastor Greg was in preaching, merely looking at him or listening to him you will never believe he has ever had any issue with his dear wife before, Fiona started wishing she was the one the pastor was showering all the praises on instead of Klein, she has come to like Greg but she knows Greg will never give her a second look, there were so many beautiful women in his church who admire him greatly.
The men and women in Greg’s church were becoming better in loving their family just the way pastor Greg taught them. Everyone was following Pastor Greg’s footstep


There were single men and married men too but Fiona’s eyes was fixed on Greg, who to her was a big fish, she wish Greg can make eye contact with her, but she was seated at the back and it will be difficult for him to see her, she planned to wait after church to say hello to him
Klein was smiling from ear to ear as she watch her husband preach, deep down she was so angry with him for the shocking way he cautioned her on their way to church and she has loads of plan of what she will do to him back home.
Pastor Mark wondered if Greg was mistaking when he came to his place and told him about having issue with his wife, watching him preach and make emphasis on his wife being a loving and perfect woman makes him wonder all the time.
Mark was beginning to understand Pastor Greg more than before, he may sound perfect in his preaching but deep down he has pain that nobody can see with their physical eyes.
After the church service, people started coming to greet him and to tell him how good his teaching was and how it has impacted their lives, and some other member who needed counselling while some needs prayer, he counselled, prayed and encourage everyone.
And just when he was rounding up he saw a familiar face, he quickly recognized her.


“Pastor Greg I’m blessed to be under your ministration today…thank you for inviting me
“Fia..Fiona, yea, am correct, I’m glad you came, and hope you will make here your home of worsh¡p, where you can always come and fellowsh¡p with brethren…please meet my lovely wife…
“Your wife is beautiful…
Klein smile and gave Fiona a side hug before saying…
“I’m please to meet you, you are also beautiful, and we will be glad to always have you here, shepherd house is a place to be and I’m planning on starting a weekly women fellowsh¡p and I will like you to also join in, is for both married and single…
“Really, I will love that, I’m glad to be here… thank you, I will be on my way now…
Fiona looked at Pastor Greg as she walk out with a smile.
That same day as Greg got home with his wife and son, Klein switched into her real mood, she started keeping malice, she refuse to say anything to Greg, Greg ignored her and that got Klein more angry as she went to unleash all her stored up anger on Greg
“first this morning you called me a bad woman, you said I was a distraction to you and your God, and we acted all nice in the church, I never know you invited your girlfriend to church, do you see the way she looked at you, you even remembered her name which means you have being seeing her, see the way you called her “Fiona”, as if you have known her all your life, you think you can deceive me like you deceive everyone in church, Greg I will nail you down, I will make sure you become nothing for calling me a bad woman and saying I’m a nagging wife…and also inviting your wh-re to church…I will so destroy you…
“Fiona is the lady I met in the bar one night after I couldn’t stand your trouble, you almost drove me crazy that day and I drove down to the hidden bar and there I met Fiona, she attended to me that night and I ran into her again at the mini mart and decided to invite her to church, and it was the right thing to do, calling sinners unto repentance, because when she finally repent and believe wh0le heartedly all the glory will be to God not to me or to you…stop all this… Klein, I am tired of this, why can’t we have peace and live as husband and wife should, Fiona just attended to me at the bar that one night and I have never return there again..
“Did she just attend to you at the bar or somewhere else, she is even a bar lady…what a mess…you are shameless Greg…so shameless
Greg kept quiet and walked into his room leaving her alone.
Klein continued with her constant trouble everyday, Greg started leaving the house, he was either in the church or with Mark, and he tried everything possible to avoid Klein’s trouble. And acted all cool every Sunday, he started avoiding coming home and some time stays in his church office, Klein got even angrier as Greg found another way of avoiding her.


Fiona noticed that Greg was mostly in his Church office and she planned to start paying him a visit there.
Greg wish he can get another house but his church member may notice and raise a questioning eye at him, he put his son in a boarding school so that he can grow up normal without seeing so much chaos at home, he wish he can say out his pain to the church member, exactly how it is but he can’t because everyone believe in his teaching and followed him, he wish he can also get some counselling and encouragement but he was on his own, Mark has being helpful, he was the only one that understand his plight. 
Greg knew he was being a hypocrite, making everyone to be believe his is so happy and his wife is a loving and very supportive woman to him, he wonder how long he will keep up with his normal make to believe show
Every Sunday and other fellowsh¡p days was always the same as they act all nice and happy, while Greg was dying in,side.


He wondered if God was testing his patient or the devil was trying to destroy him through his wife, he couldn’t ascertain what exactly was happening to him but he was determine not to weaver in his faith.
Fiona was happy as she dressed up and checked herself in the mirror to make sure her make up was good, when she was satisfied with herself, she took her hand bag and left. She knows exactly where he will be and that’s where she was going.
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