Thorn in the Flesh

THORN IN THE FLESH (episode 7)

© Oby Chinyere
Greg went into the bathroom, and stayed there for long, still thinking of what Klein could be upto, he stayed there until Klein came to knock the bathroom door and he came out…
“are you alright…sorry I was wondering why you were taking almost an hour in the bath…I’m sorry if I disturbed you, so now you are don bathing can you come to the dining table now and eat your food…
Greg nodded, he still have not found his voice yet, he has not said anything to Klein because he was totally speechless.
He was not sure if he want to eat or not, he wondered why Klein was urging him to the dinning. Greg quietly walk to the master bedroom and started changing up to his night wear, Klein came in and stood watching him with same suspicious smile on her


“I don’t want your food to get cold, so I put it in a flask, even if you are not hungry just have a taste of it, you will love it, I specially made it for you, is your favourite food, it taste great darling so can we go now…please
Greg was not in a rush to leave, he is still not sure of all the niceness coming from his wife, out of sudden, and he was almost loosing his appetite as Klein kept on pleasuring him to go and eat his food on the dining table
“Will you like me to bring it down to the room, if you can not come to the dinning, will you like to be served here, if yes, then let me get your food down?
Greg can no longer hold it together, he spoke out
“what exactly are you up to Klein, why all this care out of sudden, what are you planning, what do you want, what is your plan Klein, no…say it out because I can not remember when last you acted all nice to me, even when I did everything possible to please you, you still pay me back with insult and constant nagging, and I know you are mad at me, you showed it all when you saw me and Fiona in the office, and even threaten to nail me to the earth, you said you will take my name and that of Fiona to the print media and have them publish and disgrace me…you said a lot more before leaving, and hours later you are acting all nice and caring, just out of the moon, Klein if you are up to something say it out stop all this because I am not even comfortable any more, seriously, I am not. You can’t be so angry with me this minute and another minute you are all loving, I know you Klein and this is not you, ever since you turned my life upside down and made a big mess out of it, I have being managing to keep sane, I have tried not to loose my sanity, I have live and acted just as the public demand of me, I have suffered too much from you Klein and I can’t question God why so many sad things is happening to me rather I will quietly endure and depend on God’s grace to see me through it all but right now…I really don’t know what is going on and if…
Before Greg could say another word Klein rushed to him and went into his arm sobbing, she was sobbing silently, Greg became even more confuse
“I’m sorry, I know sorry is not enough for all I have done to you, but please find it within you to forgive me…I have really being terrible this past few years, I have being a thorn in your flesh, I can’t really say what happen to me but I am deeply sorry darling, I wish I can make up for the lost sad years, I am deeply sorry Greg…please forgive me…Fiona…when she spoke to me this evening…I got scared of loosing you, I saw my foolishness right then and I wish I can undo the things I have done all this while…Fiona flogged me with every of her word, I felt heavy, I cried when I got home and began to thank God for keeping you together after everything I did, I am deeply sorry darling…I also overheard what you said to her, after I left I stood behind the door and hærd you tell her that you still love me…I was broken on hearing that, so I drove with speed to the house… perfect and to make your favourite dish
Greg still did know if he should trust her or not, he loosened from her grip and went to the dining, Klein followed and sat opposite him as he said a prayer over the food, Greg looked at her and she smiled,
Greg tried to smile but he still wasn’t sure if this change he sees in his wife is real or not, Greg enjoyed the food after which he went to bed with his wife.

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