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THORN IN THE FLESH (episode 9)

© Oby Chinyere
Greg stayed in the spare room for long time without coming out, he ignored Klein’s call and constants knock on the door, he prayed against every manipulation from the devil, using his wife’s face, he also prayed that the peace that was about taking place will settle in his home, after sometime he came out of the room and saw Klein sitting by the door sobbing silently, 
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On seeing him she rose to her feet and spoke


“I know I was terrible, I know I don’t deserve you, your forgiveness and love, I don’t deserve anything from you Greg, but all I ask is that you will forgive me, just find it in your heart to forgive me…please Greg, I beg of you, I still love you…so very much, I just expressed it in a very wrong way, I was jealous of seeing you having female admirer in church, and some of them even wanted you to counsel them or pray for them, I got jealous Greg especially the way you respond to them, you are always smiling and giving them a listening ear and attention, I don’t know why I hated that, and became bitter and started hating you… I still feel lonely anytime you are away from me and angry anytime you are close to me, I know I allowed myself to be used by the devil, jealousy took control of me and I wanted to destroy you so that those female admirers will run from you, you will become frustrated and helpless. I wanted to have you exactly where I wanted you, I wanted to stripe you off everything and make you useless, I wanted you to see me as your second god, I know I was wrong Greg, I was totally wrong, and when I met Fiona in your office, I was determined to take a further step in achieving that which I have in mind, seeing you together with her was enough evidence to hold onto, then I hard Fiona speak to me with those threatening voice of hers, she just spread my fault before me and I began to see how gullible and selfish I have being , she even said if you have given her a second look I would have being without a husband, i hated her for saying so much yet all she said was the truth, i was hoping you will stop her from insulting me but when you didn’t I got even more scared probably you are really tired of me and may end up with Fiona because she was desperately ready to have you to herself, I just got scared Greg, I don’t want to loose you to another woman Greg, and I also hard you say to Fiona that you still love me, I felt so unworthy of you, in truth I don’t deserve you Greg, I don’t, I have being a bad wife and a terrible mother to our son, and also a bad example to the church, I am deeply sorry, all I ask for is another chance to prove myself again, another chance to be better than I was, another chance to be the real mother I was meant to be to our son, a good wife to you and also a good example to the church of God…please…
Greg kept on looking at her as she shed tears and plead to him, he was moved by her sincere confession, he moved close to her and Klein on seeing him looking like he cared so much about her, went into his arm still sobbing, Greg held onto her before loosening up a little, he still doesn’t know if he should believe her or not, despite she was looking all sincere.
“please permit me to go and make you breakfast, you have being in there for long and I don’t know what to do because I was really worried, i know you had a night mare that got you scared, I saw the way you looked at me and moved away from me when I tried to touch you, I’m sorry for everything, you took forever in there and I thought you won’t come out again, I love you Greg, please let me prove it to you.
She loosened from his grip and went to the kitchen to make breakfast for Greg, 
Before Greg finished from the bathroom and dressed up for the day Klein was done with food, and set it up for him on the dining, Greg who decided to fast that day knows that he can not eat anything at that moment until he breaks his fast


Klein came to meet Greg in the room
“Darling your food is ready, and is set on the dining…
“Okay, thank you, go and be eating, I am still busy right now…
She said okay and left, after five minutes Greg came out and saw her sitting on the dining chair, she wasn’t eating
“Why aren’t you eating…
“Because I am not hungry yet, but I will eat…maybe when I am…
“okay, maybe you should preserve the food for me, I will eat later not now…I have to get to my office and also have to see Mark
Klein frown, she looks unhappy, she breathed deeply before saying..
“Are you still angry with me…i have pleaded to you to be forgiven…
“I am not angry with darling…you are always forgiven, that’s just the fact, I have forgiven you even before you tendered the apology…
“Then come and have breakfast before going out…eat before leaving, it will make me happy…
“I can’t darling…I will do that when I return in the evening…I’m fasting today…
“are you afraid of me…even when you were eating last night you seem to be careful and was looking at me suspiciously, I know I was capable of doing anything to you then…but I am no more the same person…I have changed…and I want to get your trust back…do you think I will poison you
At the mention of poison, the dream flash back to Greg’s mind again, he knew he has prayed against any mishap but he was troubled in his mind as Klein mentioned poison, he looked at Klein who was still asking him to eat to prove to her that she has forgiven him…
“I just told you that I am fasting…I don’t like letting anybody know when I am mounting…not even you…but I still told you that I can’t eat now for that reason and you are still talking…
“am sorry…I did not hear you say that you are fasting…was carried away with wanting you to eat something before leaving… if I have hard that I wouldn’t have trouble you any further…alright go on I will make something better before you return..
And after Greg left, Klein dressed up and left the house with her own car key, she drove to most of the hidden bar that she think Fiona will be in, after she couldn’t find her she decided to ask most of the bar tenders around there they directed her to the place, she went to the exact place that she was directed and asked for Fiona.
When Fiona was told that somebody was looking for her, she came out and was surprise to see Klein, sitting at one corner, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to see her or not, Fiona wondered what Klein want because their last meeting was just yesterday and their encounter wasn’t good after Klein threatens to disgrace her and Greg, a lot of things went through Fiona’s mind, as she thought maybe Klein want to start what she planned to do right here in her bar, but Fiona was ready for her and even plan to beat her up if she tries to insult her or do anything bad, Fiona was even happy that Greg, Klein husband who she respect was not with her, so if Klein coming was to make trouble with her she will disgrace her instead, she will even tell everyone how she has being a pain in the pastor’s neck, she was ready for the inevitable.
Fiona walks up to her, Klein on seeing Fiona try to smile but instead frown on seeing Fiona with a straight and hardened face, Fiona looks like she was ready for a fight
“yes, what do you want…why are you looking for me…and wait before you say anything…look around you, this is my zone…if you try anything funny I will be force to mess you up…I am not the type of lady you should mess around with…I am far too big than what you think…if you are here to warn me to stay away from your husband…I have already made up my mind to do that, I am not his type…I have nothing with him before, as much as I would have love to but pastor Greg will not give me a second look despite how unworthy you have being to him….so instead of coming here, which is obviously a waste of time go and make that man happy…because he deserve to be happy…if you don’t sit up…another woman may eventually take him from you because good men like that are very scarce…do you understand me…even if Greg decide to separate from you…and he make up his mind not to have anything to do with any woman again, believe me nothing in you will ever interest him again…he will be focus in God and his only son who you have not being a good mother to, judging from your attitude toward your husband, at the end you will be the one left in disgrace and whe…
“Hold on…enough said already Fiona…what you are thinking is not why I came…I came for a different thing…i need you for something…I don’t know if you can help me
Fiona looked at her suspiciously as she still wonder what Klein was up to, what is she planning that she has to involve her, she was suppose to be her enemy not her friend so why is Klein here and what is she planning against Greg that she has to involve her in it.

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