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Nwadiuto was th£ first to notice th£ change !n h£r moth£r. $h£ looked happier and was always on h£r phone. $h£ watch£d h£r glow. $h£ dressed differently too.

S!nce h£r return to Lagos after th£ official !ntroduction to h£r stepmoth£r who accepted h£r with open arms, Nwadiuto had concentrated on h£r job. $h£ had d!nner once with Josh and lunch on a day h£ was @r0vnd h£r vic!nity. h£ refused to give h£r h¡s address.

Th£ follow!ng weekend, h£ !nvited h£r for a get togeth£r at an exclusive resort. $h£ was ready to have fun. Th£ problem was not hav!ng company. $h£ didn’t want to be @r0vnd people $h£ didn’t know or ¢ar£ for h£r. But Josh a$$ured h£r it wasn’t like th£ last one. $h£ will have people $h£ could connect with.

$h£ came to th£ resort wear!ng a white net (with big h0l£s) knee length free gown with a purple bik!ni top and a pair of black bum shorts underneath it. $h£ had h£r beach hat, sungla$$es, sl¡pper, and towel. $h£ had braids done and packed !n a bun. $h£ wore j√$t powder and l¡p gloss. $h£ had prepared for th¡s ©vt!ng.

“Why are you always determ!ned to seduce people?” Josh asked h£r as h£ walked up to h£r.

“Th¡s is a beach right. I came !n th£ appropriate attire.”

“Well, some people are m©r£ dar!ng than you. You might have to take off your fishnet gown to compete”

“O really. Not !nterested !n compet!ng with anyone”

“Cool because my friend is h£re”

“Which of th£ ladies is $h£?”

“Look ©vt for Naomi Campbell”

Nwadiuto saw h£r. $h£ was tall, a bit taller than Nwadiuto. $h£ had on a bik!ni and had th£ figure of a model truly. With all th£ challenges $h£ had faced, Nwadiuto had lost some weight. Th¡s lady had a small set of br£@sts and a small hip and bum. White men like th¡s figure and white men were giv!ng h£r attention.

$h£ jo!ned Josh. h£ !ntroduced h£r @r0vnd and $h£ got to meet old faces and new ones. h£ !ntroduced h¡s cous!n to h£r. Th£ guy believed th£y were Siamese tw!ns after that. Nwadiuto wasn’t !n th£ least !nterested !n h¡m.

$h£ had a few dr!nks and some barbecue. $h£ chatted with everyone th£re and th£n decided to go for a walk along th£ shorel!ne. $h£ was prompted to walk !n anoth£r direction wh£re th£re were private beach houses. As $h£ walked $h£ saw two people sitt!ng on beach chairs with an umbrella over th£m. What attracted h£r to th£ couple was th£ beach bag that was beside th£ lady. $h£ recognized th£ bag wh£n h£r moth£r was pack!ng for an official retreat. If th£re was a retreat, why was $h£ and someone else alone h£re? $h£ walked past th£m for a small distance and th£n walked [email protected]¢k. Wh£n $h£ did, $h£ caught a fvll vision of th£ guy because h£ stood up to go |ns!de. Th£n $h£ looked at th£ woman. $h£ had on a swimsuit. $h£ raised h£r [email protected] to rem©v£ some of th£ beach sand $h£ had on h£r, $h£ saw h£r moth£r’s r!ngs. $h£ wasn’t mistaken. $h£ walked very s1©wly. Th£ man returned and $h£ turned on h£r stomach. With that turn $h£ saw h£r face; it was h£r moth£r. $h£ quickened h£r steps [email protected]¢k to th£ party.

“Wh£re have you been?” Josh asked while $h£ dragged h¡m away from th£ group.

$h£ po!nted to th£ umbrella which was a small distance away and said to Josh, “My mum is under that umbrella with a man”

“You are kidd!ng me!”

“I a!n’t jok!ng; $h£ has gotten h£r groove [email protected]¢k”

“Should we go closer to watch th£m?”

“I have seen th£ guy. $h£’s with h¡m and $h£ looked really happy. I have never seen h£r look that happy”

“Guess who jo!ned th£ party wh£n you took off?”


“Yeah, th¡s is your opportunity”

“I will see h¡m wh£n I get [email protected]¢k. Your babe is chill!ng with th£ oyibo guys”

“My friend you mean. $h£ was with Malik briefly until I warned h£r off h¡m. I told h£r h£ was yours”

“You are a good friend always protect!ng my !nterest. Let me go th£re and pepper h¡m” $h£ rem©v£d th£ gown $h£ was wear!ng and Josh went “Damn”.

Malik was all over h£r wh£n h£ saw h£r. $h£ asked th£ usual questions of why h£ didn’t call h£r. h£ said h£r number mysteriously disappeared from h¡s phone. $h£ smiled. h£ led h£r to th£ beach but $h£ refused to jiggle h£r jugs or arse for anyone. $h£ walked ©vt of th£ water majestically unlike oth£r girls @r0vnd.

$h£ didn’t jo!n th£ ball games or tug of war. $h£ was ready for th£ truth and dare. ‘Naomi Campbell’ ru$h£d to sit beside Josh which irritated h£r. $h£ left h¡m to sit opposite h¡m. h£ begged h£r with h¡s eyes. Th£y understood each oth£r.

Th¡s Truth or Dare game was different. Cards with questions for th£ game were available and ever had th£ butt of th£ bottle asked whoever had th£ front a question. Some questions came with “You Can’t Dr!nk”. If you choose to jo!n th£ game, you couldn’t chicken ©vt. Th£ bottle was spun and it stopped with th£ first person. It went on until it was Nwadito’s turn and th£ bottom faced ‘Naomi Campbell’. Nwadiuto chose dare.

“Sit on th£ lap of someone you like h£re and klzz h¡m on th£ l¡ps. You can’t dr!nk.” Naomi announced excitedly.

Nwadiuto stood up. Everyone expected h£r to go to Malik !nclud!ng Malik but $h£ walked over to Josh sat on h¡s laps fac!ng Naomi Campbell and klzzed h¡m on th£ l¡ps. Everyone was shocked !nclud!ng Josh. h£ stood up immediately almost dropp!ng h£r. $h£ knew h£ would freak ©vt. $h£ looked over at Malik and saw h£ wasn’t happy at all. $h£ w!nked at h¡m.

Th£ game cont!nued with guys try!ng to get h£r to do stuff which $h£ decl!ned. $h£ chose only Truth after that. Th£y ₱|@yed oth£r games and people were pair!ng up as it was gett!ng late. Malik asked to speak with h£r.

“Why did you do that? Is th£re anyth!ng b£tweeΠ you and Josh?”

“h£’s my bestie. Noth!ng at all”

“Why would you klzz h¡m?”

“I can klzz whoever I want. Why are you act!ng like a sa!nt? I saw you with anoth£r lady wh£n I came [email protected]¢k from my stroll. We aren’t !n a relationship; we j√$t want to be bad togeth£r. If you are still !nterested, I should be !n Abuja soon. We can be naughty togeth£r all night long”

“Give me your number”

Th£y exchanged numbers aga!n. $h£ didn’t save h¡s name with Malik so it doesn’t mysteriously disappear aga!n. Malik left before Nwadiuto because h£ had a call and had to go.

“Why did you klzz me? You will give Malik ideas” Josh asked.

“Or Naomi Campbell?”

“$h£ is j√$t a friend”

“$h£ wants m©r£ than friendship”

“$h£ has oyibo b©dy which doesn’t appeal to me”


Th£y looked d©wΠ to wh£re th£ umbrella and th£ beach chairs were. No one was th£re. Th£y walked th£re togeth£r. Th£re was light !n th£ beach house and th£y could h£ar a woman giggl!ng.

“Your mum is hav!ng fun. I wish I could see th£ man”

“Let’s knock and ask for someth!ng”

“Good idea.”

Th£y knocked and Paul came to th£ door. Th£y asked for dr!nk!ng water and h£ graciously gave th£m. $h£ saw h£r moth£r’s [email protected] That was all $h£ needed to see.

“Th¡s is a beautiful place. I wish I could look @r0vnd. Are you h£re alone?”

“No, I’m with my wife”

“Sorry for !ntrud!ng. Can I take some pictures d©wΠ h£re?” Nwadiuto asked.


Nwadiuto took pictures close to items $h£ knew belonged to h£r moth£r. Th£n, th£y thanked th£ man who !ntroduced h¡mself as Paul and th£y left.

“$h£ is th£re. Wh£n did $h£ develop th£ guts to get away with a man” Nwadiuto asked quite impressed.

“You know your mum is human; $h£ has needs too. And th£ guy is nice.”

“I will show h£r th¡s picture and $h£ would want to die. So h£r getaways are with th¡s guy”

“Behave yourself. It is time for you to go home, your baby broth£r is wait!ng for you. I had fun with you today like always” h£ gave h£r a hug and pecked h£r on h£r ch£ek.

Nwanneka was embarra$$ed wh£n Nwadiuto showed h£r th£ picture. It was h£r secret and th¡s child wanted to ru!n it.

“I am not judg!ng you. I like th£ guy, Paul right?”

“Yeah. We met while I was !n th£ university and broke off because h£ was !n anoth£r relationship. Fate brought of [email protected]¢k togeth£r.”

“I saw th£ difference !n you wh£n it started; you have your glow [email protected]¢k and you are th£ happiest I have ever seen you. Don’t hide it from me. If you want to be with h¡m, j√$t tell and you can go. You deserve all th£ love you can get.”

$h£ hugged Nwadiuto and said “Thank you, child. Th¡s rema!ns b£tweeΠ us.”

“Not a problem. h£ called you h¡s wife with so much confidence. Th¡s might be serious for h¡m”

“It is for me too but I don’t want to remarry. I can !ntroduce h¡m wh£n bobo enters secondary school and understands what I am do!ng”

“Th£y don’t ¢ar£. Live for yourself first. You are happy now and it will tell on th£m. Wh£re are you tak!ng th£m for summer?”

“I was th!nk!ng th£ UK. But I haven’t asked Paul yet”

“You need to ask h¡m. Let th£ir grandmoth£r go with th£m and th£n you can jet ©vt with loverboy”

“I can’t believe we are talk!ng ab©vt my boyfriend. What ab©vt yours?”

“None for now. Once I serve, I might get one”

“And th£ branch manager?”

“Friends mum, we are j√$t friends”

“I th!nk h£ likes you though”

“Not !n that way. h£ has a babe with h¡m !n h¡s house as we speak”

“That’s not good. I th!nk you should consider a serious relationship so you can get married and start a family early”

“!nitially, I didn’t want to have children. I wanted to marry a man that reasons like me. With what has happened, I want to have children. I believe I will be a good moth£r especially with you and grandmoth£r support!ng me. Th£ problem is, I also want a ¢ar£er. I am not !nterested !n th£ m!nistry work you are do!ng. I want to own my own IT company. So, we have to agree, I will go to !ndia for one year after service”

“Whatever you want to do, I am solidly beh!nd you. Don’t let anyth!ng deter you”

“I know I never tell you th¡s but you are an amaz!ng moth£r and I love you. I will be eternally grateful to you for whom you have made me be. I have no regrets ab©vt how I came !nto th¡s world and for keep!ng me even know!ng th£ implication, th£re is no love like that.”

Nwanneka couldn’t believe h£r ears. h£r daughter complimented h£r and even told h£r $h£ loved h£r. $h£ cried tears of joy as $h£ hugged h£r daughter say!ng !n b£tweeΠ tears, “I love you too”

Nwadiuto worked for two weeks and th£n an opportunity to be !n Abuja pres£nted itself. h£r boss had a meet!ng !n Abuja with a government parastatal. h£ threw th£ option of jo!n!ng h¡m open to Nwadiuto and $h£ took it.

$h£ waited until $h£ was !n Abuja before $h£ called Malik. h£ was excited to h£ar from h£r. h£ told h£r h£ would see !n later that night after $h£ was through with th£ir pres£ntation.

$h£ went [email protected]¢k with h£r boss to th£ h°tel th£y were lodged with two s£nior management of th£ parastatal. One of th£m was talk!ng to h£r with h¡s eyes but $h£ paid h¡m no h£ed. $h£ had plans and h£ wasn’t a part of it. Immediately after th£ meet!ng was over, $h£ called Malik to come. $h£ da$h£d !nto h£r room, took a bath and got ready for h¡m.

“Th¡s isn’t Hilton, but th¡s will do. It’s got a beautiful view. Your boss put you !n th¡s room?”

“Yes, h£ did”

“Wh£re is h¡s?”

“Th£ next room”

“Are you sure h£ didn’t have plans to come over later tonight?”

“h£ will see you h£re”

$h£ ordered dr!nks for th£m which $h£ paid for h£rself. Malik watch£d h£r look!ng all s€×y and h°t but, h£ wasn’t !n a hurry; th£y had all night.

“How is my rival?” Malik asked ©vt of th£ blues.

“Who is that?”

“Josh. Lily-livered Josh. h£ doesn’t know how to take a girl that is hungry for h¡m. h£ believes !n be!ng a nice guy; girls don’t like nice guys, th£y like bad guys”


“Yes. h£ follows you @r0vnd like a pup with©vt tell!ng you how h£ truly feels ab©vt you. Someth!ng all of us are aware of”

“Josh doesn’t have such feel!ngs for me. h£ had th£m for my sister and had a good friendship with me”

“What are you say!ng? Th£ way h£ looks at you and goes all ©vt to protect you doesn’t expla!n h¡s feel!ngs? You are m©r£ naïve than I thought. That guy has th£ h°ts for you. It is eith£r h£ has eyes only for you or I th!nk h£ has a problem. Most of th£ girls who showed !nterest !n h¡m said h£ never made a m©v£ on th£m. How can you allow such a piece of arse to escape from you? Th£ oth£r one refused to tell me what happened b£tweeΠ both of th£m. I wanted details but $h£ refused to give th£m. I suspect h£ has issues; s€×ual issues. It is possible h£ can’t get it up. Th¡s must be th£ reason h£ has female friends who are comfortable be!ng @r0vnd h¡m”

“I don’t know ab©vt that”

“Has h£ made a m©v£ on you?”

“Never, h£ respects me”

Malik slapped h£r arse and asked h£r, “h£ respects th¡s arse or h£ can’t see it? I th!nk h£ j√$t might be [email protected]

“Because h£ didn’t tap my arse”

“Come h£re bitch. Are you talk!ng [email protected]¢k to me? You deserve to be puni$h£d” h£ turned h£r over on h¡s lap and spanked h£r arse. Th£n h£ rolled up h£r dress and spanked h£r bare butt. Nwadiuto liked it. Th¡s was what $h£ wanted and m©r£. “Let me !ntroduce you to my world, rough or gentle?”


It went crazy from th£re. From rough klzz!ng to cunnil!ngus which got h£r trembl!ng wh£n $h£ had an [email protected] It seemed h£ was ©vt to make h£r squeal and [email protected] all night long. h£ klzzed and |¡¢ked almost every part of h£r b©dy. $h£ had turned to jelly !n h¡s arms.

Th£n h£ stood up to undress. h£ did it gradually !n a seductive manner as if stripp!ng for h£r. $h£ watch£d h¡m with keen !nterest. h£ had a ripped b©dy like that of a god. h£ must be build!ng h¡s b©dy because h£ was s€×y. Wh£n h£ took off h¡s jeans, th£n $h£ became worried. $h£ suddenly didn’t feel like giv!ng h¡m h£r v!rg!nity anym©r£. All th£ feel!ngs $h£ had for h¡m suddenly disappeared.

Malik jo!ned h£r [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d but h£r excitement was gone. h£ tried gett!ng h£r excited aga!n but $h£ wasn’t respond!ng like before.

“What is it?”

“I don’t th!nk I am ready”

“What are you say!ng?”

“I don’t th!nk I am ready for th¡s”

“Are you jok!ng? Suddenly you are no longer ready? Do I look like a joke to you? Did you come h£re to ₱|@y a prank with me? What k!nd of childish attitude are you dis₱|@y!ng? After you had an earthshak!ng [email protected] you are no longer !nterested !n me hav!ng my way.”

“I thought I was ready to give up my v!rg!nity but now, I realise, I am do!ng someth!ng wrong. Th£re is no future b£tweeΠ us and you have no regard for me. Why th£n should I give you someth!ng so precious?”

“What? You are a v!rg!n? You are jok!ng right. v!rg!n! Who told you I do v!rg!ns? You have spoilt tonight for me. I don’t have s€× with !nexperienced ladies who don’t know how to [email protected] what I’ve got. So all th¡s while, you were a v!rg!n? No wonder. Josh must have suspected. h£ warned me off you call!ng you !nnocent. Meanwhile, I thought h£ was smack!ng th¡s arse.” h£ replied.

Nwadiuto was upset. h£ made h£r feel stupid and not up to par j√$t because $h£ considered h¡m to be h£r first. $h£ stood up, entered th£ bathroom and locked h£rself |ns!de th£re. $h£ took anoth£r bath, came ©vt ty!ng a towel. Malik was already dressed. $h£ went to get h£r dress while h£ spoke to h£r.

“I might have come off sound!ng !ns£nsitive. I’m sorry. You have a great b©dy; one of th£ best I have ever seen. But, I am not !nto th£ v!rg!n th!ng. We can repeat th¡s at th£ Hilton wh£n you get rid of th£ obstacle and you are emotionally ready. Josh might be able to h£lp if h£ is man enough. Wh£n you are ready, I a$$ure you, you will have th£ time of your life. I’ve got to run. I j√$t got a call. Duty calls. Good night, dear” and h£ went to th£ door with©vt wait!ng for a response.

Nwadiuto was m©r£ upset than before. $h£ wanted to cry at that moment; premium tears but th£y refused to drop. Malik had what many women believed th£y liked. But on sight!ng it, $h£ knew $h£ didn’t want it and def!nitely not for h£r first time. But, $h£ expected h¡m to be nicer, appeal or cajole h£r to try, show that h£ ¢ar£d ab©vt h£r but h£ threw h£r away for anoth£r with©vt batt!ng an eyelid. Josh would never have treated h£r like that.

Malik was s€×y and h°t. h£ was like melted chocolate; brown and yummy. But now h£ no longer looked like that to h£r. $h£ saw an !ns£nsitive guy who had no regard for women. Th£ b©dy of a woman was a toy to h¡m.

Still, $h£ wanted to have th£ opportunity to be with Malik aga!n. $h£ had been cured of th£ bad girl lifestyle by h¡s attitude. $h£ enjoyed th£ spank!ng h£ started with. $h£ would want to experience h¡m aga!n; and th¡s time, $h£ would be th£ one to !nsult h¡m j√$t like h£ did h£r.

$h£ wanted to call Josh and vent but $h£ stopped h£rself. Th£y had agreed on no discussion ab©vt Malik. $h£ didn’t tell h¡m $h£ was go!ng to Abuja. $h£ wanted to talk to h¡m so badly but also didn’t want to share h£r experience with Malik as Malik. It didn’t have to be Malik. $h£ called h¡m. Th£y exchanged pleasantries.

“I was with a guy today but I couldn’t ₱v|| it through. h£ was upset. h£ made anoth£r appo!ntment with someone else, dressed up and left. What k!nd of childish behaviour is that?”

“You are not happy h£ left?”

“Why should h£? Am I only good for s€×?”

“You should be thank!ng your stars h£ didn’t rape you. What if h£ had been violent with you? h£ was ready for action until you decl!ned.”

“h£ can’t rape me. We will die th£re”

“Stop bragg!ng and thank your stars. I agree, h£ was childish !n a way but, that’s what you get wh£n you are not !n a committed relationship. You have to choose how you want to be treated. s€× isn’t everyth!ng. If I was !n that situation, I would have [email protected] it differently. But you ladies would prefer to be with guys that treat you like shit and still be lvst!ng after h¡m. I keep wonder!ng why”

“Th£ h£art wants what th£ h£art wants. I understand. Th£ good guys don’t get th£ girls th£y want. But, th£y are also attracted to bad girls sometimes. That craz!ness needs to be experienced. That wh0l£ throw!ng caution to th£ w!nd and hav!ng a wild time”

“But good guys can give that experience too. Th£ problem is, you are not will!ng to try th£m. Wh£n I was !n th£ university, I lived off-campus and had th¡s neighbour. h£ was short and had a slender b©dy frame. h£ wasn’t someone you will look at twice and h£ didn’t have so much money. But guess what, h£ had a girlfriend. $h£ was h°t. All of us tried to get h£r but $h£ refused us all. Beautiful chic. One night, th£re was no light and we all sat ©vtside to take !n th£ fresh air. Th£y lit a candle !n th£ room and started action. We went silent wh£n we h£ard h£r [email protected] th£ first time. Th£ir w!ndow at th£ [email protected]¢k was open. We went to th£ [email protected]¢k of th£ build!ng, a distance away and watch£d th£m make love. We couldn’t believe what th£ guy was capable of. I mean th¡s girl was hav!ng th£ time of h£r life. That was wh£n we understood why $h£ wouldn’t leave h¡m for anyone. Th£y are married now. h£ is still as gentle as ever. Th£y have three kids. Good guys also make good lovers. Get a good guy”

Nwadiuto thought ab©vt h£r conversation with Josh until dawn. $h£ realized how mistaken $h£ was ab©vt h£r desires. $h£ could get all th£ naught!ness and still be treated with respect before and after. $h£ tried to imag!ne what would have happened after if Malik had been successful. It was a conquest for h¡m. It was s!nk!ng !n now.

h£r boss !nformed h£r th£y would be leav!ng for Lagos earlier than planned as h£ had anoth£r meet!ng !n Lagos. $h£ didn’t m!nd. $h£ ch£cked ©vt and met h¡m d©wΠstairs. h£r m!nd was far away. Th£y met with th£ M!nister th£y came to see and went to th£ airport from th£re. With th£ [email protected] and all, th£y got to Lagos at ab©vt 7pm.

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