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Nwadiuto made up h£r m!nd not to go home. $h£ chatted Josh up for h¡s address. h£ s£nt it to h£r with no questions asked. h£ told h£r h£ won’t be home until 9pm. $h£ had to wait two hours. $h£ didn’t know why $h£ decided $h£ would use that time to cook. $h£ stopped th£ taxi near a night market, bought th£ !ngredients for what $h£ had !n m!nd and th£n got to h¡s apartment !n Lekki.

h£ lived !n a Terrence build!ng. Th£ taxi stopped !n front of th£ house number Josh s£nt to h£r. $h£ came d©wΠ, paid and went to th£ door. $h£ rang th£ bell but didn’t get a reply. $h£ rang it aga!n because Josh said th£re was someone home. Still, no response and $h£ was j√$t stand!ng ©vtside. $h£ s£nt a message to Josh. !n a few m!nutes, th£ door was opened and th£re was ‘Naomi Campbell’ !n shorts and bra top. $h£ opened th£ door and j√$t walked [email protected]¢k |ns!de. No greet!ng, no noth!ng.

Nwadiuto came !nto th£ house. $h£ left h£r box !n th£ sitt!ng room and search£d for th£ kitch£n. $h£ went to work. $h£ had bought fresh fish, shrimps and prawns to make fi$h£rman’s soup to be eaten with rice flour meal. $h£ went to work. Josh called h£r wh£n h¡s meet!ng ended. h£ asked h£r what $h£ would like to eat but $h£ told h¡m $h£ was mak!ng d!nner. h£ was surprised and impressed.

Th£ aroma of th£ soup brought ‘Naomi Campbell’ to th£ kitch£n. That was wh£n $h£ greeted me. Nwadiuto looked at h£r very well before respond!ng. $h£ tried to strike up a conversation but Nwadiuto wasn’t !nterested. $h£ wouldn’t budge.

“I can see you and Josh are really close friends. h£ keeps say!ng you are j√$t friends even though I [email protected] believed h¡m. Both of you talk so often that I can swear you are lovers. And h£re you are today. I knew it was a matter of time”

Nwadiuto didn’t answer h£r. $h£ was pissed off with h£r !nitial attitude and now $h£ came to irritate with a silly conversation $h£ wasn’t !nterested !n.

“What are you cook!ng? It smells amaz!ng. I wouldn’t have taken you for someone that cooks and cleans but th£n it is a criterion for choos!ng a wife h£re !n Nigeria. You have to show your ‘wifel!ness’. Over th£re, it is a partnership. Both of you share house chores and th£ responsibility of rais!ng th£ children is a jo!nt one.”

At th¡s po!nt, Nwadiuto responded as $h£ f!ni$h£d turn!ng th£ rice flour. “Have you h£ard of maids? Look at my [email protected], I don’t clean, cook or do laundry. I came [email protected]¢k from a trip upset and decided to give myself a treat of cook!ng a soup I truly enjoy. I am at my friend’s house and of course, I will leave a portion for h¡m to eat and enjoy s!nce you can’t cook. What I can afford to pay for, I wouldn’t stress myself do!ng. I am 22 and I am not look!ng for a husband yet. Not even anytime soon. Would you like some?” $h£ asked h£r.

“I wouldn’t m!nd. But I don’t want th£ white stuff”

“Th£y go togeth£r”

“Ok, a little of th£ white stuff”

“You will get some wh£n Josh gets [email protected]¢k. I need to take a shower”

“You can use my room. What’s your name aga!n?”



Nwadiuto couldn’t believe h£r ears. h£r real name was also Naomi. Josh was be!ng naughty wh£n h£ !ntroduced h£r with Campbell.

Josh came [email protected]¢k while $h£ was gett!ng refre$h£d. h£ also ru$h£d to take a shower after perceiv!ng th£ aroma of th£ food !n th£ kitch£n. It had been a while h£ had such a smell !n h¡s house. h£ came d©wΠstairs to jo!n Nwadiuto and Naomi !n th£ kitch£n.

“Th¡s smells delicious. Did you order it?” Josh asked.

“You believe I can’t cook? I made it. I hope you will enjoy it. Let’s eat”

“I will set th£ table. Naomi take th£ bowls of water to th£ d!n!ng table. I can’t wait to taste th¡s food” Josh added.

Th£y ate togeth£r. Naomi took m©r£ rice flour meal to eat h£r soup. Josh couldn’t believe Nwadiuto cooked th£ meal. h£ told h£r $h£ would h£lp h¡m make some bowls of soup so h£ could at least have some food to eat over th£ weekends. $h£ promised to make different types of soups for h¡m th£ next day.

Josh took h£r to th£ room h£ wanted h£r to stay to drop h£r luggage and th£n three of th£m ended up !n Josh’s room. Josh was a neat freak. Everyth!ng was !n th£ right place. Th£ room was dimly lit. Nwadiuto observed h£ had a read!ng table with a lamp which was sufficient to read with. h£ had a television and decoder attach£d to th£ wall. Video games on th£ floor. h¡s room was rugged and beside th£ wardrobe was a laundry basket. It was j√$t a guy’s room. Th£y all sat on th£ b£d and talked for a while.

Th£y discussed relationship issues regard!ng social media. It was !nterest!ng argu!ng with Josh as th£y, Naomi and Nwadiuto, had similar views. Josh believed a woman determ!nes how $h£ should be treated while Nwadiuto and Naomi believed that men should treat all women with respect regardless. Th£y argued [email protected]¢k and forth until Naomi excused h£rself to take a personal skype call.

“Now th£ coast is clear, wh£re did you go?” Josh asked look!ng at h£r mischievously.

“I was !n Abuja”

“How did I know it was Malik you were referr!ng to yesterday?”

“It doesn’t matter”

“Bad girl, bad girl, now you request!ng respect”

“That wasn’t th£ major issue. It was th£ fact that h£ called someone else and left. Very !ns£nsitive of h¡m”

“I believe th£re is m©r£ to th¡s.”

“I am not !nterested.”

“You should be. I don’t know why you don’t th!nk you deserve to be loved appropriately. Malik will never treat you with respect unless you are dol!ng ©vt money. h£ will use you strictly for h¡s s€×ual [email protected]!$faction. h£ has broken you now; lowered your self-esteem. Wh£n h£ comes aga!n, you will still consider h¡m. That’s what is annoy!ng ab©vt you women. You never appreciate th£ ones that I have made up th£ir m!nds to treat you right at all times”

“I get what you are say!ng. I wanted that moment, it didn’t happen and I have m©v£d on. h£ isn’t a nice guy but men, h£ can [email protected] a woman”

“Tell me ab©vt it”

“You want details? Because I rejected h¡m you are now !nterested !n h£ar!ng ab©vt h¡m.”

“Spill jo”

“I will if you tell me what happened b£tweeΠ Ch!nonye and you !n Asaba”

“Honestly, noth!ng happened”

“Why? $h£ was very !nterested”

“From our conversation, $h£ wanted to settle d©wΠ and was now desperate as age was catch!ng up with h£r. I don’t take advantage of women like that. I saw h£r signals for us to have s€× but I wasn’t !nterested. I wouldn’t take advantage of h£r like that. And also $h£ is your friend. How can I face you after sleep!ng with h£r”?

“You told me th£ truth. $h£ also told me th£ same story. I wanted you to have some fun…”

“Leave that story. Malik. I want to h£ar ab©vt h¡m”

“h£’s a great klzzer and excellent at fore₱|@y so I understand why th£ women love h¡m. O, h£ spanked me. It was nice. h£ spanked my bare butt. It was a h*g£ turn on”

“You like been b**ten?”

“I liked be!ng spanked. Not too soft or too [email protected]

“You are a crazy girl”

“I told you I was. I didn’t allow it to progress”

“Malik won’t rape you, it is bad for bus!ness. h£ hates scandals. I knew th£re was no way you would have allowed h¡m. I know you too well”

“Wh£n I lose my…..”

“Lose your what?”

“My m!nd that’s wh£n I will allow h¡m.”

“I am happy you didn’t. Th¡s conversation is over, go to your room”

“Why?” Nwadiuto asked surprised at h¡s change of attitude.

“It is gett!ng late.”

$h£ began to t£@$e h¡m, “Was it th£ spank!ng? Or th£ fact that I liked it? Are you imag!n!ng h¡s m©vth all over my b©dy and wh£re h¡s f!ng£r…..”

“Stop it!” Josh exclaimed firmly.

Nwadiuto wondered at th£ sudden change of attitude !n Josh. $h£ didn’t attempt to leave. $h£ looked at Josh and humbly asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Noth!ng is wrong. It’s late and Naomi will be wonder!ng what is go!ng on h£re”

“If I ask you a question, will you answer me honestly?”

“Why not?”

“Do you love me?”

“Wh£re is th¡s com!ng from?”

“Malik said you were !nto me and I didn’t th!nk so but what h£ said made s£nse wh£n I thought ab©vt it. Before I say anyth!ng, I would also like to know th£ way you feel ab©vt me so th£re would not be awkwardness b£tweeΠ us”

“Nwadiuto, go to b£d. Th£re is noth!ng to discuss tonight.”

“So, you won’t answer me?”

“Words don’t always express truth, my dear. Action speaks louder than words, Nwadiuto. Can we call it a night?”

“I j√$t wanted you to know, th£ feel!ng is mutual. You are my best friend and th£ only person I can share anyth!ng, even very personal th!ngs, with. I’ve been bl!nded by th£ fact that you were !n love with Ada and I felt you j√$t saw me as h£r sister. I have come to realise that all you did for me was j√$t your way of tell!ng me how you feel ab©vt me. It took Malik disrespect!ng me to come to my s£nses. I agree, action speaks louder than. So will you answer me or am I j√$t hav!ng ideas?”

“It’s obvious to everyone except you. You are young and I understand you want to explore. I am not gett!ng any younger and I can’t be wait!ng @r0vnd for you to figure th!ngs ©vt. I made up my m!nd yesterday to m©v£ on and not expect you to realise how I felt”

“You should have said someth!ng”

“I couldn’t have; I was your only friend whom you could confide !n. If you had rejected my proposal, it would have affected our friendship. I didn’t want that to happen”

“I’m sorry for all th£ emotional trauma I put you through. I talked so much ab©vt Malik and I didn’t realise you were hurt!ng. Please forgive me. I want to be with you.”

“You want to be with me and only me or you would want to experiment with oth£rs? I don’t know if I can trust you alone with Malik. I don’t even know how we got h£re; why are we talk!ng ab©vt th¡s?”

“I know how we got h£re. We had a genu!ne friendship and now we are mov!ng to th£ relationship stage.”

“That’s th£ problem; I believe !n exclusivity. You are a young girl who is still at th£ explor!ng stage. I am !n my thirties and I want someth!ng steady that will materialize !nto someth!ng m©r£ serious. Your parents might not like me; I’m a non-believer Edo guy. Th£re are so many differences b£tweeΠ us. That’s why I have loved you from a distance”

“I have never been !n a relationship before and I don’t know what it entails. You are older and m©r£ experienced; so I’m s¢ar£d. I don’t want to lose th£ friendship if th£ relationship fails. I want to be myself with whoever I am with. I …..”

“I know you Nwadiuto. Why do you th!nk I fell !n love with you? Th¡s is my promise to you; th£ friendship will never die. You have to promise me, if you [email protected]|| ©vt of love with me, before you do anyth!ng silly, talk to me. I will listen and change if I have to or let you go if that’s what you need.”

“I accept. Are we !n an exclusive relationship now? Can I call you my boyfriend?”

Josh’s l¡ps descended on h£rs as soon as $h£ f!ni$h£d. Th£y klzzed forever. Th£n Josh prob£d furth£r. $h£ enjoyed h¡s touch, h¡s klzzes, h¡s gentle [email protected] wh£n $h£ felt h¡s ch£st and h£r [email protected] explored h¡s upper b©dy. $h£ expected h¡m to m©v£ furth£r but Josh stopped.

“Are you sure you want to do th¡s?”

“I am very sure”

“We can stop now”

“You are my boyfriend and we are exclusive” $h£ replied jok!ngly.

Th£y cont!nued exchang!ng s£nsual klzzes, touch!ng and explor!ng. $h£ expected h¡m to practice what $h£ told h¡m Malik did but h£ didn’t even attempt it. h£ did th!ngs to h£r that made h£r lose h£r home tra!n!ng.

It got to th£ moment of truth. Josh stood up and went to th£ wardrobe. h£ brought ©vt a pack of ¢0nd0ms which h£ dropped on h¡s side stool. h£ tore open one and while look!ng at Nwadiuto h£ wore it. h£ went [email protected]¢k to klzz!ng h£r. $h£ didn’t tell h¡m anyth!ng ab©vt be!ng a v!rg!n before, so $h£ wh¡spered to h¡m, “I want you to be my first. I am ready now”.

Josh stopped !n h¡s tracks. h£ couldn’t believe what h£ j√$t h£ard. h£ had believed $h£ was a ‘spoilt’ girl with all h£r flirt!ng and seductive m©v£s but $h£ wasn’t who $h£ projected h£rself to be. h£ couldn’t do it. h£ couldn’t do it today. It has to s!nk and h£ also had to be prepared for th¡s to happen.

Nwadiuto said sadly, “I knew you would stop once I told you. I am ready. At th£ last moment, I realized Malik wasn’t worthy to be my first and I stopped. I want someone who understands and values what I am giv!ng. It could have been anyone but I want to have very good memories of my first time”

“You are lucky h£ didn’t rape you,” Josh said as h£ laid d©wΠ beside h£r on th£ b£d. “You want it to be memorable? I will make it very memorable for you. We will be patient while I create th£ magic” h£ gath£red h£r !n h¡s arms, klzzed h£r aga!n and th£n th£y cuddled up to sleep.

Th£ next morn!ng, Naomi came !nto th£ b£droom to talk to Josh. $h£ saw Nwadiuto f*st asleep !n h¡s arms. Josh had always denied hav!ng anyth!ng with Nwadiuto but th¡s was proof th£y were togeth£r. Th£ wh0l£ story ab©vt Malik and Nwadiuto were lies. If th£y were true, what was Nwadiuto do!ng !n b£d with h¡m?

Naomi was very attracted to Josh and had done everyth!ng apart from tell!ng h¡m ©vtrightly how $h£ felt ab©vt h¡m but h£ didn’t seem to notice h£r. $h£ had observed h¡s frequent calls with Nwadiuto and had mentioned how cosy th£y both were but h£ ma!nta!ned th£y were j√$t friends. Meet!ng h£r at th£ beach and see!ng how close th£y were giv!ng off a notion h£ wasn’t tell!ng h£r th£ truth. Today, $h£ confirmed it and $h£ was hurt.

Josh woke up while $h£ stood th£re watch!ng th£m almost !n tears. h£ saw h£r even though th£ room was dimly lit. h£ wasn’t cautious last night and didn’t lock th£ door. h£ gently m©v£d Nwadiuto to sleep on th£ pillow while h£ sat up. h£ th£n remembered h£ was [email protected]£d. Naomi walked ©vt of th£ room. h£ quickly dressed up and went after h£r.

“Wait. What’s wrong?”

“Why h£r? You told me th£re was noth!ng b£tweeΠ th£ two of you. Even yesterday wh£n you asked me to open th£ door for h£r, you still said $h£’s j√$t your friend”

“I said so. It changed last night; we talked and discussed our feel!ngs. $h£ has gotten over h£r craze for Malik and is now ready for someone serious. I have always had feel!ngs for h£r and $h£ has confessed to hav!ng th£ same for me. We are !n a relationship now”

“$h£ is too young for you. $h£ is 22 for cry!ng ©vt loud. Why would you want to mess with a 22-year-old?”

“Because th£ h£art wants what th£ h£art wants and th¡s h£art wants that girl for keeps. I am not ₱|@y!ng games with h£r; I want to marry h£r”

“Marry a 22-year-old? Th£ age difference is actually m©r£ than ten years”

“I don’t ¢ar£; I love h£r. $h£ loves me too. I hope it works but if it doesn’t, I won’t forget last night !n a hurry”

“Would you want me to m©v£ ©vt?”

“Why? $h£’s not that type of person. $h£ knows wh£re my h£art is and wouldn’t want to destabilize you j√$t because $h£ feels threatened. Although $h£ can be territorial”

“Are you sure?”

“I know h£r. $h£’s a good person”

What th£y didn’t know was that Nwadiuto had woken up after Josh stood up and had tiptoed to th£ slightly opened door and eavesdropped on th£ conversation. $h£ wasn’t happy with Naomi but was excited ab©vt Josh’s response. Th£re would be no awkwardness b£tweeΠ th£m. $h£ went [email protected]¢k !nto th£ room to wait for h¡m. $h£ was shy !nitially wh£n h£ came !n but h£ klzzed h£r and wr*₱ped h£r !n h¡s arms. Noth!ng else mattered at that moment.

It was a Saturday and Nwadiuto was expected home. $h£ stayed with Josh until late !n th£ even!ng before h£ dropped h£r off at home. Th£y klzzed !n th£ car before $h£ got d©wΠ. $h£ missed h¡m immediately $h£ stepped !nto th£ house.

$h£ knew $h£ had to tell Ada ab©vt th£ relationship; it would be terrible if $h£ discovered it from anoth£r source. Ada was pregnant with a child. $h£ worked while pregnant and $h£ said $h£ would be hav!ng th£ baby !n th£ United State. $h£ will travel with h£r moth£r and h£r husband. Th£ir conversations haven’t been excit!ng of recent. $h£ decided to wait before tell!ng h£r.

Kasiemobi, Nwanneka’s second son, fell ill a few weeks after. h£ was admitted to th£ hospital. Th£ illness defied all medical !ntervention. Nwanneka was a ghost of h£rself. $h£ lost a husband and now a son? $h£ wasn’t happy spend!ng two weeks !n th£ hospital with no result.

Nwakaego came to h£lp. $h£ was also worried. $h£ felt th£ illness wasn’t ord!nary which $h£ mentioned to Nwanneka.

“Mma, is it because I have been with anoth£r man as a widow th¡s has happened? Am I be!ng puni$h£d for lov!ng anoth£r man?”

“What are you talk!ng ab©vt?”

“Mma, I have been !n a relationship with Paul. Is th¡s th£ reason my son is dy!ng?”

“I know you are !n a relationship with Paul but were you hav!ng s€× with h¡m?”

“Yes, I was. We have been togeth£r for some time now”

“How can it be th£ reason why your son is ill? You are be!ng superstitious. See, we might need to fly th¡s boy abroad but before tak!ng any decision, you need to !nform your late husband’s family what is go!ng on”

“I have already told Mama Uju and Ijeoma. I will !nform papa and Okey”

“You need to. I am surprised th£y haven’t been able to detect anyth!ng”

Nwanneka wasn’t [email protected]!$fied with h£r moth£r’s conclusion that h£r s€×ual escapades couldn’t be th£ cause. $h£ prayed as $h£ had never done before. $h£ cut ties with Paul ask!ng h¡m for space while $h£ dealt with th¡s challenge.

h£r moth£r-!n-law came to th£ house. $h£ went to see Kasiemobi !n th£ hospital. $h£ looked at th£ boy who was h¡s fath£r’s carbon copy. $h£ declared.

“I know what is wrong with h¡m. h¡s moth£r has been adulterous. $h£ has slept with several men s!nce h£r husband died. Th£ son is react!ng to it”

Nwadiuto was !n th£ hospital that day. $h£ responded to h£r, “Which one is adulterous mama? Is $h£ still married? $h£ is a widow and death has separated th£m. How can you now openly accuse h£r of adultery? Even if $h£ decides to open a bus!ness with h£r b©dy, $h£ has every right to do so. Your son would have remarried by now if $h£ was th£ one buried th£n”

“Child, wh£n elders are talk!ng, do not !nterfere. I will not tolerate your nons£nse th¡s time. Your moth£r is th£ cause of th¡s child’s sickness”

“How? Tell us how and we will look for th£ solution”

“$h£ has been sleep!ng with oth£r men and th¡s is th£ proof. $h£ is supposed to rema!n celibate until h£r death”

“You lie. $h£ is not rema!n!ng celibate. $h£ will remarry. What are you talk!ng ab©vt? Is $h£ dead? A young woman should stay with©vt a man forever because $h£ isn’t human? I don’t support your notion”

“You must know someth!ng that is why you rose to h£r defence”

“I have ris£n to h£r defence because I have told h£r to remarry and $h£ will. You cannot come with ©vtdated and barbaric customs to s¢ar£ h£r. Th£ widows !n your village who get pregnant after th£ir husband’s death, how many of th£ir children have died? Please, take your talk somewh£re th£y will be !nterested !n it. h£re, we are not”

“Nwanneka, you sat h£re while your untra!ned daughter talks to me anyhow. Th£re is no problem. I am go!ng [email protected]¢k home to tell th£ elders what I observed” Mama Chike left.

“You shouldn’t have responded to h£r” Nwanneka scolded Nwadiuto.

‘Why not? $h£ came h£re to ferment trouble. Ignor!ng h£r would make it seem like you are th£ guilty one. Tell h£r as it is.”

“I am worried. Why isn’t th¡s boy gett!ng better? Why can’t we get a diagnosis? Are you sure Chike is happy with me?”

“Th¡s boy won’t die. I am hop!ng th£ cleans!ng isn’t beh!nd th¡s child’s illness. I will travel to th£ village to see th£ chief priest if h£ doesn’t get better !n th£ next week with th¡s new regiment of treatment”

“You will not go; I will go. I did th£ cleans!ng and I am !n th£ best position to sort it ©vt”

Th£ follow!ng week, Kasiemobi became worse. h£ couldn’t m©v£ with©vt a$$istance. Nwanneka ran from pillar to post. $h£ went to every church $h£ could attend !n a quest for h£al!ng. A pastor asked h£r to br!ng th£ child to be !n th£ir ¢ar£ for three days. $h£ gave th£m N1,000,000.00 but noth!ng happened. h£ didn’t recover.

$h£ went !n search of th£ Muslim cleric that h£lped h£r dur!ng uncle Onyedika’s predicament. Th£ man prayed for h£r and told h£r h£ didn’t see death. But Kasiemobi was still ill.

Six weeks on admission with©vt improvement, Nwanneka travelled to h£r husband’s village. $h£ went to h£r husband’s grave to cry. $h£ didn’t know what to do anym©r£. $h£ laid on th£ spot h£ was buried all through th£ night. $h£ fell asleep th£re and had a dream. $h£ saw Kasiemobi !n tattered cloth£s while $h£ saw Chike wear!ng a beautifvlly made s£nator. Th£y were stand!ng opposite each oth£r. $h£ woke up. “What did th¡s mean?”

Th£ next day, $h£ went to see h£r fath£r-!n-law. Luckily, mama was !n th£ shop. h£ prayed with h£r and asked h£r to have faith that h£r son will be h£aled. As th£y were still talk!ng, mama Chike came [email protected]¢k home.

“Adulterous woman, you have come to tell us you have killed our son” $h£ announced as $h£ came !n.

“I will not lose my son. I came to see papa and I have gotten what I need from h¡m” $h£ turned to papa Chike, “I will be on my way now. I am go!ng to meet my moth£r and from th£re to my village. I believe !n God and I believe my son will be h£aled”

“Anyb©dy h£ar!ng you will th!nk you are a sa!nt meanwhile you are follow!ng men up and d©wΠ. You have always been wayward; is that not how you birth£d that unc©vth daughter of yours? We know your story”

“Tell it as much as you want; it makes no difference to me. You never liked me and made no pretence ab©vt it. I have shown you love and done so much to w!n you over but I can see it will never happen. j√$t pray you are not th£ one beh!nd my son’s illness oth£rwise you will meet Chike soon. From today, I am through with try!ng to be civil with you. I will never speak with you aga!n. I will never acknowledge you as my moth£r-!n-law; you have become a stranger to me. Enough is enough. Papa, I have to get to my village, my moth£r is wait!ng for me th£re. Thank you, papa, for everyth!ng you do for me. May th£ God of th£ widows reward accord!ngly.”

$h£ walked ©vt while mama Chike stared on.

At th£ village, Nwakaego !nsisted on go!ng to see th£ Chief priest h£rself. $h£ s£nt Nwanneka [email protected]¢k to Lagos to h£r sick son. $h£ didn’t want any casualty if th£ man says someth!ng negative. $h£, Nwakaego, would manage th£ situation if need be.

Th£ chief priest was surprised to h£ar ab©vt th£ boy’s ailment. h£ did some consultations and didn’t see anyth!ng.

“That child isn’t sick from what I can see. I th!nk h£ is try!ng to communicate with h¡s moth£r. Has h¡s moth£r started th£ charity I told h£r ab©vt? If $h£ had started at least we could have asked th£ gods to look upon it and have mercy”

“h£ is my grandson and th£ apple of my daughter’s eyes. Th£y should look upon my charity and save h¡m so I don’t lose my daughter too”

“I am only guess!ng because I didn’t see anyth!ng. I didn’t see death anywh£re”

It was even m©r£ confus!ng.

While h£r moth£r was mov!ng @r0vnd pray!ng, Nwadiuto took station at th£ hospital with Kasiemobi. Josh came to visit th£m often. Because th£y had not announced th£ir relationship yet and also because it had not yet been consummated, Josh came wh£n no oth£r family member was @r0vnd. h£ always came bear!ng gifts.

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