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Th£y took th£ trip with Naomi and h£r lover, Dave. Dave was a great h£lp at th£ borders, especially at th£ Nigeria-Seme border. h£ knew th£ best h°tels to lodge and th£ fun places th£y could explore. Nwadiuto liked h¡m; h£ was fun. h£ was also good look!ng, tall and very [email protected] h£ was also younger than Josh, free-spirited and fun.

Th£y connected, Nwadiuto and Dave as both of th£m shared th£ same adventurous spirits. Th£ exploration to Ben!n Re₱vblic’s capital and th£ largest commercial city took almost th£ wh0l£ day before th£y settled d©wΠ at a resort that even!ng.

Th£y tried th£ food th£re especially th£ peanut soup. Th£ resort had people lodg!ng at that time too and th£y went at night for th£ high life. It was so much fun. Th£y partied late !nto th£ early hours. Th£y retired to th£ir rooms.

Th£ next day, both couples woke up very late. Th£y went to see a popular farm th£y h£ard ab©vt and went for a boat ride. It was !nterest!ng.

Naomi and Dave were always togeth£r, klzz!ng and touch!ng each oth£r. It was a bit uncomfortable for Nwadiuto especially as $h£ knew Josh was very conservative. Naomi had been respected by Josh, $h£ knew th£ type of person h£ was. What $h£ did !n h¡s pres£nce to h£r was disrespect.

Josh didn’t see it that way. Th£y had th£ discussion !n th£ir b£droom !n Togo after th£y had bought some Ankara and drank some local dr!nks. Th£y spent only one night th£re and were leav!ng for Ghana th£ next day.

Josh felt Naomi was !n love and th¡s was h£r way of express!ng it. Nwadiuto had dressed quite conservatively j√$t to please Josh. Naomi hadn’t. $h£ wore shorts that showed a bit of h£r buttocks and tops with©vt a bra or bra top. Nwadiuto felt $h£ was expos!ng h£r b©dy to Josh too and told Josh $h£ was respect!ng Dave that was why $h£ hadn’t dressed th£ way $h£ would have loved to dress.

“Do you. Enjoy yourself. I don’t ¢ar£ how you dress as long as you are not stark [email protected]£d. $h£ is do!ng th¡s for h£r man and h£ seems to like it. I was even wonder!ng why you have been cover!ng up even !n th¡s h£at”

That was th£ cue Nwadiuto needed. $h£ decided to ₱|@y along with Naomi. $h£ had a strong conviction Naomi wasn’t content with Dave and still had eyes for Josh. Dave, to Nwadiuto, was a ₱|@y toy. h£ acted younger than h£r and didn’t appear serious.

It was !n Ghana th£y had serious [email protected]||©vt. Th£y lodged !n a h°tel !n Accra and went to th£ nightclub to have some fun. Nwadiuto wore a fishnet under h£r Ankara shorts and a low neck top which showed some of h£r b©©bs. $h£ wore a belt and emphasized h£r t!ny [email protected]¡$t.

Josh didn’t like what $h£ wore but h£ couldn’t say anyth!ng. h£ had asked h£r to dress th£ way $h£ liked. As th£y met at th£ reception, every man’s eyes were on Nwadiuto. Dave couldn’t stop star!ng at h£r butt and h£r b©©bs. Naomi was upset and $h£ couldn’t hide it. $h£ wore a t!ny black dress which $h£ couldn’t bend over oth£rwise $h£ will be completely exposed. $h£ had a model figure but didn’t have hips or butt and h£r ch£st was almost flat.

At th£ club, Josh had to be with Nwadiuto. h£ only allowed Dave to dance with h£r. Naomi was upset ab©vt that too. $h£ wore h£r dis₱1ea$vre on h£r face. $h£ had an argument with Dave ab©vt it. Nwadiuto didn’t ¢ar£. $h£ was go!ng to do worse as $h£ came prepared.

That night, Josh couldn’t keep h¡s [email protected] off Nwadiuto. h£ told h£r h£ wanted th£ir first time to be perfect but $h£ was mak!ng it [email protected] for h¡m to ¢©Πtr0| h¡mself.

“We should have come on th¡s trip alone. I can feel relationships gett!ng stra!ned with th¡s trip. Dave couldn’t keep h¡s eyes and [email protected] away from you. It made Naomi mad. If $h£ pipes d©wΠ on h£r dress!ng will you do th£ same?”

“No. I will dress th£ way I like. I feel th£re is m©r£ to you and Naomi than you are tell!ng me. I strongly feel $h£ still wants you and it makes me very uncomfortable. I may be wrong but that’s how I feel”

“Th£re is noth!ng b£tweeΠ us. Whatever happened before you entered th£ picture and ©vt of respect for h£r, I can’t tell you”

“I knew it. I knew someth!ng happened. $h£ has never liked me and all our conversations have been h£r try!ng to make me feel less; as if $h£ can. You should have told me”

“Told you what? Did I ever tell you if I had relations with Ada? Have I ever discussed a lady with you? I don’t do that. Wh£n $h£ came [email protected]¢k th¡s time, I made it clear to h£r I wasn’t !nterested. You were already on my m!nd wh£n $h£ came [email protected]¢k. Noth!ng happened b£tweeΠ us dur!ng th¡s h£r stay. I will leave it at that”

“But you know $h£ is still very much !nterested !n you”

“I don’t th!nk so. $h£ likes th¡s guy and h£ seems to make h£r behave like you or $h£ is really enjoy!ng h£rself. $h£ enjoys h¡m and $h£ tells me h£ is quite good which is th£ opposite of me !n some areas. Th£re are some th!ngs ©vt of pr!nciple I won’t do”

“$h£ is hav!ng fun with h¡m while wait!ng for you. Know th¡s and know peace. I saw it clearly on th¡s trip. I will cont!nue to terrorise h£r; $h£ would be th£ one to run”

“Don’t be rude or disrespectful to h£r”

“No, I won’t. h£r man wouldn’t be able to take h¡s eyes off my b©dy; that I know for sure”

“Be ¢ar£ful please”

Later that afternoon, Josh and Nwadiuto went swimm!ng at th£ pool. Th£re were many foreigners on vacation !n th£ir h°tel. Nwadiuto wore a bik!ni and tied a shawl @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t. Josh wore h¡s swim gear and shorts on it.

Nwadiuto and Josh were th£ only ones at th£ pool. Th£y entered th£ pool and were hav!ng fun. Some foreigners and oth£r holidaymakers jo!ned th£m at th£ pool. Naomi and Dave jo!ned th£m. Naomi had th£ figure many whites liked and it drew th£ir attention. $h£ also wore a bik!ni. Dave wore a swim trunk which was too t!ght and showed too much. Josh didn’t like that at all; everyone could see th£ ©vtl!ne of h¡s member.

Th£y had been !n th£ Olympic size swimm!ng pool for a long time and so Josh decided th£y should relax ©vtside th£ water. Nwadiuto came ©vt !n h£r bik!ni and eyes followed h£r [email protected]¢kside. Josh didn’t realise h£ was !n trouble until th£y began to receive dr!nks and food from well-wi$h£rs. It was annoy!ng. Nwadiuto was enjoy!ng th£ free stuff $h£ received while Dave couldn’t stop pry!ng !nto h£r bik!ni top to th£ irritation of Naomi. Josh didn’t ¢ar£; h£ knew Nwadiuto wasn’t !nterested !n seduc!ng anyone but was try!ng to pay Naomi [email protected]¢k. h£ decided not to get !nvolved.

Later that night, th£y went to a restaurant recommended by a friend to have d!nner. It was fun and also Nwadiuto dressed to kill. Josh warned h£r cont!nuously that h£ was struggl!ng with h¡s self-¢©Πtr0| and $h£ had a good laugh. h£ had plans for th£ir first night and h£ made those plans for Cote D’Ivoire. h£ had research£d th£ country and made plans for wh£re th£y would stay. h£ had booked a room at th£ resort !n a$$ou!nde; that was wh£re h£ !ntended th£ action would take place. h£ had ordered flowers. h£ also asked for bottles of w!ne and two baskets; one of th£ various pastries, biscuits, chocolate and dr!nks while th£ oth£r had fruits and ice cream and yoghurt.

Th£y were to leave very early for Cote D’Ivoire as th£ journey was ab©vt n!ne hours’ drive. It was agreed th£y would leave Accra by 8am !n th£ morn!ng.

Josh begged Nwadiuto to dress ‘reasonably’ so $h£ agreed. $h£ wore a long white gown with side slits and folded sleeves. It was unbuttoned to show some cl£@[email protected]£. $h£ was shocked to see Naomi !n trousers and a t-shirt. $h£ wondered what happened. $h£ suspected Josh had a word with h£r; $h£ will get it ©vt of h¡m later.

Th£ trip was !nterest!ng although Nwadiuto fell asleep early !n th£ journey. Wh£n $h£ woke up, $h£ was talk!ng to Josh and Dave jo!ned !n th£ conversation. Naomi was quiet dur!ng th£ journey; $h£ didn’t say anyth!ng.

Th£y stopped at a [email protected] station to relieve th£mselves. Nwadiuto and Naomi went to th£ bathroom togeth£r. After reliev!ng th£mselves, Naomi said to Nwadiuto, “Please can you k!ndly stop encourag!ng Dave to be disrespectful to me”


“h£ stares at your b©dy and talks ab©vt it”

“I don’t know how that is my fault”

“It is. You exposed your b©dy for h¡m to see. You know th£ k!nd of stature you have and th£re are certa!n th!ngs you shouldn’t wear”

“Like I should wear a dress to swim or boubou to th£ club? I didn’t come h£re with Dave; you did. If h£ disrespects you, it is because you allowed h¡m to. You didn’t see me act ©vt wh£n you wore shorts that exposed your buttocks and tops with©vt a bra. I knew my man would not be !nterested !n what you were exhibit!ng. Unfortunately, you can’t say th£ same for your man”

“I don’t know what Josh told you ab©vt us. Josh can’t say h£ wasn’t !nterested because th£re was a time h£ was”

“I agree. It is a possibility. But has h£ been !nterested s!nce I came !nto th£ picture? I seriously doubt that. I allowed you rema!n !n that house because I was 100% sure h£ wasn’t !nterested !n you. If you want to prove oth£rwise, you can do so. Your dog Dave, keep h¡m !n ¢©Πtr0|. I will disrespect both of you if h£ looks at me lewdly aga!n. h£ has you and should be content.”

Nwadiuto left h£r !n th£ toilet and walked [email protected]¢k to th£ car. $h£ jo!ned after a few m!nutes. Nwadiuto was angry at h£r effrontery. What was $h£ try!ng to prove !ns!nuat!ng $h£ and Josh had a s€×ual h¡story? Who ¢ar£s? $h£ wasn’t smil!ng or friendly anym©r£. Josh asked h£r severally if $h£ was ok and $h£ replied, “I’m f!ne”

Th£y stopped to eat but Nwadiuto refused to eat anyth!ng. Dave tried to talk to h£r but Naomi shipped h¡m off with h£r. $h£ stood alone by th£ car and took a dr!nk. Josh came to jo!n h£r. h£ asked h£r aga!n if everyth!ng was ok. $h£ said $h£ was f!ne.

“Th¡s trip is th£ f!nal lap of th£ fun. I have planned someth!ng special for today. Please, I beg of you, snap ©vt of your foul mood. We can talk ab©vt whatever th£ issue is tomorrow but today is very important to me. I love you and no matter what, it will not change.” h£ ₱v||ed h£r close to h¡m and planted a klzz on h£r l¡ps !n front of everyone. Nwadiuto was shocked. $h£ h£ld h¡m and klzzed h¡m aga!n. $h£ was no longer upset and whatever it was, it could wait until tomorrow.

Th£y arrived at th£ resort and th£y got to th£ir rooms. Everyth!ng was as h£ had planned it. $h£ went to take h£r bath and Josh quickly 0rg*nized th£ sett!ng up of th£ room with th£ w!ne, th£ two baskets and th£ flowers. Wh£n Nwadiuto came ©vt of th£ bathroom, $h£ saw flowers first; a fresh beautiful bouquet of flowers. $h£ saw th£ baskets and th£ w!ne !n th£ chiller. Josh had ru$h£d !n to take a bath too.

h£ came ©vt ty!ng a towel @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t. Nwadiuto was sitt!ng on th£ b£d with tears !n h£r eyes and th£ flowers !n h£r [email protected]

‘What’s wrong?” Josh asked.

“Th¡s is beautiful. Did you plan all th¡s for me? I have never been loved like th¡s before. I have never been surprised like th¡s. I love it and it is mak!ng me emotional.”

“That was th£ wh0l£ idea, baby girl. I will surprise you always !n our relationship”

“Promise? Promise you are not j√$t say!ng th¡s. Promise you will make me only cry tears of joy. Promise me, Josh”

“I promise”

$h£ stood up, dropped th£ flowers on th£ stool and th£n took off h£r towel and came to Josh. Josh looked at h£r and said, “Promise me you will always seduce me like th¡s. You will always be bold and dar!ng. I don’t want to have a dull moment with you”

“I promise. Take me; I am all yours”

Th£ !ntercom !n th£ room rang several times but th£y were too busy to respond. Josh was gentle with h£r while h£ made h¡s way !nto h£r. $h£ was happy even with th£ pa!n. $h£ was h¡s and h¡s alone at least for now. h£ couldn’t stop appreciat!ng h£r for giv!ng h¡m th£ honour.

F!nally, h£ picked th£ call. It was Naomi.

“Aren’t you guys com!ng d©wΠ for d!nner?” $h£ asked.

“No, we are not. Enjoy yourself with Dave”

“Why aren’t you guys jo!n!ng us?”

“What do you th!nk? h£ asked as h£ dropped th£ call. h£ h£ld Nwadiuto !n h¡s arms and th£y both fell asleep.

Th£ hunger pangs woke th£m up much later at night. Th£y ate from th£ baskets of pastries and talked for some time. Th£y had a bath togeth£r !n th£ bathroom and ended up stay!ng th£re longer than th£y anticipated.

Th£ next morn!ng, th£y decided to leave th£ room to have breakf*st at th£ restaurant and spend some time at th£ beach. Th£y sat togeth£r and decided to talk ab©vt what got Nwadiuto upset on th£ir way to Cote D’Ivoire. $h£ told Josh what Naomi said to h£r and how it offended h£r. Why did $h£ try to cast doubt on th£ir relationship?

“$h£ said th£re was a time you were !nterested !n h£r. Th¡s worried me a lot because I had asked you ab©vt your relationship with h£r and you had always denied any”

“We had a brief s€×ual relationship dur!ng my troubled times. We got high and went wild. From what $h£ said, $h£ wasn’t high. We were friends that had a crazy weekend many years ago and $h£ has always wanted us to relive those moments but I am not that person anym©r£. It was someth!ng that happened once and was never to happen aga!n”

“You should have told me”

“I am not !nterested !n h£r. I mean it. I have told h£r many times. I have discouraged h£r from throw!ng h£rself at me. I won’t ask h£r to leave my house because of it; I show h£r th£ utmost respect if wh£n $h£ feels $h£ should be disrespected. $h£ knows I am crazy ab©vt you that was why $h£ said those th!ngs and you allowed it to affect your mood; you allowed h£r to w!n. $h£ compla!ned ab©vt your dress!ng to me and I told h£r you wore th£m for me and not for Dave. $h£ should call h¡m to order if $h£ felt h£ was captivated by your b©dy. After all, $h£ dressed for Dave and you didn’t compla!n ab©vt it. $h£ got th£ message”

“You should have told me”

“Why? Th£re was no need. !n fact, I won’t mention th¡s conversation to h£r. You never mentioned th¡s to me. Don’t allow anyone steal your joy with th£ir words or attitude. $h£ is jealous of our relationship and believes you are immature for me. Well, I like you th£ way you are. I have told h£r that too. Ignore Dave if h£ tries to be overly familiar. You can po!nt ©vt to h¡m h£ is mak!ng h¡s woman uncomfortable. It will reset h¡s bra!n”

“Thanks. You are right; I shouldn’t have worn my emotions on my sleeves. I’m sorry. At least I got you to klzz me !n ₱vblic. And, I had a very special disv!rg!n!ng party”

“Come on”

“I’m no m©r£ a v!rg!n. I’m glad you were my first”

“And I hope to be your only”

“I’m not your only, Naomi had eaten from th£ sausage”

“Th¡s is why I didn’t want to tell you”

“I know now and will taunt you with it. If I had known before th£ party, th£re wouldn’t have been a party”

“That’s why I didn’t want us to discuss th£ issues yesterday. I knew it might spoil th£ surprise”

“I still love you though”

“Th£ feel!ng is mutual”

Days later, Dave had tried danc!ng with h£r at th£ beach !n a provocative way. Nwadiuto took offence. $h£ told h¡m h£ was th£ reason why $h£ didn’t respect guys.
“Babe, you are h°t. I love your b©dy. Give me your number, I have a very good memory wh£n it comes to numbers. We can hook up wh£n we get [email protected]¢k to Lagos”

“Are you stupid? What do you take me for?”

“You don’t have to !nsult me? I thought we had hit it off”

“How can you be with someone and be try!ng to get familiar with me. Don’t you know how to set boundaries? On our way from Lagos, you were all lovey-dovey with Naomi and now you disrespect h£r mak!ng h£r feel less. I won’t be used for your scam. You must be drunk if you th!nk I want to be with you. I am with my boyfriend, so respect yourself”

“Naomi said h£ isn’t your boyfriend; th£ guy is j√$t lvst!ng after your b©dy. h£ has a fiancé !n th£ United K!ngdom. Are you aware of that?”

Naomi walked up to th£m before Nwadiuto could answer h¡m. “What’s go!ng on h£re?”

“Your guy wanted my number because I have a h°t b©dy. And s!nce Josh is j√$t lvst!ng over my b©dy while wait!ng for h¡s wife, Dave wanted to take h¡s turn. Thanks, Naomi” and $h£ walked away.

Naomi left for Nigeria that day with connect!ng flights. $h£ abandoned Dave th£re. Dave talked to Josh, I didn’t both£r to f!nd ©vt what happened but h£ too was gone by th£ next day.

$h£ asked Josh three times if h£ was married or had a fiancé !n th£ United K!ngdom or anywh£re. h£ denied it three times. $h£ wasn’t conv!nced. $h£ was worried h£ was ly!ng to h£r. $h£ woke up !n th£ middle of th£ night, sat on th£ chair and wept. Josh woke up to meet h£r like that.

“Nwadiuto what is it?”

“I feel someth!ng is wrong. Why would Naomi say you have a fiancé if you didn’t? Are you deceiv!ng me? What will hurt me th£ most is th£ loss of th£ friendship. I am a big girl; I should be able to survive th¡s”

“How do I prove to you I don’t have a fiancé? You are cry!ng over noth!ng and mak!ng Naomi w!n”

“I don’t ¢ar£ who w!ns. I want to be happy; happy with you. You haven’t shown me any !ns!ncerity s!nce I knew you but why would Naomi say that to Dave?”

“Should we ask h£r? Will, that prove to you $h£ made it all up? Will it make you trust me?” Josh picked up h¡s phone and called Naomi. $h£ picked up.

“Wh£re are you?”

“I am at home. Dave is a big fool”

“Why? What did h£ do?”

“Didn’t your girl tell you?”

“No, $h£ didn’t tell me anyth!ng. Is it th£ reason you left?”

“h£ was ask!ng that girl for h£r number”

“Which girl?”

“Th£ girl you are with”

“My girlfriend Nwadiuto? Why was h£ ask!ng h£r for it?”

“I don’t know. Because h£ is a fool. h£ saw a young girl with arse and b©©bs and got carried away”

“Sad. $h£ j√$t asked me if I was married or had a fiancé !n th£ UK. I was wonder!ng what $h£ was talk!ng ab©vt. Did you tell h£r that?”

“Dave did. You told me you had a fiancé !n th£ UK and I repeated it to h¡m”

“Wh£n did I tell you th¡s?”

“Th£ last time I was !n Nigeria. You told me we couldn’t be togeth£r because you had someone !n th£ UK”

“I said that to discourage you th£n. But it is obvious I am with Nwadiuto now, so why tell h¡m?”

“I was be!ng stupid”

“I hope you know that. And I hope it doesn’t cost me th¡s relationship”

“I’m sorry Josh. Th¡s holiday didn’t work ©vt th£ way we wanted”

“It worked ©vt for me. I am still h£re with Nwadiuto. I told you th¡s Dave guy was bad news th£ first day I met h¡m but you were carried away by h¡s prowess. A loser is a loser even if h£ is excellent !n b£d. h£ turned you !nto an !ns£nsitive jealous monster. What you did will be too low for even Nwadiuto to do. If you were try!ng to get at me; you messed up big time.” Josh ended th£ call.

Nwadiuto didn’t ¢ar£ anym©r£. $h£ laid on th£ b£d with Josh and h£ld h¡m close. $h£ didn’t want to lose h¡m to anyone. $h£ felt safe and comfortable with h¡m. $h£ $h£d tears aga!n.

“What is it th¡s time?” Josh asked.

“I don’t want to lose you”

“I don’t want to lose you too”


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